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  1. Wife saw this great example in sainsburys carpark. V nice
  2. Yes! That's the stuff. So sounds like a replacement seal then. Yes I have no A/C either. TBH, I probably rarely have just one window open. If I'm alone and open the drivers window, I'll usually open the passenger one a smidge as it improves the airflow. Maybe it's for the reason you say - I'll ask next time I have a passenger. Si
  3. Glad you got it sorted. Yup I found the connection fiddly too. Good luck with the leak. Trying to remember how I fixed mine. I think it was just treating with a rubber restorer/conditioner
  4. So, what happens if you release the boot catch end of the cable? Not as simple as it sounds as there are lots of 'bits' around each catch, but when I did mine, having undone everything, the cable and handle all slid out without having to undo anything behind the bulkhead.
  5. The tensioner on the 'release' housing is found above the drivers side fuel tank on an S3. But if it's just the cable that's broken, it doesn't need to be touched. I've recently replaced my cable 'just in case' and swaged it into the old handle, feeding new cable through sleeve. But perhaps i misunderstand?
  6. My Faithfull mini socket set. Use it nearly every day and it's a joy to use.
  7. 57 here. Kind of addictive though...
  8. Absolutely. Had a look inside the old motor - the grease had turned to sludge. I could have just cleaned it up but found another motor on Ebay that was pristine inside. I think it just needs a good overhaul. I'm putting the old motor back on Ebay as its likely still servicable.
  9. Funny isn't it. Sometimes you answer your own questions. It was a bad contact within the replacement motor. Diagnosis got compounded by another bad contact in the light switch in the binnacle. Anyway, all working now. Pod speed matched. I'll have to investigate the headlight switch - replacement from SJs is £40 including delivery!!!!
  10. Hi guys, I'm sure I have read about this here somewhere but cant find the thread. I have just changed out one of my pod lift motors as my old one was very sluggish. On fitting the replacement, with lights on, they come up and stay up. All good. However, when I turn lights off, they go down and up and down and up. etc etc. Where should I be looking? Bad contact somewhere?? Si
  11. slewthy


    Oh. It is a tub of Marmite spread.
  12. slewthy


    Get the copyright in there quick. I wrote to Marmite a few years ago (2017) with my idea of combining Marmite with butter (would have been called Mutter) or Marmite with Flora (Mora) as Flora is also a Unilever product. I suggested it could be combined in different ways, homogenous or swirled; in varying concentrations and the public to decide on the exact nature ...etc.. Here is the reply I received Hello from Marmite, Thank you for your recent comments to us, Simon. We are always looking for new ways in which we can improve our range of products and so we welcome suggestions or ideas from our consumers. Therefore, your suggestion regarding Marmite spread may be considered in any future developments. We sincerely appreciate you have taken the time to share your idea. Should you require more information, please feel free to contact us by letter or email. Alternatively, you can contact our Consumer Engagement Centre on our free phone number 01850 204604 from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. One of our advisors will be more than happy to assist you. We hope that you carry on enjoying Marmite and thank you for your continued interest. Yours sincerely, Emma Johnson Consumer Engagement Advisor * Please note that we can only accept attachments under 4 megabytes on this email address * Unilever UK Limited Registered in England & Wales; Company No 334527 Registered Office: Unilever House, Springfield Drive, Leatherhead, KT22 7GR Unilever Ireland Registered Office: 20 Riverwalk, National Digital Park, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin 24 Look what I came across last year
  13. I live near Shawbury and have regular flyovers by helis. I asked the base commander and they are regularly well under 400ft. Standard Flight radar app won't help but ADSB flight tracker shows low level activity.
  14. I bought a TR7 headlamp lift motor.....
  15. Really love those images. But For perfection, the pods need a little adjustment.
  16. Load leveller a game changer for me but get everything good and close as when tilted, has to go up high. And I was using an overhead gantry!
