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  1. For anyone in the future, I found these clips are the same on an early ford escort. I bought a bunch at a much cheaper price. Escort mk1 chrome clips
  2. Hi Guys, Has anyone managed to find suitable replacement seals from other sources than lotus specialists? Bonnet and Tailgate seems look like they can do with a suitable replacement/upgrade. Also looking for all interior seals, such as door seals etc.. (these were missing on my car when I bought it)
  3. Hi Giorgio, My mechanic might have switched them over. Would you have the pictures so I can use as a reference?
  4. When having my esprit painted.. I went ahead and block up all the holes on the doors.. I've recently bought a choke cable clip from SJ's .. it looks nothing like the original, and now they've listed a choke cable support thing which needs to rivet onto the tunnel.. So I've got no clue what I'm supposed to do with it now. From my end, half the time its been cheaper to have these bits re-made locally in stainless steel off the originals on my car.
  5. Hi Guys, Has anyone found an alternative to the bonnet and rear hatch seals? I can see it is supplied by SJ but the insane postage costs and exchange rate are pushing me to look for some alternative. Just paid 12 euros to ship a tiny bag with a set of 4 shims, 2 small bonnet bushes and a rubber stopper! I am having some samples sent out to me.. Will report back if anything matches.
  6. ahh the joys of lotus ownership. I must say, the doors are one of the things I fear the most when re-fitting
  7. Hi Paul, Did you use a specific supplier off ebay? What do you mean by 60 or 90 shore?
  8. Ok Great.. I'll take a photo of the setup. Does anyone have a recommendation for a replacement for the rubber found on wiper stop bracket ? Was thinking of using closed cell foam, but can't find anything in that size locally.
  9. Thanks John, When fitting the wiper screws used to fit the wheel box on, did you use any type of special washer or sealant to help any water getting in?
  10. Not much progress since my last post, mostly due to a recent house purchase but will finally have the lotus close to home to continue the work. Also it will be in its final place for good, so I can go ahead and start fitting the wiring and other body panels. 2016 will hopefully be a good year for progress, although we have a small addition to the family on the way so we can rest assure there will one other lotus fan amongst us Finally picked up the cylinder head from my engineer! Shims and tappets have all been set, cylinder head has been skimmed slightly after being soda blasted. I've got hold of POR-15 engine enamel - Had to trailer it down to Malta due to air freight restrictions! Engine bits are finally ready and its off for a rebuild in January!
  11. Hi Paul, Thought you were referring to a replacement pump rather than the kit. How was the quality of the kit?
  12. Hi Paul, Can't seem to find replacement oil pumps on the sj site
  13. Hi Guys, My mechanic insists on having the oil pump rebuilt. Does anyone have any recommendations on a suitable kit for the rebuild?
  14. Hi Phil, Did you buy the SJ poly bushes for the anti roll bar?
  15. Well that sucks, considering I live in a country where 25 degrees is considered winter. Our summers are easy 40 degrees most of the days :/
  16. You've officially convinced me to keep the old loom .. Refurb it is
  17. Thanks Fabian, Do you have a pic or anything as reference? I believe Paul Coleman couldn't figure out what this part was and Steve from SJ's said; and I quote "it's just Sh*t" lol
  18. Hi Fabian, Till this day, i can't remember where this part goes. Do you know what it was used for?
  19. No T Piece on the left side? Ears are held on with 4 nuts - 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom.. you need to unscrew them from inside the boot. The ears themselves have threads fibreglassed into the part
  20. Do does your vent system have no T piece and just 1 roll over valve?
  21. Here's mine Haha went a bit overboard with the brackets.. but made sure not to drop that freshly painted body!
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