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  1. Nick,they come as standard on the Sport350 and they get driven on the road. Very strong and light! Like this one!
  2. Thanks Mat,keep trying to improve things a bit at a time. Here is the engine mounting bolt that worked loose.
  3. Pauli,try jacking the rear of the car up. Should help the air in the system rise to the header tank.
  4. I've been at it again this week....! Thursday, I popped into Lotusbits and Mike diagnosed a bad earth between the alternator and the engine. So although the alternator was putting out a healthy 14 volts,the poor old battery was only getting 12.5 volts. Jump leads every day was a pain ,so I loosened off the alternator top and bottom and cleaned the surfaces up with some wet&dry paper. Problem solved....! Friday,I tackled refurbishing the OSR arch. I had done the other side previously and it looked so much tidier. Removed the wheel and supported the rear on axle stands before scraping the old flakey underseal off. Masked around the outer lip of the arch and sprayed a fresh coat on. Whilst I waited between thin even coats I removed the engine undertray and steam cleaned it. Had a good poke around the fuel pump,filter and pipework to check for leaks etc,all ok....! What I did find though, was a very loose engine mounting bolt on the bracket to the block below the exhaust manifold,checked the rest after that!
  5. Andy67


    Welcome to TLF Lyn. You must be getting used to your S1 by now....!
  6. Sorry to hear that Roger.... Good point was that it happened as you put the clutch in,often go just after getting back on the power after easing off.
  7. Kimbers,you have mail.....!
  8. I had a quick look at Stefans cars when I popped into Lotusbits last week. Looking forward to seeing the restoration in progress.
  9. Andy67


    Without doubt,you are not alone Sue...! It always takes me a few miles to settle down and relax when setting off in the Esprit, especially on a long trip or after a break fron driving it. Same goes to a certain extent when driving my other vehicles too. I think some of this comes from being a mechanic and it's worse when I am working on a race or rally car, as you are sending other people out who have put their trust in you. Not that I doubt my abilities but we are all human and capable of mistakes! When I worked for the "works" mitsubishi team on the World Rally championship I built cars from scratch in the workshop and on tests was often fitting unproven parts. On the actual rallies I was responsible for all the mechanical components on the left hand rear of a certain Tommi Makinen's car. After the car had gone out of service I used to mentally go through everything I had done and I know the others used to do the same. You knew that boy was not going to be hanging around and the consequenses of a mistake could be dire.... Happily,4 consecutive World Drivers Titles later all was well and my reputation intact...! Sorry if I deviated slightly off topic,but paronoia can strike at any time....! Tommi 0002 Monte 99.bmp
  10. Welcome to TLF Jean Pierre Looking forward to seeing pictures of your V8. Your English is fine so don't worry about that!
  11. Andy67

    RaceCar Live

    Took this ex Russell Brookes Lotus Sunbeam down to the RaceCar Live event at Brands Hatch yesterday. It's on this weekend and details are available on the circuit website.
  12. Welcome to TLF Stirling...!
  13. Hi Si, Glad to hear you and Lisa enjoyed youselves,and great to have you posting again mate....!
  14. Chaz,too common..... Usually on carb turbo models,splitting fuel lines etc. Esprits are fantastic but getting on a bit and need looking after,but having said that its only basics that should be paid attention to on any car never mind a supercar.
  15. Well done Ken! Sorry I can't help you,but do hope you get the support to make it work.
  16. When I first showed Teresa the Esprit before purchase she didn't seem too interested or impressed. But that's changed after been a regular passenger and meeting other members at events. She now knows most of the Esprit varients and recognises other peoples cars etc. Think a lot of this is due to the great social events and been taken to nice hotels...!
  17. I also get the "fuel whiff" so will be investigating the breather pipe, Agreed,the LEW guide is well worth reading before getting stuck in! .
  18. Near the number 2 marker board!
  19. How about chasing around in one of these....!
  20. Well done you lads and lasses(showing my roots there!) Nearly got car on Club Lotus stand courtesy of Lotusbits, but prolem was solved eventually
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