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  1. Thank you to everyone for your help. I've now bought one from a lovely chap on here called David alfa2Evora so I'm very happy... The forum comes up trumps again....😁👍
  2. It was missing when I bought the car over 6 years ago. It was a Lotus owned for the first 5 year's of its life so it got left off the car(probably as they couldn't be bothered to keep taking it one or off..😆). I did write to the factory years ago asking if they had one, they did write back but said unfortunately there wasn't one to be found on site...
  3. I've finally thought it was time to buy a engine cover for my N/A. I know there's one on eBay but there's a few marks on it and the guy won't budge on the price last time I offer(to be fair it was a while ago) but I'd sooner buy from a owner or ex owner. Cheers..
  4. Hello Mate

    I saw the picture on the low loader...….😢😢 when I went round to see the Birds last night..... Gutted for you mate especially as she's the sister car to mine as well(AU60)…..😢 . I heard it needed a lot of work though so you took the offer, bet it still doesn't make it easier though...

    What now, sticking with just the Elan or fancy a 400...

    Cheers mate

    COYS tonight...


  5. I know its been put on here loads of times, petrol garage scenario... but I just had my first big one. First guy comes over and says "Lotus Evora, that's well cool... can I take a few pictures..." No problem I said. Then another guys comes out the garage and says"that is lovely, I bet that will keep it's value".... to which I replied I hope so.... By now pretty much the whole forecourt is now staring at the car ....☺. I have to say though although it was a bit embarrassing, the whole experience was a positive one with positive reactions, and to be honest i loved it really.....😁 it does make me wonder how many other exotica gets a reaction like that.....🤩
  6. Whilst give her a clean today inside I noticed the rear veiw mirror looks terrible. The lacquer has has come off all round the edges underneath so it looks like it's cracked all round. Is the mirror off something else🤞 or a bespoke Lotus part....
  7. I did see these on eBay. They look really well made and it's the right section I need. Just wondered if they are just a mat or do they have the extra foam so it makes them inline with the rest of carpet...🤔
  8. I've notice drivers side carpet has shrunk over a period of time and now there is quite a considerable gap just underneath the pedals. I think this may have been caused by dampness as there's white marks on the edge of the carpet. Does anyone know a company in the UK that could make me a new piece.
  9. Totally agree with you Dan. I'm in London(Spitalfields Market) 6 nights a week and my 14 plate Vivaro(which I probably would change by then)and my 65 plate Berlingo which I bought 6 months ago that are to old and will be subject to the charge.... and like you said, most of the vehicles that go into that market to be fair are old scrappers because probably it's not cost effective for them to change to a 35k sprinter to do one job...... he's going to reuin alot of businesses.....🤬
  10. How cool though is this..... the fact that over 30 years on people still remember these exact cars. Shows what a impression Lotus leaves on you. Oberviously Lotus has never been a massed produce car company, but the fact that so many cars they have produced, they are either remembered by previous owners or they knew someone that owned that car. It just makes all of them that little bit more special....
  11. Just a normal registration issued to car to the untrained eye, but those in the know will know it's a Norfolk car which means it's probably(and it has as at the 70th I was spotted by a ex worker at the factory)have links to the factory. So for that reason it won't be getting a private plate as I feel like the car already has one...
  12. Yes, your right....He had a Gordini Turbo which he bought brand new in 84 after trading in his Elite and part ex for this GT Turbo... it was one of the first in the country though... pearl white😁
  13. In the summer of 1986 when I was meer 12 year old I remember going to Norfolk Motor Company with my Mother and Father. My dad was going to take the plunge again and buy another Lotus. In the showroom was a ice blue Esprit S3 with a private plate. After a morning there and sitting in that Essex Turbo and trying to convince my father to buy it he walk away leaving a small deposit on the Esprit. Unfortunately it never arrived because being at the time he owned a Renault 5 Gordini Turbo, and then a week after seeing the Esprit the local Renault salesman just happened to pop round with there ex demo car which he ended buying.... I suppose it was more practical in the end and it was cool in the hot hatch world, but Ive never forgot that Oh so nearly Esprit....😫
  14. Looks like the penny has dropped..... now saying sorry no description on the adverts.. I bet though it's caught some people out if they emailed the address that they was giving out, but hopefully not.....SCUMBAGS.....🤬
  15. I've just looked on EBay(UK version)and the first 20 cars for sale when you go on New listed are all for sale for 3k. They've all got the same description, and using old pictures of cars that have been for sale before..... BIG SCAM obviously.... please beware...😕
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