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  1. Hi Glyn, I purchased Castrol TAF-X 75w/90 for my gearbox from Opie Oils last year. I see today, it's about £35 plus VAT and P&P. (for 3 litres) Might be worth checking if Europarts come in cheaper for that. Their Castrol Edge Titanium 10w/60 is a lot cheaper than Opie Oils. Martin.
  2. I believe Colin Chapman went to see the AM works with a view to buying it, but said the work practices were too archaic! Any truth in this?
  3. Strange indeed, but my computer is ancient, as in 20th century. Just bought an Apple Mac, and when I understand how that works, I'll be cooking with oil.
  4. I couldn't. That's why I asked for help! There was no 'reply to this topic' at the top or bottom of the page. I posted a message on the 'Chat' page but that didn't come up. I am assuming my computer is the problem, as tonight, the page is displaying normally. I have added my name accordingly. See you on the 10th.
  5. Hi all, Can anyone tell me how I add my name to the list for this event please? Thank you. Martin.
  6. SCC082910SHA64013 Esprit S4S 1995 Azure Blue/Magnolia with blue piping. Hampshire.
  7. The Azure Blue one at Barry Ely's is £45,000. He has a Nofolk Mustard one at £30,000.
  8. Hardly one of the last. The last ones made were in 1992 and they were a special edition in dark green with matching wheels. They were called the Celebration Edition. I think they made 35 of these. I owned 2 Excel SE's and they were brilliant and ran faultlessly over the years I had them. This one is hugely overpriced.
  9. Hi Brian, Having read the above, I checked my handbook. This is for the S4 and S4s so it may well apply to your car. It states that the car can use octane no lower than 95 and can also use fuel with 10% ethanol in it. Obviously performance will be reduced. So that is reassuring, to a degree. This concern reminds me of a similar problem on the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club website. I have a 1992 Daimler Double Six and asked about the problem of ethanol. Long story short, the Jaguar chap contacted all the major oil companies (this was about 5 years ago), and the only one not to commit to an answer on how much ethanol was in their premium fuel, was Shell. Of the rest, Total, Esso and I think Texaco, did NOT put ethanol in their premium fuel. I don't know if this has changed. I only use Shell V Power Nitro + and have never had a problem in my DD6, or my former car an Elise. I've only had the Esprit a month, so will wait and see. Regarding additives, it's difficult to know how much of it is truth or lies. I googled the subject, and was none the wiser. On balance, I think I'd not put in an additive for the ethanol problem, with the exception being something for the injectors. Kind regards, Martin.
  10. Hi Jacques, In reply to your question, the gent concerned had a rusty original which he then used to have 3 copies made up. He had I think, an Esprit SE and was intending to put the tongues on his car, but never did and sold the car without them. This is where I was fortunate when asking for a set. Whoever made them up did a first class job. This seems to be the answer. They are on their way to my mechanic to be fitted. The common cause for their demise is, I have been told, clumsy garages squashing them. You can only straighten them so many times before they break. My mechanic won't be breaking any of them! He values his life. Best wishes, Martin.
  11. A question for S4 and S4S owners regarding these. I don't have a single jacking point under the car. I note from the history file that one was replaced in '98 by B&C. The service notes show they are held on by two rivets, probably why there are none on the car now. Can any of you confirm that the points should be 'tongues' as per the pics in the manual/service notes please? I have the correct jack with the groove which fits the tongue. Even managed to find a genuine Lotus wheel spanner with name and part number on it! Thank you Lotusbits. Martin.
  12. Lotusbits have come up with a jack/brace/handle. Should be here by the weekend. I'll try lifting a wheel and watch for any skipping! Thanks.
  13. Thanks Derek, I'll see what Bibs comes back with.
  14. Thanks Rich, I was just chatting with Bibs who is trying to source one for me. He also mentioned the 911 one. Great forum this, with so many helpful people.
  15. Nice to see an orderly queue. I'm guessing it will come from a Vauxhall source?
  16. Hi all, Can anyone point me in the direction of a scissor jack, handle and brace please? They are for a S4S. Cheers, Martin.
  17. Hi, How do I get the factory manuals information please? Martin.
  18. Thanks Chris, I'm off to do some sniffing! Martin.
  19. Hi Bibs and Kevin. Bibs, I am giving the work to Jez and Ben at BOT in Guildford. Kevin, thanks for the info and meeting up. I'll update as soon as the jobs are all complete to my satisfaction. One of the changes I am making is a new exhaust. Larini no longer do one for the S4S. That's criminal! Any suggestions on the next best please? Cheers for now, Martin
  20. After searching for topics on tyres, I have found what I need. Michelin Pilot Sport from Result!
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