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  1. Please add to register SCC082910CHD11392 1982 Turbo Esprit Miguelito (Michael Simpson) Canary Islands Spain Ta very much
  2. Hi All, This megajolt project is of great interest to myself and I am sure to all other owners of esprits. Is there any chance of someone kindly putting together a full shopping list of everything required for this modification? Regards Michael
  3. Hello, Not sure if wiring on your car is that much different from my Turbo of the same year? But is your car fitted with one of those interior light delay units with buzzer? Maybe you have disturbed some wiring to that if fitted? The diode is only in circuit to stop a back feed which would keep the lights on when they need to be off ---------I think? I know whenever I am replacing the interior door panels I am always concerned about cabling getting trapped on the electric window mechanism, or door catch rods, or especially the cigar lighter feed coming disconnected, and then having to start again. Regards Michael
  4. Jason, Yep, need a new one. I want to get one made up with a proper rod end at the gear lever. I don't like the Yoke lever assembly and spirol pin set up. When you get time really appreciate it. Cheers Michael
  5. Fellow owners, Does anyone have an old crossgate cable they can measure the length of? I need the length of the inner cable and the length of the outer sleeve. I am looking into the feasibility of getting one made up. Michael
  6. When I purchased my Esprit the louvre was a ghastly red. I couldn't wait to get it back to original colour. Eventually had it painted a sort of satin black. The paint is the same as used for finishing bumpers and I was assured by the guy who sprayed cars for a living that the paint he used can flex without cracking, which I thought is a good idea because of how hot the louvre can get. Don't know if any of you had the same probs as I?, but before I got it sprayed I attempted to repair the gel coat cracks especially around the weak areas. I noticed some owners have attempted to strengthen the louvres with making ribs from metal. I decided to use a pot of fibre glass resin instead. Quite pleased with the result of the finished louvre, no signs of gel cracks returning yet. I will try to post some pics in the future, but here are some of prep work.
  7. Hi All, Taken sump off as I was fed up of the leak around the joint of sump to crankcase. What a difficult job that was. Wish never have started. Prefer changing the cambelt. For anyone who has not done it whose car has AC. The AC pipes will seriously get in the way. Discovered on my car there is no gasket just face fit. Anyone know if this is correct? One of the M8 screws was stripped, only option was to tap out M9, managed to get a screw made. Also as can be seen on photo all inside of crankcase is really blackened. Is this normal or has previous owner used crap oil? Miguel
  8. Matt, Any more news about the 50mph esprit? Miguel
  9. The long alloy pipes which run through the chassis on my car for the rad circuit and also the small bore ones for the interior heater are corroded where hoses join. It's just a matter of time when they will leak, or break off. I want to change them for stainless ones, but like you need to know if these can be easily replaced. Hope someone in LEF has done this and can advise. Miguel
  10. PLease can you do my rims...? Chroming or nickel plating alli rims is more work. It can be done, but if it goes wrong it starts peeling like layers of tin foil, something to do with Electro chemical series of metals for electroplating, chemical bonding and periodicity. Sorry thought I was at school for a moment. Apparently you would have to keep the car in a controlled environment, air-cond, humidity control and all that, to be sure rims will not deteriorate, once plated. Sounds a bit of a pain to me. My BBS rims have been polished, and look the business. However when I need new NCT's they will have to go unless Goodyear start making them again. Miguelito
  11. I am fortunate that I can get all the chroming I want done for nothing. I believe our kidder chucks anything steel in acid, cleans and then chromes it. Quicker than messin with paint. Pity the car is made from GRP, otherwise.................. Will have to stop chroming when car weight exceeds 2 ton. Miguelito
  12. Hi all, I have been modifying my esprit for 13 years and new to LEF. Thought I would try to start attaching photos of some of the mods I have been doing. Quite pleased with the results of chroming upper and lower rear suspension links, also fitted new bushes and hub pins. Miguelito
  13. Hello there, I used to own a 1976 S1, and I remember having trouble starting the car simply because the battery connections were the old dome type, rather than clamps. As soon as I changed these the car never let me down. I Remember checking battery, alternator, starter, looking for current drain when car isn't used etc, and it was simply connections in the end. Is the battery located on the petrol tank? Miguelito
  14. Very interesting stuff guys, However I was hoping to purchase a powered steering rack that I can exchange without having to touch the steering column or switches. I now realise there are electric powered steering that have the motor arrangement on the column and their are cars like my Honda Civic where the motor is on the rack, with all the advantages in changes of assistance the faster I go as Hilly states. I suppose the hydraulic types are best avoided? Cheers Miguelito
  15. Richard, Bibs, Thanks for that. I take it the readings are taken with engine cold or does it make no difference? Miguelito
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