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  1. Bold move Antonio. I suppose anyone can always revert back to original if needed. Definitely go for the one with the red strip, if you're going to go different, then might as well go all the way
  2. Thanks Fabian, Does the exit pipe go behind the fuel tank and out from a hole somewhere underneath? I believe this is the correct setup on my car originally.
  3. Thanks Fabian, does the second pipe from vent connector go back all the way to the drivers side ? It's seems strange as the original p clips are still in my car and there's no way 2 vent pipes can fit through. Also no space in the channel of the bulkhead. i still have both roll over valves, maybe this setup was different? Can't seem to figure out where the vent pipe exits the car
  4. Engine Bay Cables Does anyone have a reference picture of how the handbrake cables and rear hatch cables should pass around the fuel tank ? Should these cables pass behind the fuel tank or underneath it? Also trying to figure out the exit holes of the handbrake cables in the engine bay Door Catch Do I need nuts at the after the door catch bolt spacers and bracket or is this correct as is? Sorry for all the basic questions, but I'm hoping to fit things on the correct way round before moving forwards
  5. Hi Guys, finally back working on the esprit! Its been 6 years since I've taken the car apart.. so I am seeking some help putting it back together. Fuel Vent Pipes Is the fuel vent pipe supposed to cross over from one filler neck to the other via this channel? Also does the vent pipe connect from left to right and then at the T piece of the left side and out of the car via this hole next to the fuel tank access? Am I also missing a couple of P clips for the vent pipe to stay in place after the T connector? Fuel Filler Neck Is this order correct for the filler neck - Filler neck/Gasket/Body/Gaskets/Finisher ring ? Also is the neck stuck to the body via silicone and held in place with screws? Are there any fasteners to secure the screws?
  6. Hi Guys, Just received the capping rail trim from SJ's. Is it worth fitting the trim right away while I've got the windscreen off the car? or would I need the windscreen in for alignment?
  7. Hi guys , Does anyone have pics of the choke and throttle cables fittings ? Forgot which hole they go through and if they require any p clips cheers
  8. Hi Antonio, I've look at my bushes multiple times, and cannot seem to work out whats different about them.
  9. Thanks Fabian, I think the trim should have some more movement for the extra length required. Did you put the sealant in the edge trim or on the body? Hoping not to over do it first time round Any chance you have a couple of pics of the rear corners?
  10. Hi Antonio, I haven't mounted mine back in, but I believe part 8 is a bush spacer to make up for the gap before the R Clip at the end of the pin and not mounted in the bearing.
  11. Hi Guys, Currently working on the waistband trim. Can anyone advise what they've done for the given areas? Any advice on fitting the new trim?
  12. Believe it or not, I've got most of the bits done (interior is all redone), suspension refurbished.. It's my mechanic who's holding everything back. So hopefully once things are rectified, we'll be back on track
  13. Hi Guys, I'm still here! Finally moved the esprit to its new (and final) garage! Had a few worries that the cars won't fit, but all fits nicely and with space to work on both Very Chuffed! Looks like I might pickup the gearbox and have someone else do the work for me.. Pretty fed up of waiting for my mechanic to do something! So time to take some action and crack on with re-build!
  14. SJ's supply the modified brace (just a bolt on setup), so you can also keep the original I am considering going for this manifold
  15. I can freight forward no problem Got a whole interior shipped from Portugal for €170! and an engine from Germany for €120
  16. HI Fabian , Interested in buying any s2 bits you don't end up using
  17. Hey Antonio, Aren't those the same codes you have listed for both items?
  18. Hi Antonio, Think I've also got these patches. Maybe they were kept for AC fittings on both LHD and RHD cars?
  19. Hi Guys, It's been a while since I've posted an update. As some of you guys know, progress has been slowed down drastically as we've just had a baby girl also just moved house this year. I'm progressing my way to clearing out our garage so I can trailer my lotus over to finish off the build. Hoping to move it in a couple of months hopefully. In the meantime.. still chasing my mechanic to rebuild the engine!! - lesson learned - Always try and do as much as possible yourself!
  20. Hi Matt, I'm interested in door hinge setup if anyone else decides to join in so we can make up another batch. Maybe we can create a post on here to gather interest?
  21. WOW !!! This looks awesome ! I'm also looking at upgrading the radiator....Could you post a link to the radiator you bought ? Also did you have to do any modifications to it or is it a direct swap?
  22. Giorgio, what do you think about using a NOS clutch release bearing?
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