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  1. I see, i found that hard to beleive too. after hearing this i'll definatly take it to a garage to check it out. One problem that malta has is that there aren't any lotus specialists on the island, but i should think that a performance specialist would be able to find out whats going on. As far as i am aware the smoke was coming out of the exhuast pipes, not directly off the engine, but i'll double check. thanks for the advice
  2. hey, thanks for the advice. well since i live in the uk i cant really check it out myself, i know my dad is going to have a look at the other lotus , but funnily enough both cars are for sale. Apparently the current owner of the car in the pic , had all the interiour apart from the dash board and the window console replaced with buffalo skin , becuase he couldnt find the appropriate leather for the car. Aparently he also replaced the carburetors with weber's. Also according to my dad , when the guy started the car up there was quite a bit of smoke, but the guy said it was because he hadnt started the car up in over 2 months. Is this a common thing with esprits, or should it be something i should worry about. also he said for some reason he disconnected the mirror and window electrics because he was worried that it might cuase a fire in the future.Can this actually happen? the car is a 1983 turbo. he's also had a light installed in the engine bay, and a power switch to disconnect the battery when the car is being stored. thats a pic of the car's engine bay. thats a pic of the interiour, you can see that the seats and door panels have been re-trimmed. thanks Vin
  3. so do you rekon its something really hard to do or have done?. also do you know of anywhere i could see a pic of the bigsi car and maybe a vid to hear the sound? Cause some exhuasts just make the car sound horrible and on a car like that you'd want it to sound powerfull , but through a high pitched sound (like old school lambo's or ferrari's) not the deep sounding exhuasts.
  4. hi, my dad is checking out an esprit for sale in malta (only 2 on the island) .. the interiour looks quite good , but the centre console for the electric windows is quite rough .. does anyone know how likely is is to buy a replacement in cream leather and also how difficult it is to replace.? thats a pic of the console off the actual car for sale .. as you can see its in quite a rough condition thanks Vin
  5. hey, does anyone know of a quadstyle exhaust system than can easily replace a standard a g turbo(early 80's) exhuast? Maybe a tubi style exhuast of something that looks like an old school ferrari 308 quad exhaust B) . I just think a quad exhaust system on an early turbo would look really cool. But you would want it to sound great , unlike all these crappy huge exhuasts you see on mod cars. cheers, Vin
  6. success thanks! maybe the owner might know of some meets and stuff held close to guildford. according the plates its the no.11 commemorative edition
  7. does anyone know how to upload pictures from a computer and not a url off a website? cause i cant seem to get it working
  8. hey, probably late notice , but i was at the cranleigh classic car show last summer.. and there was only one lotus esprit on display, it was a jps. I guess it would be cool to know who the owner is since i had a camera on me .. i thought id take a pic B)
  9. oh! i thought that what hard to believe lol does any lotus club hold any events and the brooklands museum in weybridge? cause they usually have quite a few car shows on over there. Since im actually maltese and have only been living in the uk for about a year and a half im not really up to date with car shows and stuff. but i was lucky enough to spot a jps esprit at the cranleigh classic car show last summer and a white esprit s1 at the british motor show in london!
  10. oh , thats good news though! so how do you get to all the meets since you cant drive? thats really impressive that you already own an esprit at 17! , you should be a very proud guy (clearly you really are)!!
  11. thanks for all the welcomes guys, id love to come but i've an exam the very next day. And since im 19 and saving up all my money to afford an esprit ,i cant drive down. im hoping to spend all the time bringing the car up to mint condition before being able to get insured. I'll just have to get my dad to drive me around , but knowing its my car is more than enough for me, and i'll have to settle for the passenger seat for the time being so im probably one of the youngest guys in this forum . but thanks once again for the invite, thanks Vin
  12. well for some odd reason im into 'boxey' looking cars and i dont know why but i seem to really be attracted to the guigiaro models, and the turbo seems to look the meanest in my eyes B) . I've been looking around on piston heads and ebay and a few other sites, and it seems that as long as i dont buy the car from a dealer, i should be able to afford one at that price. by any chance do any of the members have gatherings somewhere near guildford? cause id love to meet some people and have a look at some cars up close. thanks,Vin
  13. hey , my name is Vin and i've just joined the esprit forum. I dont currently own a lotus , but i am hoping to start looking for one in february. Since i have no experiences with esprit's i thought id try and get some help for other owners. Im looking into getting a guigiaro esprit turbo (mostly cause of looks) and also i was hoping if through this forum i might come across a turbo for sale from a member, that people might recoknise to be in good condition , my budget should be between
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