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  1. Hi Alan. When is it? Yes, it would be good to meet up again at Henley. Great to meet everyone last time. Martin.
  2. Very sad to hear this. I was very lucky to have sat next to him at dinner after attending a driving course at Hethel in 2007. Fascinating to listen to him. Sincere condolences to all his family. Thank you Roger and rest in peace.
  3. Royal


    Finally uploaded a photo of my car.
  4. James, this won't be any consolation, but the other day I was looking at a F430 Scuderia on a 58 plate. (It was being serviced by a friend) The fit and finish was atrocious for a £250,000 car, or thereabouts. Huge door gaps everywhere. Misaligned panels. Crooked seals, loose rear outer light. Very poor paint. Unevenly fitted bodywork. Guess all the money is for the engine and sound. My S4S is perfect in comparison. Martin.
  5. Royal

    F1 sale

    Anybody know the buyer's name?
  6. Cheers Andy, i expect there will be diversion signs everywhere. Think I'll leave earlier than planned.
  7. Anyone know if this is north or south of Brands Hatch?
  8. Got my licence last month and bought a new Triumph Rocket 3. I heard they have stopped producing them, so glad I bought when I did. Can't really call myself a biker. More a trainee biker.
  9. James, congratulations on your acquisition. I had two Excel SE's. First was white with magnolia interior 1989. Second was identical to yours and 1990. I took the white one back to South Africa in the 90's and have seen it since in a place called Plettenberg Bay, sadly a bit of a wreck. Recall getting 36 mpg using the aircon on economy mode. I loved them both and had to sell them very reluctantly, due to moving overseas at separate times. Brilliant all rounder as Anthony's father will attest to. The blue one I had was Pacific Blue, so colour could well be the same as yours.
  10. James, last week I saw an article on the Evora by that imbecile in the Telegraph motoring section, can't recall his surname, first name Andrew. The three cars he compared as alternatives were beyond belief, but two of them were the Westfield 7 and the four pot Morgan. I think the third one was the Ariel Atom. All three of them were actually pictured as alternatives! Where do they find these morons?
  11. Alan, the correct answer is of course, Lots Of Technology Unique Styling.
  12. James, I'm sure in one of my Lotus books it states that the Active Suspension is sold under licence to other motor manufacturers worldwide. Ooops! re-posted by accident. James, I think BMW and Mercedes make use of it on their flagship models. I'll bet there are a few more besides.
  13. James, I'm sure in one of my Lotus books it states that the Active Suspension is sold under licence to other motor manufacturers worldwide.
  14. Hi James, I will be there with my Azure blue/Magnolia S4S. I am displaying it at the Back on Track stand so you will easily locate it. Martin.
  15. Cheers Alan. I'll make a determined effort although I'm at the mercy of other people's timekeeping.
  16. Sod's law! I didn't have my car for the March 5th meet, but had a great time there chatting and looking at all the cars. Now I have my car, I'm not sure if I can get there until quite late. Alan, is there a time limit, or are they open until midday or later? Martin.
  17. IF Trump gets the presidency, he may just change the status quo. He could also, if he tries this, go the same way as JFK. If Clinton gets the presidency, then the USA will continue its hegemony of the world. All in my humble opinion of course.
  18. Hehe. I like that. Made me chuckle. Bit of a pimped ride though.
  19. That was for sale on LEW back in in 2014 by the private owner. I recall looking at it when i was searching for an Esprit. I'm guessing he sold it to a dealer?
  20. Just scanning the list, and noted only 2 S4S's and no Sport 300's on there. Where are all the UK ones? Garage queens?
  21. Hi Jacques, you are quite right about that. However i will change that shortly as she is slim and light. She'll have to shed her clothes, that will make it lighter!
  22. Took the Esprit out for a log run. What a beautiful day to do it! Saw couple of Elise's and waved. Saw three 7's and nothing from any of them.
  23. Silver one turning into Alton off the A339 and the blue one on the A339 as I was headed towards Blazingsmoke. Driver in the blue one spotted me too late. I was in the Esprit.
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