  17. Nothing is any good if other people like it. IT Crowd T shirt and my own issue.
  18. Reading with interest as I too have a 1986 NA. Sounds like same configuration. No diverter valves. No vacuum to the dizzy. Etc. I can't add anything to the above fantastic technical discussion but I could check stuff on mine and would equally be happy to do temporary swaps of expensive components to prevent unnecessary purchases. And so on. Mine isn't the smoothest runner so I may check some of this stuff myself but I certainly don't have the same issue as here. Re engine bay temp, I added a bilge fan to the passive air outflow that goes to the rear left ear. It's temp controlled and set to only come on when in prolonged static traffic. Reasonably simple mod and not visible. Si
  19. Bucket handle meniscal tear = MRI diagnosis unless the knee is locked (won't fully straighten) Artificial menisci do exist and can be see with chondrocytes but at the moment the outcomes are no better than simpler traditional methods (remove it). It is true that if you don't have a functional meniscus, end stage arthritis will eventually occur but that may take 20 or 30 years. Don't know any other treatment that has that longevity. Si
  20. I'm split. Glucosamine & chondroitin. Constituents of cartilage. So we are saying that in eating them, after digestion and absorption, somehow, the component parts mysteriously find their way to the joint or joints and do some good? It's conveniently convenient isn't it? No well recognised studies not in part funded by manufacturers have demonstrated a statistical effect. However. I know people who when they stop taking them(and that's the key) notice a difference. Anecdotal but for me it means they are probably worth a trial experiment. Take them for a month. See if anything changes (whilst changing nothing else) but more importantly, notice what happens when you stop taking them. Cod liver oil however. Take it. High strength (but no more). Not fish oil or Omega 3. Cod liver oil. We don't know which component of the oil has an effect but there is one. Be careful if you take other drugs or have LDL/HDL or cholesterol issues.
  21. Happy Birthday Bibs. Have a great day/evening. Si
  22. Wow. Lots of water under the bridge since my last post here. My son and I did the Fireball Rally through Europe in 2019 - separate thread detailing that. Had plans for 2020............Unfortunately, working in a hospital means that things have been on hold somewhat! Getting back to a degree of normality but with a big waiting list problem to deal with. Anyway, Esprit. Have struggled with reasons to drive it until lockdown ended and just starting to realise some more glitches to sort out. Realign bonnet & pods. Sounds easy written down! Pod lifts are hopeless. Probably a combination of poor alignment and tired motors. Investigate charging system. Think the alternator might be on the way out. Either that or I failed to tighten the belt enough. I have to open boot and turn off main power every time I stop as the small current drain I have will make starting difficult. Starting no issue when just off the trickle charger. Opening the boot every time has been a problem (see below) I have sorted out my boot release though. The catches were stiff as anything - bit of light oil has them moving but I'd really like to strip them but they seem sealed units. The release cable was in a bad way - good catch! This is a long cable (nearly 2.5m)so standard cycle brake cables are no good. FYI, you need a 1.5mm Stainless Tandem Brake cable. Just £4. Gear cable is 1.4 so better with brake. By chance I had a hydraulic swage tool to attach the cable at the handle end. Now, the boot is almost enjoyable to open!! Also replaced most of the binnacle lights with led - much improved. Still not recovered it yet though. I've ditched my i3 now so with the choice between the Esprit and the Fiesta, the Esprit should start to get more use and with more use, we get less tolerance for all these niggles. A good thing, I think. Si
  23. Welcome Paul and great choice! Mine is a 1986 black S3 so very similar looking, barring the sunroof and red pinstripes. The main visual I changed on my car were the wheels - now has gold centres and diamond cut rims. FYI. Si
  24. I've done mine. 86 S3. Side rails removed via screws on the outside of the door top as per Bartman. A pillar trim pops off with the help of a long lever to prevent snapping it. Don't have to remove this but might help. Remove steering wheel! Seats out helps. Cut lining to rough size. Contact spray. Spray roof. Spray lining. Work from front to back. A dry paint roller is good to prevent fingerprints in the lining. High temp spray. One person good. Two better. Good luck
  25. Did you drill the engine cover for the ties? Si
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