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  1. Evening guys, I’m generally a purist when it comes to the aesthetics of the Esprit but I do love the flares on the front bumper!!! Are they lotus or after market... and if so, where could I pick some of those up... if I so wished???? cheers Mark
  2. Cheers Steve... will take her for a Spin tomorrow and feed back. Mark Looking much better after a night on all 4 tyres.... 65mm gap between tyre and sill. I would imagine it will drop a little more after a drive and another few more days. cheers Mark
  3. Removed the 12mm damper spacer and adjusted the ride height by jacking up that corner whilst all other wheels were on the ground (just had lift of the other rear wheel) but it still looks high to me and I have managed to lower it by around 12mm.
  4. Thanks Phil, chassis is sitting 195mm above the ground but the gap between top of tyre and wheel arch sill is 110mm.. which looks way too tall.
  5. Hi all, just about to try to set the ride height of my Turbo SE but cannot find any reference on the internet in relation to what the gap between the tyre and wheel arch sills should be front and rear. I also have some G cars to do in the future. Does anyone on here happen to know this information for each of the main variants?? What would the factory spec be with standard wheels, tyres and suspension? Would be nice to have this as a reference for anyone else looking for this in the future too. Cheers Mark P
  6. Cheers guys, sounds like the Chinese need to improve before I consider them a competitive option then!!!
  7. Evening guys, has anyone tried any of the Chinese radiators from EBay??? just shopping around for one and they look tempting... but not sure about quality!!! cheers Mark
  8. Wow Richard, that what incredibly generous of you! If Dunc isn't interested then I certainly could be (i have x2 SE's). Although; I should say, you could have made a few £££ if you stuck them on EBay.. Cheers Mark
  9. Out of curiosity.... what did it go for?
  10. Ebay auction it in March - April..... people come out of winter hibernation; looking for a project.
  11. I might be speaking out of turn here but from my experience; the DVLA don’t seem to get involved with insurance write off’s unless they are complete write off (I.e. scrap). Declared history always seems to make a difference to prices (normally knocks about a third of the value off). I always think it is a shame that it detracts from the car (especially when it has been properly repaired) but that seems to be the market. If you want more information; you can contact the HPI company and they can give you some details (I actually managed to reverse the history on my car as the insurance company never paid out; so worth asking).
  12. So finally got around to purchasing an o2 sensor (used from lotus bits) and hey presto every thing seems to have settled down. Obviously was the o2. got the car MOT’d on Monday and can start to put some miles on her. thanks again for your help!
  13. Evening gents, tried cleaning the sensor and connections in the vein hope of reviving it... alas; it would appear that this unit is dead!! other than SJ; are there any other alternatives which members would recommend? cheers mark
  14. Then why advertise it????
  15. Hi Chaps, map sensor was plugged in. I have pulled out the o2 sensor and it looks pretty clean and unmolested. Is there any test that can be performed on the sensor at all? Cheers Mark
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