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  1. Out of curiosity.... what did it go for?
  2. Ebay auction it in March - April..... people come out of winter hibernation; looking for a project.
  3. I might be speaking out of turn here but from my experience; the DVLA don’t seem to get involved with insurance write off’s unless they are complete write off (I.e. scrap). Declared history always seems to make a difference to prices (normally knocks about a third of the value off). I always think it is a shame that it detracts from the car (especially when it has been properly repaired) but that seems to be the market. If you want more information; you can contact the HPI company and they can give you some details (I actually managed to reverse the history on my car as the insurance company never paid out; so worth asking).
  4. So finally got around to purchasing an o2 sensor (used from lotus bits) and hey presto every thing seems to have settled down. Obviously was the o2. got the car MOT’d on Monday and can start to put some miles on her. thanks again for your help!
  5. Evening gents, tried cleaning the sensor and connections in the vein hope of reviving it... alas; it would appear that this unit is dead!! other than SJ; are there any other alternatives which members would recommend? cheers mark
  6. Then why advertise it????
  7. Hi Chaps, map sensor was plugged in. I have pulled out the o2 sensor and it looks pretty clean and unmolested. Is there any test that can be performed on the sensor at all? Cheers Mark
  8. Cheers Derek, that’s great advice! At least I have a clear path now! i’ll let You know once I have completed the process and hopefully have her MOT’d by next week!!! thanks for all your help guys.
  9. Wow!!!! That’s what I get for buying an cheaper after market version!!!!
  10. The o2 levels looked to be ok up until point of stalling.
  11. Thanks Derek, is the HEGO sensor the O2 sensor? would this indicate that the O2 sensor is malfunctioning or could there be another reason for it not to be reading correctly (it was an engine out c service which meant all the exhaust system was dismantled and then refitted)? Cheers Mark
  12. Thanks Barry, yes restarts but only running for around 30 secs every time I restart it whilst warm. cheers mark
  13. Hi Guys, It feels like I am re-living ground hog day...... So I recently completed a C service on the Esprit Turbo SE. Had a few issues but overcame them... I have just one issue left! As the title suggests; the car idles great for around 5 mins but then as soon as it goes to closed loop the engine starts to struggle before finally stalling. No engine management lights illuminated until it finally stalls. Please see attached File..... I cannot see anything untoward but I am hoping that someone might be able to cast their eyes over it and quickly ascertain what the problem could be. Your help on this would be greatly appreciated!!!! Cheers Mark 091118a.csv
  14. Hi, it was literally a crusted up earth. Pain in the arse pulling off the bumper but completed it in less than a day. cheers mark
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