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  1. Hi Fabian, Do you have the old ones to use as a template or are you doing everything from scratch? Do you know if the front windscreen uses just the top clips and not the bottom?
  2. Hi Fabian, can we organise a group buy if you are going to reproduce the bottom ones? So does the clip sit underneath the chrome? I have a feeling the chrome trim was redone in my car at some stage because both front and back never had these clips
  3. Hi Jon, The sprayer removed the rear chrome trim for me so unfortunately I am missing the corner trims. Would you have a photo of what these should look like? I believe SJ's might have a set. After cracking the front risking I didn't want to remove the rear screen so the sprayer took off the surrounds and cleared of the silicone to get the best finish possible.
  4. Love the colour Jon! Did you get a replacement wiring harness or use the existing unit? Also does anyone know if I need any clips for the rear windscreen chrome surrounds?
  5. Thanks Jon.. Did you go for the Autumn Leaf colour from the Blenheim range? I think its about £21 a meter
  6. Hi Jon, Did you get the carpet and binding from coverdale? I need to do the same thing on my esprit. How many meters did it take to complete?
  7. Nah I'm sure it will be fine.. here's a shot of mine before works: And After:
  8. Should come up a treat .. although you might think it has rust issues, its only minor Looks like you'll be done way ahead of me! Should be picking up custom alloy fuel tanks this week
  9. Cheers Jon, That's explains alot .. Have you fitted the fuel tank breather system on the car? This is also a mystery from my end :/
  10. hi jon . Did you use one rubber spacer for the wiper box ? .. Am I correct in saying its wiper box, rubber spacer, body, bezel and wiper arm and nut?
  11. Hi Jake, I have the old washer bottle off my esprit s2 as I managed to buy a new replacement. It is cracked though and not sure if this can be repaired. Give me a shout if you want it free of charge (Alot of guys on this forum helped me out with some parts so I'm always glad to return the favour)
  12. I bought the foil off ebay, cut to size and stuck on with high temperature glue.. this is what I used:
  13. No nextel in the s2 .. All covered in interior style material
  14. I used high temp foil material that can withstand temperatures up to 500degrees here is the high temp material that I used
  15. Still haven't got round to wiring .. I am setting a goal that by the end of the year the entire rolling chassis will be complete
  16. Yep on my car there was only sound deadening material placed behind the passenger seat. No felt I've replaced mine with silent coat sound deadening material here is what I did with the rear bulk head
  17. Wow that's alot of money... Totally unacceptable in my view. I paid €1,900 for the full sanding, body work and spray here in Malta!
  18. I would definitely bring up this issue with them... even if you manage to repair the body, this is going to be very expensive and its not fair that you cover the costs
  19. Sand Blasting a Fibreglass body is very risky. I would definitely hold the company accountable for further costs you might incur to address this issue. If you look on the company website, the fibreglass cars look alot different to you bodyshell after blasting.
  20. I hope you are taking loads of pics along the way for all of us sitting on our computer in an office and feeling envious of your journey!
  21. Sticker please Can I send funds through Paypal Bibs?
  22. I love that your chassis looks like it's sitting in your living room lol
  23. I would be eternally grateful if someone can take some photos of how the breather system should be set up .. There is something in the lotus manuals but I don't find it clear enough, especially when it comes to fitting the valves
  24. I'm still trying to figure out what the original breather setup should be like on s2. All the pipes were crumbling apart or missing when I got the car
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