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  1. I'll let you know what mine works out at as I will have it done later this year. Waiting for some prices on last parts for the engine and then I'll work on the radiator and gearbox. Did you buy parts from Harry ? What are prices like?
  2. I had the tanks made in Alloy here in Malta. Wasn't worth the cost for shipping etc.. Total cost was €750 for both I also need a windscreen - But waiting till I have the final garage for it to go in. I'm still holding off on a stainless manifold, might be cheaper to have made locally too.
  3. To be honest I had the pedal box powder coated.. I think my friend took them out before he did the job, but no clue how And this was around 3 years ago ! I really need to finish this car! But exchange rates are a killer right now .. everything from the UK is working out at double the price!
  4. Hi Giorgio, I think from memory I had left mine in and painted..
  5. yep.. A guy in Malta called me cause he's looking into buying it
  6. Hi Giorgio, Was referring to Arno.. But haven't asked Tocus.. Worth a try
  7. I'll ask a contact in the Netherlands I'll let you know if he has anything
  8. waiting to take both radiatior and heater matrix... Did you buy the fans from SJ? Also is your radiator same as s2?
  9. whole heater or just the matrix inside? Will take it to a radiator shop and they'll repair all the bits and recore.
  10. Probably going to have the heater matrix rebuilt. Shouldn't be too expensive.. think its around €80
  11. Would be great if someone can gather the info on all the replacement rods and create a step-by-step guide on fitment .. (especially since I'll probably be tackling this job at somepoint this year )
  12. Hi Giorgio, Did you buy a new replacement filter ? as Gary Kemp only sells used replacements.
  13. Yep, I had bought a replacement starter motor and some other bits from that sale. Ok I'll get in touch with him once my mechanic opens the gearbox. Just need the oil pump rebuild kit and replacement pickup gauze and should be good to go with the engine
  14. Ok Giorgio, The second he opens the gearbox I'll be in touch with you for guidance .. Did you get all the gearbox bits from Harry? I'd be relieved if I can finally buy parts in euros, as the exchange rate is a killer right now..
  15. Hi Giorgio, originally when I bought the car (7 years ago..) I had no knowledge of engines etc.. Didn't even have a licence at the time.. So I took care of all the interior and other areas and left the mechanical bits to my mechanic. In fact he disassembled the engine and suspension, so he knows how it all goes back together. If one day I get round to doing the Alfa Giulia project, I'll try and do most of it myself
  16. hey guys, Does anyone know where I can get a replacement internal oil filter?
  17. Small post.. just to let you guys know I'm still here Finally taking my engine bits to my mechanic tomorrow to start the rebuild! Moving house next month, so might be busy for a while, but the lotus will be its it final ready for final rebuild
  18. Cheers Fabian .. Order Placed.. Probably saved 20GBP on postage from SJ's :D:D
  19. Hi Fabian, Did you find a replacement for the grille mesh for the bulkhead?
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