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  1. @stephenwhyte 😲🥺I need to check my memory Stephen! I only sold it 2 years ago. You’re quite right of course, 1995.
  2. Sorry, 1994 M registration. M422 LPB
  3. @stephenwhyte - Yes, mine was 1992. The only blemish I can see on this one is the wear on the right bolster of the drivers seat. Otherwise a beauty. Bit “toppy” on the price I agree, but I’d buy it and re-commission it.
  4. I owned an S4S identical to this one. I'm sure the S4S decals were standard fitting in both quarter window glass. Why would anyone remove these? Is this an S4S? The picture of the engine bay shows the "Sport" plate fixed on top. The colour of the plate is different to the rocker covers. The interior shows no map pocket on the tunnel on the drivers side, which I believe was standard. I had one on the passenger side tunnel carpet also. Maybe a check with Graham to confirm it really is an S4S.
  5. My sentiments, although I don’t own an Evora.
  6. He looks like he’s conducting an orchestra, not doing a car review.
  7. Maybe it’s a generational thing? I’m 71 and also ex forces.
  8. On his salary, Windle could afford a better fitting jacket. He looks like a bag of the proverbial!
  9. Very sad to hear this. Condolences to Clive, family and friends.
  10. Great chat. Thanks for posting Bibs.
  11. Just watched a video from Harry’s Garage. He’s at Hethel choosing his spec for the Emira.
  12. Thanks @Bibs. Nice article. Clive is looking a bit thinner and older. Hope he’s well?
  13. A taste of their own medicine? 😁
  14. @Bibs and @mik you’ve both got too much time on your hands. 😂
  15. I took my Elise there some years ago via Santander. Absolutely no problem with it, but you might want to ask the official to assist boarding if necessary. The ramp was pretty flat when I boarded. Please drive the roads around Picos National Park. Stunning! I was out all day on them. Enjoy.
  16. @NedaSay I alluded to this in my July 5th post last year.
  17. Many happy returns Mike.
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