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  1. Hi all, A question for S4S owners. I checked on Blackcircle tyres website for Michelin front tyres 285/35zr17 but they only offer Hankook and some other make. Is anyone aware if there's a problem with this size from Michelin? Martin.
  2. Hi Pete. Funny how I've never seen your car around. I used to run the Elise throughout the year, as long as the roads in the village were not covered in the usual countryside muck and filth. Been through Dummer quite a lot over the last 8 years. I'd love to have a pint sometime, but I'm in an unusual position and it's difficult to leave the property shall I say! I have a specialist sorted. Also, a paint man and an upholsterer. Sounds serious, but it's not. All cosmetic, but I'm a really fussy person and things have to be perfect. (As much as one can be with a 1995 Esprit).
  3. Thanks for all the help folks. Hi Pete. I pick the car up on Friday. It will be getting a thorough going over by whoever takes it on. I don't expect to be out and about in it for a while, especially with the inclement weather this time of year. Another drawback is the job I'm in. I work weekends and have 2 days off during the week. I hope this will change as I would love to get to some meetings. I'm in Ellisfield by the way.
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    Hi Ramjet and Bibs, Thanks for your input. Following the list of insurers on here, I went for CCI and AIB for quotes. I was with CCI for several years as they always gave me the best/cheapest deal for my Elise S. For my Esprit AIB came up trumps. I told Darren that I got his company from TLF's and also that I was a member with LEW and Club Lotus. This is basically the deal: Fully comprehensive, £150 excess, 3000 miles per year. £198.50. I'll be putting my other cars on with AIB. He's offering 20% discount. He says I owe him a pint if I'm ever in Southampton. I'll buy him a crate!
  5. Hi all, I've checked the insurance topics on TLF and am aware of all the companies. However, is there a company or are there companies that offer a better deal for the Esprit models, specifically an S4S in my case? It's fairly urgent as I'm picking the car up in a few days time. Martin.
  6. Many thanks for the quick reply Bibs. Spoilt for choice now.
  7. Hi all, As per the title. I have bought an S4S and am treating it as a re-commissioning project, so will need someone who specialises in the Esprit. Any recommendations please? Cheers.
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