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  1. Well I had a chance to finally get the V8 Esprit out and run it against a group of cars that almost reads like a dream garage. FOC Club in Michigan was sponsoring a cruise this past Sunday, although Ferrari Club there was quite a few other makes. It was an excellent group of people and indeed well worth the 1 hour drive to it. I still cant wipe the smile of my face from tearing around town on and off the highways causing mayhem with 30+ of the finest exotics in the world. Cars the where on the drive where: Dino 308 x2 328 x2 348 Spider 355 x2 430 Spider 512BB Boxer Testarossa X 2 550 NSX X 4 Viper Ford GT Corvette x3(C5 and C6 Z06s, along with a Lingenfelter Corvette) Noble
  2. Rgardner01

    Dead ECU

    Hmmmm I was told an ECU going bad is not so common. doesn't quite look like this is the case now does it. The Lotus supplier for these things must be crap....and or they never fully DV/PV tested them for actual field use conditions. Considering how many V8s where built...this failure rate is rather scary.
  3. Rgardner01

    Dead ECU

    I managed to get mine repaired. I had an idividual look at it and he said it was one of the triacs that fried on it. I have not had a chance to put it back in the car to see how well it works yet. As most things break in similar fashions....yours might have the same issue. I was quoted something like $ 1800USD from the usual Lotus places. If you go with buying an ECU I would try JAE or Auto Europe in Michagan. Both where extremely helpful to me in my questions of the ECU. My car actually ran...horrible then died completely some minutes afterward. Stalling and backfiring. Not sure what your symptoms where. I am not sure if the individual who repaired mine wants to get into the ECU repair business so I will not post who it was. I think he is on the board so maybe he will chime in if he has any ideas for you. Ray
  4. Problem description I re-attached the battery after sitting for 4 months in a closed dry storage locker. The car fired right up and idled nicely for about a minute. The car then idled its self up to 2000rpm then back to 1500. I assumed the computer needed to re-learn the idle parameters so I tired to take it for a test drive. The car stalled. I restarted the car and it ran really rough. I drove it and it stalled again. I got the car out on to the main street and it started breaking up at 2000-3000rpms. The car proceeded to back fire out the exhaust and had virtually no power. I made it back to the storage locker and the car stalled and died. This time the car would not restart. The car is 1998 Lotus USA reg, with Johan chips in the ECU. It ran perfect when last parked and was started up every other month by my father. So while it sat it was run for short time. Investigation 1. OBD reader will not connect to the car. Only code I ever got was P0000, no other codes. OBD reader will not even connect now. I have checked all power and ground on the connector. They all work properly. OBD reader works on other cars 2. Car will turn over with the starter but will not run or even hit on a cylinder. 3. I noticed now that the fuel pumps do not engage during the turn of the ignition. I ruled out bad fuel pumps by being able to jump them across the relays. They work, pressure goes up. I also bled the fuel line and hooked up a fuel gage. Fuel pumps will still not engage through the ECU only when jumped. Tried to start the car with them jumped....nothing. 4. Next I checked for spark. No spark now from the plugs. Ok so back to ignition control the ECU 5. Next I proceeded to check the inertia switch. I even conducted tests with it jumped and a ohms meter shows the circuit is closed to ground as it should be. Switch is ok. Still no running 6. I checked all relays and fuses in the rear of the car. All ok 7. I replaced the Johan ECU chips with the stock ECU chips
  5. Kevin, I just might be out you way in my Esprit the first week of October....granted its a ways away ( I have to plan ahead to make sure it work and can handle the 90 mile drive ) No but seriously follow Tony Ks advice and check out the car show. I have met him and even had the pleasure of ridding in is S1s. If you want to talk about rare Esprits....hes got them. If you dont meet up with him I will most likely be lurking around Strongsville in my V8 Esprit. And Tony....are you going to "appropriate" that street sign or what?? I cant stop thinking about that road you had me drive on. I am heading back after I put some new shoes on the car. Ray
  6. Finally figured out how to work this thing. This is the way a Lotus owners phone should look like. Now I can stare and miss driving my Esprit all day ----- along with being constantly reminded that my timing belts are slowly disintegrating while my car sits unused in the storage garage
  7. Please please dont judge us by the Detroit me they are like that to EVERYONE....not just outsiders. I have done that drive many times and dread it everytime even though I am from the Detroit Metro area. But then again if everyone keeps throwing out this kind of rhetoric it will only bleed to worsing ties. What do think could possibly be the outcome....a warm family dinner??
  8. "Sampling" thats a good one. I'll have to remember that. Yeah its been a "rough" adjustment for me during these past 2.5 years in Asia being a single westerner with blonde hair and blue eyes. Dont worry I'll survive some how
  9. I am the Program Manager of the Asia Pacific Operations for a large automive interior supplier. I oversee our newly awarded programs in South Korea, China, Thailand, Philippines and India. I am in the air bouncing between random small town cities with in the above five countires averaging 4-5 flights a week. I have a box full of airline tickets from the 2 years I have been here. I am currently living in Shanghai China and my poor Esprit waits for me back in T-Town Ohio . I wish my company supplied Esprit parts but it appears we make seats for Ferrari and few other mass produced exotics. It is currently Chinese New Year Eve here so after all the traveling it is a welcome 1 week vaction. No Esprit sightings in the mainland China yet but I have a Ferrari delaership in my apartment building so I guess I'll make do starring at the 430 and the ugly 612 as I leave each day. Me working hard in China Me working hard in Hong Kong Me working hard in the Philippines And me working hard today enjoying the Chinese New Year in Thailand Had to throw in the token James Bond Island shot If your ever in Shanghai look me up Ray
  10. Tony , Welcome. I am glad to see I am not the only one in the Toledo Metro area who like these great cars. I live down in P-burg and have a 1998 V8. We will have to meet up some time. Do you know if they are having the Fort Meigs British car show this summer again?? I keep missing it every year. Ray
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