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  1. Paul Mattys are struggling to get their Pressure Switch supplier to provide the two switches required, which is frustrating as they have the rest of the kit ready to fit. Can anyone suggest or recommend a Pressure Switch supplier that I can contact to try and organise a reliable source for these pressure switches. Thanks,
  2. Just wanted to drop a response back on the topic of Darren and PAULGT3 efforts to get our Delco brake system working. Huge thanks to you guys for the sterling effort you've put in to resolving the awful brakes on our cars. I've now contact Paul Matty's and I just waiting to get my car booked in for the full replacement system detailed by Darren at the start of this thread. The brake system in its current state is by far the biggest failing of our cars. My system had the typical dead wood feeling to the brakes with no pedal feel and what felt like very poor servo assistance. Even the brake update to Brembo Rears and Hi-Spec 4 pot fronts with bigger disc and fast road pads did absolutely nothing to really improve feel or performance. Obviously now given the explanation provided by Darren, these upgrades were never going to improve things. I'll report back on the improvements once completed by Paul Matty's. Again, huge thanks to Darren and PaulGT3 for resolving this.
  3. White S2 with Red trim line, I think it was, blasting down past my house on Dawson Lane, Whittle-le-woods. Car sounded to be running really well. I was in the garage working on my Esprit brakes when you went blasting by. I was then trying to keep an ear out for the return to see if you came back past. But as you were cruising on the way back the car sounded total different and I only just caught you passing and didnt have time to wave you in to say Hi. Any takers ???
  4. I took a trip over to Martins to check out his setup and Martin also kindly took me out for a spin to see and feel them in action. Martin has done an excellent job putting this solution together. The whole replacement setup is a fraction of the cost of even a re-con of the existing system. This really is a no brainer. The delco brake system is dead. If you replace your pressure switch it will be the internal seals that will go and the system gives a dead feel even when it does work. I've got my bits ordered and will be ripping out the old system this weekend. I won't be spending hundreds of pounds on a new pressure switch only to get my crap brakes working again. Instead, I'll spend a whole lot less and have some really good brakes that start to match the performance of the car. I do have to say it's excellent of lotus to be looking into this but the pressure switch is just part of the problem not the solution. I'll be doing what I can to assist Martin as I should end up with the identical setup by the end of the month. Im also confident that there is plenty of improvement to be made in this system Martin has setup. This should give us excellent braking capabilities by the end of it . Thanks for your time last week Martin. It really restored my faith in just how great these cars can be!
  5. Thanks Martin, I look forward to hearing your thoughts once you've got the servo sorted and I will certainly have a ride over to take a look at your new setup once its completed. In the mean time I'll see if i can get some quotes for a refurb so I can look at both options. Cheers,
  6. Martin, Very interested to hear your thoughts once your replacement setup is complete with Servo. It was looking like at least £400 to get the brakes sorted on my car and that was if the problem only turned out to be the accumulator. I've already had the pressure switch issue and sorted that. I'd love to get a refurb but with our Delco system being rearly used in the UK, Im thinking a Refurb is going to be costly if I can find someone to do it and the fear that I'll stil be left with a crap feel and brake solution. The brakes are a massive disappointment on the S4. So the MR2 system swap you've done is of great interest. N/Yorks isn't that far from me, if you've got a spare half hour some time soon, I'd love to pop over and take a look at your solution with a view to implementing the same on mine.
  7. Great News Rich! Well done on getting the deal you wanted. Looking forward to seeing you out and about, once you've got those belts sorted. Feel free to pop by for a brew, so I can have a proper nosey.
  8. Michael Really good info. Gives me another avenue to investigate... Rich. I'm afriad not, the whole system was dumped and replaced with the Kelsey Hayes Brake and ABS Setup on the V8's.
  9. Glad to keep you posted on any sources or progress. Yea, I heard that (PNM), but the cost isnt much different to what a second hand unit should be and I've yet to hear anyone having it done and reporting on the results. So the jury is still out on that course of action but it may be that we are left with no other choice (other than total system replacement). I'm going to see if i can dig anything up this week.
  10. Sounds sadly familiar Martin... I'll have to check mine for leakage, but I didn't notice this last time I was in there. However, everything else, sounds exactly the same. I'm In the process of trying to source a replacement master cyclinder assembly.
  11. Hi Jon, I wasn't brave enough to de-pressurise the accumulator again for the test, so I thought I'd try the 50% pedal hold test and number of presses before pump run. How many times can you apply 50% max pedal force before the pump runs (should be 3-4) = Exactly ,3 presses first time, and 4 presses second time before pump run. Push down on the pedal and hold for 2 minutes, does the pump ever run ? (shouldn't, meaning there is not leaks) = Er... Yes, Pump ran at 1:10 and 2:40. It also ran for a good 5 seconds. This i guess this could help explain my syptoms of - good firm pedal feel at very slow speed braking. But on road use with much heavier pedal use the pedal at the start seems to give a firm feel but then drops away to what feels like no assistance. I topped up the fluid to exactly the right level - so I'll go and check this to see if i have lost any.
  12. Hi Martin, Did you bleed the Inboard and outboard bleed nipples on the master cyclinder? The outboard one is a huge pain to get to. I've left a bleed pipe attached incase I ever need to do it again. I couldnt believe the bright orange sh1t with bits in it that came out of the outboard side of the master cylinder. The Service notes advise that this is the last nipple to bleed. So following this, all the calipers and inboard side bled nice and clean but only the outboard side showed any sign of crap coming out. It took a good 200-300ml of fluid before it ran clean with no bits coming out.
