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  1. @stephenwhyte - Yes, mine was 1992. The only blemish I can see on this one is the wear on the right bolster of the drivers seat. Otherwise a beauty. Bit “toppy” on the price I agree, but I’d buy it and re-commission it.

  2. I owned an S4S identical to this one. I'm sure the S4S decals were standard fitting in both quarter window glass. Why would anyone remove these? Is this an S4S? The picture of the engine bay shows the "Sport" plate fixed on top. The colour of the plate is different to the rocker covers. The interior shows no map pocket on the tunnel on the drivers side, which I believe was standard. I had one on the passenger side tunnel carpet also. Maybe a check with Graham to confirm it really is an S4S. 

  3. 20 hours ago, Spinney said:

    I was very tempted by the Emira when it was first unveiled but then cooled. Since then I keep wondering if I should have dived in but my head has finally won out over my heart. Despite owning an Evora, I’ve never been totally sold on the looks and feel it has quite a few awkward viewing angles on it. The Emira looks, however, I’m completely hooked on and just think it looks so much more resolved than my Evora. 

    As for the Emira interior, I’m not a fan of touchscreens in cars and, lack of oddments storage aside, I actually much prefer my Evora. I realise I’m probably one of the few with that particular view but I just think it’s a nice place to be, with very few distractions. I have managed to concoct some oddments storage of my own, on the outside of each seat base and netting attached to the tunnel on the passenger side, which all helps though. The area where the +2 seats are is obviously useful but not easy to access whilst driving. 

    When all is said and done the Emira, very pretty though it is, just wouldn’t give me any significant improvement over my Evora. And as others have said, I’m sure the rarity value will play it’s part in future Evora values. I desperately want the Emira to be a huge sales success but mainly because I want Lotus, a marque I’ve loved for around 60 years, to grow and prosper. That success, though, will surely have a downward pressure on residuals won’t it?

    My sentiments, although I don’t own an Evora.

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