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  1. Im off to check out the test plate on a 500w lamp. I have before and after photo from my digi camera and I will take some more pic when I do the test. I will post my findings when i get back shortly. Fingers crossed its not a waste of
  2. A trace is one thing, proving it was my car without the plate is another. Not impossible im sure. Every time I have driven past a GATSO i've checked if its armed. In Lancashire as most places now there are masses of the things and so far this month I have come across 1 armed GATSO which was my local one which was armed for no more than 5 days. Im part the way through sparying the test plate.
  3. Ps. Im a bit worried my Cars color would set off one of those Gaydars! I certainly dont want that happening!
  4. Im not sure I understand why you say a plastic car wont show up on police radar. If this was the case you should have mentioned that to your Government to save them spending billions developing stealth materials when they could have just skinned their aircraft in fiber glass! But I have also purchased some "special spray" for the number plate. Yet to be applied. I will test the results as soon as I can. But I was going to leave that for another topic so as not to digress to much.
  5. Just wanted to kick off a discussion on radar dectors/jammers, whos using what if anything and peoples general experience with them. For my part on the S4 its been really easy it mount it just to the left of the rear view mirror suspension arm and power it of the reading lights which only come on when the ignition is switched on to save draining the battery. I have "loaned" one my father bought for his van Ita a Rocky Mountain RMR-DLS320 which will also scramble laser detectors (illegal in UK!) but obviously I have turned off this feature. I believe its an america import. I drove past a stationary police car that had pulled some over the other day and the detector was going nuts. It wasnt even a decent Motorway Patrol Car. just some crapy Police Astra. I have had a strange experience with a GATSO though. First problem was trying to find one in Lancashire that they actaully bothered to arm with a camera. Ive been all over without seeing a single camera armed GATSO. Finally one of the local GATSOs got a camera in it. I got no warning on the approach but i was probably under legal speed in traffic. I turned around and went back through it but this time the GATSO was facing me. As I entered the white lines at legal speed nothing. . . As I accelerated still in the white lines the detector began beeping at increasing speed. Then obviously I suppose as I left the white lines the beeping stopped completely. I couldnt repeat the test that day and next time I went back a few days later the GATSO was disarmed.
  6. Ah you had to ask. . . main jobs where (from memory!) Engine out to try and save time and get the job done right ! Clutch Master and Slave Clynder Replaced All new gear linkages New Water Rad Rebuilt engine mounts Ball joints replaced New clutch fork Stainless steel clutch hose Full C Service - should have been B service Body to chassis mounts rebuilt New Charge Cooler Impellor Exhaust knackered - replaced Exhaust Dead Speedo - Got it fixed Camber adjustment on rears and new rears Doesnt sound alot but there was a pile of small stuff to sort out too. one or more of teh previous owners just had not provided the attention these cars deserve. Although its cost a fortune to put right I feel as if I have done my bit to save another Esprit. I have posted some pictures taken at weekend into the Garage section. So far I have only seen one other Esprit in the same color as mine and it was a GT3. Not so supprising I hear you say !
  7. I would have loved to have come to the oxford meet, and the driver training day but as I've hardly left the car alone since I got it back and the family being on summer hols it was a bit tricky. But I will without doubt be attending the meets next year. I tried contacting Lotus direct to see what they could tell me but the person I spoke to referred me to put the request in through one of the main dealers suggesting it was chargable . I havent had time to follow this up since. Looking at my log book it appears that Nelmes Lotus had it origonally and it still has their sticker on the transom.
  8. Hello to all of you. I've spent a good while reading on the forum and now my cars presentable I thought I'd better pull my finger out and introduce my self. My name is Carl and I have like many of you promised myself an Esprit since I first saw James Bond dive one into the water. Now having had my Esprit for no less than two weeks it then spent the next 10 weeks with PNM for a proper sorting out to put right the disgraceful neglect of its previous owners. Obviously being Lotus it cost a small fortune and meaning the wife doesnt get her new motor for a while! But thankfully all that waiting is now well behind me I have the S4 back and the fun begins. I must say how great it is to not only have the car but that it is support by such a great community. Anyway enough of that and onto my own private mission and contribution for the Esprit community. I have trawled all the usual Esprit sites and seen the production figures for the Esprit. But I believe my S4 is a very unusual color being Medina Green. Further more I was very interest to see if I could find out actually how many S4 are actaully registered with the DVLA, along with all other types. I have made some inital enquiries and I will follow these up this week to see how much I can find out. The DVLA being a public records office has a duty of information disclosure and hopefully, as I dont want it for any commercial use, I hope they will help out FOC. Ill keep you posted on how I get on. Thanks all, Carl
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