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  1. Totally agree with you Dan. I'm in London(Spitalfields Market) 6 nights a week and my 14 plate Vivaro(which I probably would change by then)and my 65 plate Berlingo which I bought 6 months ago that are to old and will be subject to the charge.... and like you said, most of the vehicles that go into that market to be fair are old scrappers because probably it's not cost effective for them to change to a 35k sprinter to do one job...... he's going to reuin alot of businesses.....
  2. How cool though is this..... the fact that over 30 years on people still remember these exact cars. Shows what a impression Lotus leaves on you. Oberviously Lotus has never been a massed produce car company, but the fact that so many cars they have produced, they are either remembered by previous owners or they knew someone that owned that car. It just makes all of them that little bit more special....
  3. Just a normal registration issued to car to the untrained eye, but those in the know will know it's a Norfolk car which means it's probably(and it has as at the 70th I was spotted by a ex worker at the factory)have links to the factory. So for that reason it won't be getting a private plate as I feel like the car already has one...
  4. Yes, your right....He had a Gordini Turbo which he bought brand new in 84 after trading in his Elite and part ex for this GT Turbo... it was one of the first in the country though... pearl white
  5. In the summer of 1986 when I was meer 12 year old I remember going to Norfolk Motor Company with my Mother and Father. My dad was going to take the plunge again and buy another Lotus. In the showroom was a ice blue Esprit S3 with a private plate. After a morning there and sitting in that Essex Turbo and trying to convince my father to buy it he walk away leaving a small deposit on the Esprit. Unfortunately it never arrived because being at the time he owned a Renault 5 Gordini Turbo, and then a week after seeing the Esprit the local Renault salesman just happened to pop round with there ex demo car which he ended buying.... I suppose it was more practical in the end and it was cool in the hot hatch world, but Ive never forgot that Oh so nearly Esprit....
  6. Looks like the penny has dropped..... now saying sorry no description on the adverts.. I bet though it's caught some people out if they emailed the address that they was giving out, but hopefully not.....SCUMBAGS.....
  7. I've just looked on EBay(UK version)and the first 20 cars for sale when you go on New listed are all for sale for 3k. They've all got the same description, and using old pictures of cars that have been for sale before..... BIG SCAM obviously.... please beware...
  8. I've already put a post on Facebook on the Lotus 70th page. Basically me and my misses decided to take some pictures and videos of everyone entering the track, you might have seen us standing there as entered the long straight(Mansell strraight if I'm correct)Where everyone did 15mph... I've started uploading them on YouTube under "Lotus arriving at Hethel test track 70th". My misses was taking pics as well which she said when she gets time she will go through them and edit them. The first pic and video we took was at 08:23 and was a red Esprit SE high wing and the last car we shot was a yellow Evora 400 at roughly 09:21. If you did arrive between those times there's a good chance we've captured you. My internet at home is a bit slow so I'm uploading them at work, I've still got some more to but I should be done by the end of the week..... @martynv I definitely got you..
  9. Just a quick one, don't know if mentioned this but how posh we're those toilets..... There not cheap to hire, no dodgy porter loos. Music and ambient lighting and the smelly hand wash, my misses wanted to pinch a bottle... Looks like Lotus really has got money now...
  10. As the others said thanks for a fantastic day Bibs and all the others involved to make it such memorable day. Right from start to finish... Also because arrived early me and my misses decide to film and take pics of the cars coming in on the track, some of might have notice. When she gets time she will go through them and put on her website and put up a link. Have to say what I've seen there are pretty good. Quote of the day though... go out onto the track on that big long straight(and tight right hander if you were early enough)and keep to 15mph......
  11. As planned I went to the bridge, I think some of you saw me, hoped the flag help although the wind didn't as it got in some of the filming. I was getting a few hoots and waves from other drivers, must have been Lotus fans. I've uploaded them on YouTube under "Lotus 70th M11 northbound to Hethel". Apologies though for some dodgy camera work, David Bailey I'm not... Hope some of you spot yours cars... I certainly enjoyed it... Cheers
  12. If you take to long you wanna hope I don't need one, being on a bridge as well.... 🌨
  13. I'll head up there for 2pm, you've got to come through at some point.... just hope its not peaing down... Cheers DanE Steve1
  14. I've notice there's a convoy from Birchanger Green services tomorrow lunchtime and what I would love to do is film you lot going up the M11 from a bridge. The M11 virtually runs right through my village(Elsenham) to which there are 2 bridges. These are roughly about 5 miles from the services heading North bound. The one I will be on is a pedestrian bridge about which is the 3rd overhead bridge you come as you start to go up a the hill. It would be great to film a load of you with some tooting and lights flashing(the slower the better although not Driving Miss Daisy slow). I might try and get my misses to take some pics as well if she's about, (she's a professional wedding photographer don't you know and has already done a Lotus Wedding(GST)……. If this convoy is still on then let me know, and about 10 mins before you leave the services text me so I can get there as its a 10 min walk or 5 min bike ride from my house. Save given my number out to everyone if someone wants to PM and I'll send it to you one of you so you can text me when your leaving.... Roll on Saturday.....
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