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  1. I'm sure some of you have already noticed and wondered what was going on so I thought I'd post up here that my S3 is forsale. A couple of changes in circumstances have changed my plans and in order to take advantage of the changes (turn them into oportunities) I've decided after alot of soul searching, to put my Esprit on the market. The biggest change (after the Esprit sale of course) is a house move which will happen is July this year. I thought I'd be more upset but to be honest I'm looking forward to the opportunties and what lies infront (I'm concincing myself here too! PMA and all
  2. I still have the bonnet and tailgate seals available! And the new wiper blade
  3. Hi all, Thanks for all the comments, I think all the questions have been answered in one way or another. One thing, Slewthy is correct, they are actually plactic carrier strips for the doors, I replaced both of mine and got them from Paul Matty. The waist band trim is now sold but the tailgate and bonnet seals are still up for grabs. I've also just finished fitting a Citreon C1 wiper are to my car, top modification BTW, I'd already bought a new wiper for the Esprit arm and it's now surplus to requirements, anyone want the wiper blade for the cost of shipping? First to shout gets i
  4. Completely agree, wheel straps are 100% safe and are the best choice for securing the car being transported. I've trailered multiple cars for thousands of miles having competed in rallying for years. Wheel straps are by far the best way to secure a car to a trailer as they allow the trailered car to still benifit from it's own suspension rather than being compressed and stressing suspension mount points for miles and miles. One other tip, I know this won't effect you this time Simon but while we are on the topic of trailering a car, if you have a car on a trailer always always leave the
  5. Hi all, I just listed some bits I have let over from my S3 restoration that I won't need now. The ad I don't check the forsale section that often so for those that are just like me I've double listed (Sorry Bibs) and put a post in here too. They are new parts (waist band trim, Bonnet and tailgate seals), if it helps get another Esprit looking a fraction smarter I'll gladly take a hit on the price. Cheers David
  6. I don't know if he will join here, I'll certianly mention here to him!
  7. No 61 is sold. I went down to have a look at the car this afternoon and for a completely original car (non restored) it is very tidy. Only a very small amount of spider cracks in the gel coat on the drivers side wing, the rest of the body was perfect. The JPS decals looked their age but they are original and I'd be tempted to say were better for being left alone. Mechnically the car was sound from what I got to see and interior wise the car was very good for the age and original. everything was there and nothing was damaged. Turned out the some one I know from my rallying days has b
  8. I didn't like to comment on the price as I'm a relative 'newby' (only 12months Esprit ownership so far) but I thought this was keenly priced for what it is and given the rarety value and popularity of the model. If the history, miles and condition are as good as it says some one will get a lovely car. I'm thinking of going up to have a look, I've not been up close and personal with a JPS. It's only 25miles away from me, if I get up there I'll put a verdict on the forum.
  9. I spotted this and thought that I'd post it up here if anyone is interested in it. I don't know the seller or the car but if someone from the forum wants to view it I'd be happy to help out if I can, maybe pick them up from the airport and take them to the car. Just pm me! Looks neat enough and the miles are low too! Jps advert
  10. I've done just under 400 miles in mine since I purchased it in February 2009. The car has been off the road since April '09 so I'm hoping to have many happy miles in 2010
  11. The only leather replaced was on the seat and the top of the dash. There were quite a few repairs carried out on the leather though, most notably on the drivers side door handle. The repairs were mostly done by glue and some kind of flexable filler the guy used. Once dry it could be coloured like the rest of the leather and it is a top job in 99% of the places. The only other leather work was the leather strip and the bottom of the windscreen. This was done with the same leather used in the seat re-trim dyed to match and then I stuck it in place using contact adhiesive. For anyone intereste
  12. Hi Trevor, I paid a guy to repair and re dye the leather, and another guy to re-trim the leather on the seats. I dismantled and re-fitted everything and fitted the new carpets. I guess I did the most of it but for the specialist stuff I got some help. I had some dyeing to do myself, I didn't have the gear lever gaiter or the carpet set when the leather work was being done. Everything matches very well, leather round the seat belt, hand brake leather etc. Knowing what I know now I'd probably have dyed the leather myself but a professional finish always helps. Thanks for all the positive
  13. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice. I was thinking about getting one of the numerous 'cheap' gps trackers that are around. I have two jobs for it and as such it needs to be fairly good quality. The first job is to retreive the car (my Esprit in this case) after a potential theft. I'm aware that these types of trackers can be jammed and it's for this reason I may end up having a proper 'Tracker' unit fitted as after a chat with them they can't be jammed, they claim. But the cost and continued subscription puts me off, especially when the car is locked in a garage most of the time. The
  14. So I'm finally there! Some final cleaning, a trip to the garage to get the headlight and steering alignment set and then it's an MOT and I'm ready for the road. It's taken a bit longer than I'd imagined it would, especially this last interior stage, every job I went to do seemed to reveal another two jobs that had to be sorted first!. But I'm there now and it's been worth spending the extra time to get everything right as the result is jaw dropping even if I do say so myself, I'm very pleased with how it has turned out. I've pasted some before and after pictures so you can see the change
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