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  1. That for me, was the best all-round Lotus meet I've been to! Weather was perfect too. I was able to chat briefly to Bob Dance, and he said the purest F1 race car in the line of beauties (for him) was the 32B. No extras, no wings etc. Nice to see you again Bibs, and your efforts as always, are appreciated.
  2. Iain, your car deserves a spread in the Absolute Lotus magazine!
  3. Thanks Bibs. Looks like you might have some spare ones in that mountain of tickets. 😉
  4. Any folk requested tickets from B&C and received them? Jamie assured me of two, but still waiting.
  5. Dan, many thanks for that.
  6. Hi all. I want to get on to page 35 of 75 pages on Random photos etc. How do I do this without tapping back one page at a time please? Martin.
  7. Royal


    The guy hit the nail on the head. All those who voted to remain need to read Christopher Booker’s “The Great Deception”.
  8. For me it started in 1963 when I heard about Jim Clark and Lotus. I was 12 at the time and used to collect all the Lotus picture cards inside the Shredded Wheat boxes. Fast forward to the 90’s and I bought my first Lotus Excel SE, followed by a break, then another Excel SE Next one was the Elise S which I sold to purchase my current Esprit S4S. All 4 have been absolutely faultless, unless you count a headlamp fuse blowing on the first Excel. Would love an Evora!
  9. Thanks for posting a great bit of history. I’m sure we’re all aware that mystery still surrounds where the name Lotus came from. One of the stories is, of course, that it was named after a bathroom fitting. The narrator in the film actually states that is exactly what CC told him. I wonder if it’s true?
  10. Happy Birthday Mike, and thank you for everything you did for Lotus and Jaguar, especially the XJ13. I hope to meet you again at the Festival. Martin.
  11. 9. Make QC a top priority! Should be Number 1 in fact.
  12. Great news Lotus are organising this. I’ll definitely be driving up Bibs.
  13. Hi Bibs. Looking to go on the Sunday, but it’s showing £23.50 not the £15. Oops! Forgot to put the code in. 🙄
  14. A very Happy Birthday Hazel. You look very well, and younger than 91.
  15. Hi Vincent, Thank you very much for the excellent photos and help. I’ll have a look tomorrow and check if the hose is split. My best, Martin.
  16. As per the title, could someone more knowledgeable than I, post a photo of where I can find this please? I would like to check the pipe that connects to this. Car is a ‘95 S4S. Martin.
  17. Hi Martyn, I’ve bought my ticket. Martin- Esprit S4S
  18. Hi Martyn, count me in too please. Esprit S4S Martin.
  19. Yes, I understand it can be difficult, given the massive size of the USA. At least here in the UK we don’t have that problem, although some people would complain having to travel very short distances compared to yourselves. I hope Geely can transform the bad dealers worldwide, and do justice to the cars we all love. Your car, in that combination, looks just fabulous. I hope you have many years of enjoyment in it.
  20. That’s atrocious service! No way would I have accepted a new car in that condition.
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