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  1. Change up for me, I want the manifold without the external wastegate!!!!
  2. Without doubt its great but it can save me easy $600 US. To me its worth the wait. If it was a couple of yrs ago, it would have been installed by now but hard times have hit so I have to be a little more careful of my spending
  3. I called to buy in my own but wow. Too rich for my blood right now. I tried to buy in the group buy but it was too late
  4. Thank God I am in no hurry so hoping a new group buy could done with Alunox could be started.
  5. Hey Mark, Thanks for your help. The thing that I am looking for along side more power is reducing turbo lag even if I have to go with a smaller turbo. I like the external wastegate option. I will have to make up my mind.
  6. I need your opinion on if its worth getting the external wastegate or not. Any thoughts?
  7. I have been off the lotus forums for some 10 yrs now. I still have my 91 se and it was finally finished being restored. Now its about time that i do some new upgrades to my car. I am sure that this offer is over but if it isn't, please let me know.
  8. I was also going to cut out the rear screen under the bumper and mount the diffuser under the bumper which will raise up at the rear bumper instead of staying flat at the rear.Hope that made sense. Sorry, I see it now. I had it backwards. How did you figure out where to put in those 2 vents?
  9. Changes, WOW did you do a lot of research and great fabrication work. My thought where to start the aluminum in the middle of the car and back. I was going to keep the from bottom stock. I see also that you put vents in front of the car not under the engine, is that correct? Do you want to visit the states some day?????? I live 40 minutes form NYC...
  10. Thanks for those pages. You did an amazing job on your car. I did something like you did. I did the head,cam,adjustable cam gear,no cat and now Garrett is building me a new turbo which will be a bit smaller for much better throttle response but it will have a lot more power as well. All new technology. I didn't see the lower valance though.
  11. Changes, PERFEC!!!! That is what exactly what I want to do!! Do you have a template that I may see to work off of so I know where to put in those underside vents. You did a great job!!
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