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  1. If my Rangie sells, I'll be over for a gander if you've still got it.....
  2. pwd95


  3. pwd95

    castle combe

    Trouble is, I really want an Esprit Turbo now, again. Boyhood dream etc. Does anyone know if Mr Bullock sold his White one? I forgot to take his number. He didn't want to p/ex with a Chimaera...
  4. pwd95

    castle combe

    Made the morning.... great turn out by the looks.
  5. pwd95

    castle combe

    Can anyone pop along & watch?
  6. Managed to get hold of a pair of Exige rear coilovers & fitted them last night. Wow, what a difference. These are going to be perfect for me. ......
  7. The lack of response tells me that everyone is perfectly happy with their set up. Witch confirms that the standard Exige setup with maybe the 340 geo will be more than enough. Here's a few pics of my neighbor's Exige from 2 yrs ago when he took me around the Brecons & the Black mountain & demonstrated that the laws of Physics can be sssssssssstttrreched beyond any human understanding of them.
  8. That's a really usefull site. Thanks very much. Rear dampers are showing the same part number Elise/Exige s2/Europa. Marvellous.
  9. Hi all, quick question if I may. I'm looking to replace the coilovers on the back of my VX220 Turbo & was wondering about the techy similarities/differences between the various Elise/Exige/Europa rear coilivers. Not long bought the car & was going to go Nitrons in the new year but the rears have started to leak quite badly so looking to swap out some 2nd hand originals for now. Need to widen my availability so to speak. Thanks.
  10. Had my TVR Wedge wheels done at Renowheel. Top job by a man who knows his onions.
  11. I know what I need to do... Sell the Chimaera, get a little runaround & wait for the right car............... How's yours then? P.S. Hopo, you have my dream car. But then any S3 Turbo would be my dream car...
  12. Hi Mike. Saw your Ad over the last few weeks. Soooo tempting for me. Still got the Chim though. Ha. Good luck Wyn
  13. Figures for the Ultima at the bottom of this page.....
  14. I could work on those chassis for a very long time indeed...
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