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    Dream vehicle = pagani zonda c12
  1. Ash

    New friend?

    yea, have you heard of the new pagani zonda r clubsport????? its has about 750 hp but its top speed isnt confirmed yet, ive fallen in love with it but it costs 1.5 million!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. well, that answered my question.................and by the way, do you know any porsche showrooms by any chance???
  3. i wonder if every car has a crank sensor. crank sensor!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????
  4. hmmmmmm, a crank sensor......
  5. Ash

    New friend?

    remember that dirty yellow esprit at the sleg's event. it was dirtyr than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. at least all the other cars like your were clean. if i had a lotus id keep it clean. (never get a scratch literally)
  6. Ash

    New friend?

    well, bibs is the only one that actually has a gold stripe down the middle i am trying to upload my profile picture but it says "please contact a board administrator" ?????????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. Ash

    New friend?

    Hello everyone, some of you may remember me from the SLEG's Brighton meet, it was nice to see so many nice cars. The other day I was lucky enough on the way to ASDA's i saw a Shelby GT500KR. i recognised it by the pagani like exhaust at the back.
  8. Ash

    u rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. cool, soz i commented on myself LOL

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