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  1. Thanks @Bibs. Nice article. Clive is looking a bit thinner and older. Hope he’s well?
  2. A taste of their own medicine? 😁
  3. @Bibs and @mik you’ve both got too much time on your hands. 😂
  4. I took my Elise there some years ago via Santander. Absolutely no problem with it, but you might want to ask the official to assist boarding if necessary. The ramp was pretty flat when I boarded. Please drive the roads around Picos National Park. Stunning! I was out all day on them. Enjoy.
  5. @NedaSay I alluded to this in my July 5th post last year.
  6. Many happy returns Mike.
  7. I only use Esso Synergy Supreme + Unleaded 97. It's Ethanol free (unless anyone knows to the contrary) with the exception of the following areas: Devon, Cornwall, Teeside area and Scotland.
  8. At 5:49 it shows the Lotus badge. It has NYO on it. Any ideas anyone?
  9. I hope they sell loads, before the mother of all market crashes comes!
  10. Sounds logical enough? EV for electric vehicle. Don’t know about the ija though.
  11. Royal

    Selling up

    😂 Thanks and yes, definitely happy plans. As we all know, Lotus is special but we all have our favourite ones. Blue happens to be my favourite colour in all things.
  12. Royal

    Selling up

    Hi Mike, and thanks. It’s a real wrench, but can’t be avoided. I am in no rush but it has to go. Future plans etc.
  13. Royal

    Selling up

    I have to part with my beautiful Esprit S4S. It's Azure blue with Magnolia interior only 47,000 miles. I'll put it in the Classifieds here shortly, but just wanted to let you good folk on here know first. Martin.
  14. So sad to hear this. He was such an influential part of the Jaguar company, and responsible for testing and developing so many of their great cars. I have his book, Norman Dewis of Jaguar - Developing the Legend. He even signed it for me. I was only thanking him mentally this morning, for such a wonderful machine, while I was giving my Series 3 Daimler Double Six a run out. R.I.P Norman, and thank you.
  15. Hi Chris. No, I'm in Hampshire, a little south of Basingstoke.
  16. Hi Chris. As Ian says, B20. Azure Blue is the colour of my car. To add, it can look a purple hue in sunlight.
  17. Etna (they already have this) Ecole Enforcer Energie Exaltant Exocet Sticking to the French words as most of the Lotus names are anyway.
  18. Yes, he was. Advisory capacity or something? Someone will confirm, I’m sure.
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