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  1. What a fantastic trip! great comparison photos!! Welcome to the group by the way!! Keep trying to persuade the wife to go for this reason but she sees through it each time and insists on Amalfi!! The part doesn't look bespoke - why would there be a stamped indent? maybe a shield? Plenty of bits flew off that pier though - could be something relevant. Alternatively, many folk must have scuba'd there..... Perhaps ask someone who was there?? Who is still alive? From the air-cannon? Lots of ????????
  2. Great idea this. You could also navigate using the 3 words. Eg want to get to a mountain top - no postcode but 3 unique words gets you there. Meet in our village's castle bailey = touches.showering.glee We are going on the Fireball Swiss rally next week and the organisers may be trialling this app alongside the coordinate to navigate. I'll let you know!....
  3. That is bizarre!! Only this afternoon did I spot the same behaviour on my voltmeter for the first time!! I removed and refitted the alternator last month and now suspect this little wire. I'll check tomorrow - cheers! BTW, what does the excitor wire do?
  4. Who walked in that concrete!!?? I'll find them...dont know how...but I will!
  5. Seems an odd thing to break - was just looking at mine and there is really no pressure on it on closing/opening the bonnet catch. Make sure nothing fouling the mechanism or an issue with catch alignment etc! Hope you get it sorted. Sure thats not the case....but......make sure you document and post the fix!!
  6. slewthy


    Was thinking more Flash Gordon...
  7. Liked it - very honest! Makes me want to do one of my own.
  8. mine also had a hard to find screw at the front. Looks like your card is leather so should be obvious - have a look. As james said, ease it from over the bottom of the door moulding. Both mine were very snug, moves slowly.
  9. Second the plastic mirror option. Easy to cut/shape with a dremel . But as Dan says, really needs a completely flat and reliable surface to bond to otherwise everything is distorted!
  10. Looking good. We know you will do a great job, as proved by your other projects. Really looking forward to this thread progressing!
  11. Also an issue with our BMW heads up display. Shame cos thats a great bit of kit.
  12. Very nervous morning here at team Lewthwaite along with many other households in the UK (A level results) Anyway, my son has been accepted into an engineering course at Sheffield so we can relax a touch!! Also means he can come on the Europe trip 😄
  13. Well, it was the belt. Thanks everyone once again! No change on disengaging the alternator. Frequency check then showed 140Hz at 30degBTDC Bit of a pain getting to the adjuster as the only sure and safe way to undo the lock nut is to move the alternator slide bracket and get a socket wrench on it. Anyway, slackened and now reads 115Hz (after 4 complete crank turns and again at 30degs) I can still hear the slightest whine but its no longer 'a feature' !! I guess I could slacken it further but 114 or thereabouts seems to be a common number. I'll check it again before and after the European trip.
  14. OK, just to be clear, I'm all signed up for this and its only a month away 😮 I take it no one else is going?? Still hoping my son will be my navigator and the Esprit will be healthy - currently getting the belt tension correct. Our team name - "The Petrol Suits" ..... See what I've done there? Some cool car stickers would be fun - any ideas? Insurance company fine with it, just fingers crossed for good A level results!! (next thursday)
  15. It is indeed totally unacceptable that what we put in our cars is unknown in detail. We pay far too much and contribute far too much in tax for it to be unclear. Wouldnt it be nice to have a live content readout at each pump, showing the octane, ethanol content etc. Probably not possible but we wouldnt buy a chicken* without a displayed sell by date!?! I too do my best to only use Shell V Power in the Esprit. *please insert fresh/perishable food of choice
  16. slewthy


    Nice. Is it always Christmas in your house?
  17. Hey Steve, hope the skirmish is all over now. In my '86 S3, on the right is the fibre optic 'chamber' that has a standard filament bulb from which the fibres go to some of the switches. Other switches had separate dedicated feeds to bulbs. Do you have the same setup?
  18. There you go - wrong again!!🤐 Why self tapping/thread cutting? Why not a bolt and standard flange nut?
  19. Flange nut. Find the size, search stainless + flange nut! EG these M6 versions from Westfield fasteners. In A4 marine StSt. Lots of places sell them though.
  20. Hi there. Welcome to the forum! Are you able to give some background info - where you are based/what your drive is/would like to be etc etc. Simon
  21. Hi Alex, welcome to the forum!! If you let us know where you are based, the guys will be better able to advise where to take you car - these dont look like do at home repairs to me!! Si
  22. Yes, my memory was started with 2 but needed more (maybe a half but not sure) Make sure you source from a company that can produce matching colour if you need more!! (mine was Andrew Muirhead)
  23. Interior image looks like at an auction. Also selling a Porsche. Same reason. Not the same as definite scams we've seen - just trying to make a quick few thousand?
  24. When I did the Esprit headlining, I used Woolies foam backed and it still looks great at around 7 yrs plus. A nice tip is to use a clean paint roller to gradually apply the lining front to back ( or whatever works for you) - no air bubbles, no ripples and no finger marks. Also, cover EVERYTHING not being glued as the spray glues tend to go everywhere! I have the same job to do on my Citroen roof soon but that is applied before the roof goes back on, and I suspect that the upside down way is far easier as the yet-to-be-stuck material hangs away until ready.
  25. You can just about make it out in my first image, under the cambelt. Do you have a problem or missing it?
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