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  1. I think I've managed to find pipe that 4mm internal and 8mm external .. these fit the original P clips and also the 4mm roll over valves. I think I will run 5mm from filler neck to roll over valve.. then 4mm to a new 4mm T connector and run the entire system with 4mm. Don't think it should make much of a difference reducing from 5mm to 4mm no?
  2. Also started taking the heater matrix apart for powder coating. Got most of it apart but it seems only one side of the matrix can come off. The other side seems to be both rivited on and spot welded. Has anyone taken both sides off? Ideally the whole thing would be apart for powder coating.
  3. Cheers Fabian, Think I managed to source something locally. Ok so I've been working on this breather system. It seems like the pipes are different diameters. The fuel filler necks are 5mm, the T connectors are 5mm and then the roll over valves are 5mm reducing to 4mm. I've been all over Malta trying to find fuel pipe that's 5mm internal and 9mm external. However the closest I've found is 5mm internal and 11mm external. Problem with this is that the pipes won't fit through the standard P clips. Also should the pipe pass through this narrow channel above the bulkhead. I can manage to pass a 9mm external pipe (bought some water pump to test fit the system) However according to the manual it seems both pipes should pass through this channel? I very much doubt they will fit.. Or should they be glue to the bulkhead just above the top of the glass?
  4. I have a set but seems like they're missing the bases .. Happy to post out what I have so you can make copies if you guys like
  5. Hi Fabian, Can you confirm that it is only 2 handbrake grommets that are needed in total? Or does the setup require grommets through the bulkhead and through the holes in the engine bay?
  6. My Car is actually an esprit s2 .. Posted in the wrong group section of the forum :/ I'm sure if its Girling its most likely to be the same.
  7. Hi Guys, Does anyone have any internal brake servo pictures that can be used as a reference? Thanks
  8. Thanks Fabian .. The parts manual mentions that I need 9m of breather pipe .. Is this correct ?
  9. Hi Brian, I bought the kit off that supplier but the diagram shown in the picture isn't an esprit diagram
  10. Hi Fabian, I'm also missing the battery bracket.. the car came with a loose battery in the engine bay. Should be easy enough to make up a battery bracket .. I think I might source something off ebay.. Do you know the total meters required for the job? I bought some heavy duty breather hoses but the don't fit through the original P'Clips. Also did you pass yours through the narrow channel above the engine bay glass? There is a small channel enough to pass a single pipe through.
  11. Hi Guys, Finally getting round to working on the fuel system. Does anyone know where I can source the fuel vent pipe.. Maybe an online source on ebay or something? Also does anyone know at which points in the system the roll over valves are fitted? Also had my wiper motor rebuilt
  12. Hi Guys, Does anyone have any reference internal pictures of an s2 brake servo?
  13. Aren't the rear 1/4 windows bonded in ? Don't remember any screws being there .. at least not on an s2.. Haven't forgotten the engine cover straps .. I'll hopefully snap up some pics tonight
  14. any chance you have a pic of the vent pipe exiting the bottom of the car? Also does the fuel tank have a vent pipe too? Mine is a different fuel pump from the SU Pumps and doesn't have a breather outlet
  15. Thanks Fabian, Is this the only T piece used in the setup? Does the straight part of the T connector connect to the other filler neck? I believe the bottom part of the T-Piece is just a pipe that vents out at the bottom of the car, is this correct?
  16. Any chance you can snap some shots of the T-pieces and roll over valves?
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