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  1. Turbodiesel 1990 esprit se SCCFC20B9LHF65577 Owned since 05 white with tan interior
  2. I was able to drop the motor almost 3-4 inches,no go. I took the tranny out and slid the motor back on the cradle,no go. And yes,I replaced the timing belt,clutch,v-belts,hoses,rear main,front crank seal,cam cover gaskets,timing gear seals, and am cleaning everything up.I get the tank back tomorrow and should be able to get everything going by next week.
  3. Sorry about the long wait,on vacation.I only had to move the motor about 5 feet behind the car.I didnt see it coming out without engine removal or taking the saw to it.Decided to replace belts,hoses,etc while out.
  4. lucky me,vapor lines cracked and drooping,along with driver side(over here) tank leaking.Tank was a bear to get out,just finishing now.Thanks for the quick replies
  5. Just purchased a 1990 esprit se turbo and I have a strong fuel odor in the cabin.Is this caused by the vapor canister?I see no fuel leaks,but the canister hoses appear to be original.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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