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  1. Hi Felix. If you remove all the old fluid from your brake system it will be more difficult to bleed up. Not recommended! If you can get a couple of helpers,bleed one front and one rear caliper at the same time on one side of the car. repeat on the other side keeping the resevoir topped up otherwise you will get more air in and have to start again.You will probaly have to do both sides at least twice. When finished lock and clean nipples and get someone to put plenty of pressure on the pedal and check every joint for leaks. Hope this helps! ps Was service crew on Tommi Makinens car for 3 years so done a few!
  2. Hi ,have now gone Green! Great site,looking forward to meeting some of you at events this year! Andy
  3. A belated Happy Birthday to you! It must be the Time Zone thing! Been to Auckland in 2000 and 2001 when working on the rally and stopped at Sky City. Amazing place. Putting cheese in steak pies is odd though!
  4. Good point Simon,I forget that not everyone is a freelance WRC mechanic like myself! Been asking other mates who have cards and the opinion seems to be if self employed you should be ok. Maybe some club bumpf would swing it? Was just a thought to try and save members some money. Anybody local is welcome to borrow mine if it helps.
  5. You're welcome Chris. It may not be as bad as you think! Andy.
  6. Hi Chris, I agree with Pete about contacting Mike at lotusbits. I work on the same estate and know he now has an onsite engine rebuild capability,using the man who built the works Lotus Sunbeam engines. Not much better pedigree than that! Andy.
  7. If you are going to use Halfords for any parts or consumables apply for a trade card. Good saving on a lot of items especially bulbs and wiper blades etc. Does not apply to everthing,ie cleaning products which is a shame!
  8. Hi Leon.No idea on the weight but if you have the wheel there you could stick it on the bathroom scales.
  9. Andy67


    Red Esprit followed by my mate near Castle Coombe 5pm today. He was not sure of model,so has suffered a severe rebuke!
  10. Andy67+1 Sorry,frgot to sy will bring Esprit! Apologies for the spelling there. Better with spanners than keyboard!
  11. SCC082910KHD13429 1988 Esprit Turbo 40th Anniversary Ltd Edition 008 Andy67 Rugby UK
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