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  1. Thanks, I was hoping to see where the P clips were positioned on the chassis.. Mark
  2. Hi guys, has anyone got a photo they could share with me roughly showing the path the speedo takes from gearbox to speedo on an 88 - 92 (SE)??🙏 I have just bought a two piece cable and followed the way the previous cable ran… but I think this might have been replaced previously and doesn’t look standard!!🤔 x 2 p clips on the chassis apparently!! Cheers Mark
  3. I think the 2 piece might have something to do with the larger rear wheels???? Cheers Mark
  4. Cheers.. I have a single piece one currently that appears long enough... strange how they went from one piece to two pieces...
  5. Cheers. i’ll pull out the inner part and inspect. just out of interest; you can purchase a one piece or two piece cable... are these interchangeable and is there any benefit over using either one?? Mark
  6. Cheers. i’ll pull out the inner part and inspect. Mark
  7. Good morning Gents, Just a quick question; hopefully!!! I have just had my speedometer blow up (the needle started going haywire and then the spring behind it unravelled). Luckily I have a replacement and put that in but again the needle seems to be jumping up and down quite a bit. Can a faulty or rough cable damage a speedo, any advice on where to get my broken one fixed.... and is anyone on here selling a Speedo that they are sat on (just in case my second one is actually faulty too)? Cheers Mark
  8. I owned this up until last year... speak to Mike at Lotus Bits... I believe he sold it to someone..
  9. Cheers guys, Talking to the seller ATM. Mark
  10. Hi everyone, Anyone using one of these? Tempted by the price but concerned about reliability... Cheers Mark
  11. Thanks Malcolm, Gratefully received!! Cheers Mark
  12. Hi Malcolm, Yes please if they are still going??? Could I be cheeky and ask for two sets???... I have x 2 SE’s!!! cheers mark
  13. Hahaha... that sounds like something Steve would say!!! The problem is I’m not a big fan of the pink a blue aeroquip fixings...
  14. Thanks guys, might see if there are any plans from the independents to remanufacture these. Ian, I quite like your solution!👍 cheers Mark
  15. Afternoon all, Has anyone had any success finding alternative fuel lines (they look to be Nylon) that feed the fuel rail?? I was looking at SJ’s and can’t find them so believe that at least some may now be obsolete??? They certainly seem to be bent in some funny shapes and look to be heat shrunk onto the respective connectors. Has anyone tried to replicate these at all? cheers Mark
  16. Evening guys, I’m generally a purist when it comes to the aesthetics of the Esprit but I do love the flares on the front bumper!!! Are they lotus or after market... and if so, where could I pick some of those up... if I so wished???? cheers Mark
  17. Cheers Steve... will take her for a Spin tomorrow and feed back. Mark Looking much better after a night on all 4 tyres.... 65mm gap between tyre and sill. I would imagine it will drop a little more after a drive and another few more days. cheers Mark
  18. Removed the 12mm damper spacer and adjusted the ride height by jacking up that corner whilst all other wheels were on the ground (just had lift of the other rear wheel) but it still looks high to me and I have managed to lower it by around 12mm.
  19. Thanks Phil, chassis is sitting 195mm above the ground but the gap between top of tyre and wheel arch sill is 110mm.. which looks way too tall.
  20. Hi all, just about to try to set the ride height of my Turbo SE but cannot find any reference on the internet in relation to what the gap between the tyre and wheel arch sills should be front and rear. I also have some G cars to do in the future. Does anyone on here happen to know this information for each of the main variants?? What would the factory spec be with standard wheels, tyres and suspension? Would be nice to have this as a reference for anyone else looking for this in the future too. Cheers Mark P
  21. Cheers guys, sounds like the Chinese need to improve before I consider them a competitive option then!!!🤔
  22. Evening guys, has anyone tried any of the Chinese radiators from EBay??? just shopping around for one and they look tempting... but not sure about quality!!! cheers Mark
  23. Wow Richard, that what incredibly generous of you! If Dunc isn't interested then I certainly could be (i have x2 SE's). Although; I should say, you could have made a few £££ if you stuck them on EBay.. Cheers Mark
  24. Out of curiosity.... what did it go for?
  25. Ebay auction it in March - April..... people come out of winter hibernation; looking for a project.
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