  13. Hi Jon, The results before the full bleed were as follows, but i will retest tonight ... How long do your pumps run for after a full de-pressurise ? (should be about 30-40 seconds) = Took about 42 seconds - but i was counting in my head - Ill stop watch it tonight. How many times can you apply 50% max pedal force before the pump runs (should be 3-4) = yep, 3 times - then pump would fire. Push down on the pedal and hold for 2 minutes, does the pump ever run ? (shouldn't, meaning there is not leaks) = Not tried this but will do tonight and report back. Cheers Jon PS... The eagle has left the nest for Italy!
  14. Hi Jon, Got mine recon'd all in including collection and delivery for about £150 as it had a leak that made it fail its MOT. Glad I did becuase I nearly bought the SAAB Rack its taken from but according to Lotus, they made some kind of internal modificaiton to improve the feel of the rack for the Esprit. Dont know how true that is but thats what was said at the origonal Lotus Factory visit talks they did. EDIT: Ah, Sorry Jon, just saw the picture again and noticed its not the PAS version from your GT3. Still interesting info from Lotus though about the PAS Rack.
  15. Jon suggested that one area could be the seals in the master brake assembly, which would make sense and fit with the symptoms. However, Lotus Service Notes seems to indicate that the whole unit is not serviceable and requires a full replacement only. Anyone got any take on this ? The options for full replacement of the Brake servo system as I understand it are somewhat more limited due to the lack of machanical vacuum pump being available in our cars. An I cant believe the system was this bad when they origonally sold the cars. I'd also be concerned about difficulties with the insurance company's over a non factory fitted brake system. I cant see that going down to well. So, with some encouraging words from John about the improvements hes found, I'm currently just about resigned to the fact that I may have to replace the master brake assembly and fairly large cost (£400 ish). Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
  16. Hi Chris, K&N Make no difference to air flow ? I've seen a demo at P&M Eng. were two pinpong balls are supsended vertically in transparent tubes with equal air flow applied to both tubes passing through a K&N and a stanard paper filter. The K&N tube is able to suspend the pinpong ball twice as high as the standard paper filter tube. Also, if you put you hand at the back of the paper filter and try and blow through it, you hardly feel a thing, not so with the K&N. I would not hestiate to put a K&N in any performance car I own over a standard filter. I'm not saying it gives you 10hp or anything, but if the engine is able to breath easier, then it is more likley to provide optimal performance and mpg. Just my thoughts on the matter.
  17. Hi Mike, Your doing the right thing with your pressure switch. I have all the pictures sorted and plan to complete the first draft of the guide for fixing the ABS pressure switch this week. I WD40 sprayed inside, tapped (banged) out the pin then with compressed air,got the centre pin to go back in. Repeated this about 10 times, soaked then to be sure soaked the centre section in WD40 over night, cleaned it out with air, so the pin wasn't junked up inside. Not that you can see in there. This did resolve my ABS warning light issue. I was hopeing to include a nice piece about full brake bleed to, based on Jon's huge efforts with the brake system after completing the process on my car this weekend. Unfortunatley, although my ABS pressure switch seems to be fixed, my brakes still have no servo assistance. They feel great at very low speed, but put under any pressure (basic road use) and they drop away to basically no assisatnce. This is with a full bleed of Delco system along with new fluid flushed right through all calipers. I went overboard to ensure the problem was fixed once and for all. But sadly no luck, No ABS warning light, but also no brake assistance either.
  18. Glad to see things are looking positive on the S4, Rich. Just give me a ring when your ready and we can meet up. If it wasn't so bloody far away, I'd be tempted to come with you. Are you going to be able to test drive it? If you need additional insurance, have you thought about using that specialist one day insurance company. Just a thought.
  19. Hi Rich, Great to hear your a potential Esprit owner. Im just down the road from Preston on the Leyland Chorley border and have a 94 S4. Your welcome to pop down for a chat and have a look at my S4. I've owned it for over 4 years and have had a ton of work done on my car to help with the info. The S4 got power streering but Crap Brakes compared to the SE which is shame as its the only real complaint I would have with the S4. It then depends which body style you prefer, SE or S4. But feel free to drop me a line, I'll send you my email address and details via the forum. Good luck on your hunt.
  20. I have the uprated clutch from PNM on my S4 which I got them to fit last year, as I didn't fancy messing around with all the work involved with the potential fitment and setup issues. It took them a while on the day to get it sorted as there was an issue with the master cyclinder being from a V8 and the push rod length. But they got it sorted and the clutch is sweet. Gear change was really tight at first escpecially moving into second but reverse was fine. But it only took a few trips for it to soften off and now its pretty much spot on. Not sure if thats any help right now, but just thought I'd share my experience on the PNM Clutch on an S4.
  21. haha, I knew you'd have an answer .... How much was your Jabsco pump - it looks much more meaty than the WC Eng. pump I have ?
  22. Phew, I just didn't want people looking at the picture thinking they had some custom pressure switch setup. My ABS pressure switch problem is fixed but my brakes are the worse they have ever been. So I'm going to be completing the write up on the pressure switch fix and following Jon instructions to flush through the brake system with plenty of brand new fluid. I have renewed hope the braking system can be saved since Jon's comments about the improvement hes found by going through the painfully long 'full flush' process he's documented. I'll post back how I get on, hopefully this weekend.
  23. Great info Jon. Just one minor point on the picture posted. That silver capsule which is located infront of the accumlator is standard fit for Car's with Aircon and is something like the reciever drier for the aircon.
  24. Only down side to that Travis is that if you want to flush the air out of the system you have to have the engine on and up to temp before the pump will run to push the coolant through. Having it spliced onto the ignition feed as described earlier, means you can run the pump to help clear air out of the CC circuit with only the ignition on. Unless I guess you have the suggested air bleed T installed low down with the pump to help this situation.
  25. Yep, as Jim says, there are just four screws, two either side (on the outside) holding the map pocket in place. Surprised you cant see these if you have the seats removed??
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