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  1. 2002 espirt v8 25th anniversary #63 Chrome Orange sccdc08272ha10397 picked it up from koons chevy dealership in virginia - supposedly traded in on a c6 vette? now it lives at it's forever home in dallas, texas.
  2. maybe something like the map ecu will work good for that application. It's a piggy back with alot of cool features, pretty decent pricing. Will allow for timing and fuel map changes to help with the bigger turbos. You'd obviously need someone who knows what they are doing to let it mesh well with the stock ecu. meth injection is probably your best bet for cooling if you are trying to cut costs and not add intercoolers.
  3. id think cost effective wise the chip is the way to go. If you're going mod crazy and dont need to pass obd2 emissions than there's plenty of standalones that can do the job. Motec (probably top dog and pricey - tons of tuners and used in professional racing) , syvecs (not so big in the u.s. but europe very popular), aem (lots of tuners, one of the cheaper choices), proefi (limited on tuners), then there's a ton of cheaper or less knowns.... hydra, vipec, megasquirt (im sure i missed alot). What kind of crank and cam triggers do the esprits use 16 or 24 tooth? If it's not too unique maybe eve
  4. did the v8's or us spec cars come with underbody panels?
  5. Awesome thread guys. Im a long ways away from doing anything that fun to mine but cooking up ideas in the meantime. Thanks for all the links. If you do need to get injectors i'd highly recommend injector dynamics. I have the id1000's in my supra. they also make 1300s (new and rated for all fuels) 2000 and 750 cc injectors. A set of 8 1000's would easily beable to take you past 1000hp worth of fuel. Most of the fast supra's are either on race gas or e85 now. e85 is great stuff for the money but requires about 35% more fuel to accomplish the same, it runs alot cooler and can make more low end to
  6. nice setup, anymore pics or details. Did you add additional radiators and run the intercooler circuit entirely separate of the engine coolant circuit? I personally like air to air intercoolers but there's just not a whole lot of room to make that work on the esprit as Im sure you know and concluded. To further comment on you said - camshafts are very important in n/a or turbo. The camshaft establishes what rpm the power is being made. Since you mentioned coming from subaru's this is a great example. Ever notice how few TRUE 500whp+ subaru are out there? look at evo's cracking 1000whp somewha
  7. you have to be careful with how aggressive you go on the turbo's without a standalone and custom tune. gtx2867r is almost 20yr newer technology. billet and ball bearing. Thats going to flow WAY more than a regular t28. The a/r has to do with the volume of the exhaust housing. The smaller the number the quicker spool but dies off topend. the larger the laggier but tend to still flow better topend. Considering this motor relies on the turbos so heavily and doesnt have cams setup for 6krpm+ i'd say .64 a/r is the way to go. The other issue you'll run into is the billet turbos are so much more eff
  8. hahaha. Why is that women always bring cars home with the gas gauge on the wrong side of E. drives me nuts.
  9. v8 has no intercoolers? is that for real. I havent gotten to work on mine yet. I just assumed it had air to water. that is amazing. I totally agree with your thoughts, having just bought mine. This car is fantastic. Everything is very well thought out and designed. The gear box is by no means amazing. I think the gap between 4-5 seems large but it's got so much torque even in 5th at lower rpms it's fine. The gearbox feels great shifting wise. Mine wanted to grind reverse until i figured out i was trying to push the shifter over way too far to the left with my brute gorilla man strength. I dont
  10. that sucks to hear. wd-40 is not a lubricant man. its a water dispersant. Thats probably why it is a very short term solution.
  11. they are just t25's it really shouldnt be that expensive to have them rebuilt. Most people end up going to t28's since they are just slightly larger. (t25 turbo is what came on mitsubishi 2.0L turbo eclipses/talons etc... 95-99 and many other cars)
  12. wow that'd be amazing to own this thing. I wonder how much they are looking for or if it sold yet.
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