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  1. screwfix have them but they are only 8 ft (frame the opening to 8 ft ) then clad the frame with d mold pvc or something to match your existing windows /doors
  2. big do at my gaff (in fact every new year) plenty of booze and party games for the adults (all the kids in the x box room ) all the best to everyone on here and to Accrington Stanley fc
  3. fishing on the leeds liverpool canal how boring is that (but i love it) ive caught some amazing things in that canal (dead sheep,bikes,condoms not many fish though )
  4. i dropped my old 88 turbo with the protech springs and dampers( its currently on ebay at the moment) it drove like a pig ,my advice is to stick with the origional spec
  5. 1 hour to sort everything , i am going to get an s3 ,its easy
  6. check all the plugs and sockets agian under the rear wing,and make sure no wiring has been pulled out of the relay box in the rear,i had the same problem when i removed my tank,one of the multi pin connectors had pushed out
  7. just wondered what people are up to tonight,i live just at the bottom of Pendle Hill (infamous for the pendle witches if nobody knows this area) anyway its normally MADDDDDDD around here tonight plenty of ale to be drunk
  8. there used to be an electrical contractor in the bagshot area of Surry called YIP YIP YAHOO ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS dont know if he is still in buisness simon why not try Quality Control Systems/Services
  9. What are the Dragon thingys at the bottom of your page ?
  10. hi Andy was the special a later model
  11. been looking for a project for a couple of weeks,i came across a series 2 lotus europa, bit rough but runs,they really are a bit quirky looking,but unusual as well in my opinion,should i be blacklisted?for turning my back on the esprit which i love so much ( JUST HAD SEVERAL MUGS OF MERLOT) any body know about europas ,europus,europases oh hell back to the winnnnnnnnnnne
  12. off topic sorry but does anyone remember the special brew and the stuff in the black can(ketstell super i think) ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow that was strong
  13. i have to agree with malc,my father worked in japan for some years and always brought SUNTORY back with him very very strong especially after a full bottle (only one i hear Kimbers saying)
  14. ooooooooooow that could get me on ythe wrong side of my missus its mine simon not yours
  15. hi, anyone know if any chassis are left over from the lotus parts sale s2 or s3 , also are there any s2 or s3 body sections out there considering two cars s2 and s3 (both have id but knackered chassis) thinking of doing a full rebuild basically a build from scratch i think i have gone MAAAAAAAD thanks in advance nigel
  16. hi,any one got an s2/s3/s3 turbo,for a full restoration project/body off job cash waiting(cheap) must have v5 anything considered even a write off thanx nigel
  17. its on its way,just make a donation to the forum,when you recieve it,thats if its ok with BIBs
  18. hi guys/gals, just sorting out my garage and found a esprit s2 centre cap(flat silver plate with lotus in the centre) found on speedline wheels free to anyone on LEF/LEW also a centre cap for a OZ NOVA brand new JUST PM ME there thats my good deed done
  19. the incident actually happend earlier on this year,thank god these young animals where 18 +,or it would have been worse for me,they decided to batter an old dear at the end of our estate,and batter her they did,my mistake was going after them with the nearest lump of wood,if i had just used my fists etc i would have got off a little lighter, lawyers certaintly know how to turn things against you, Would i react the same next time?ohhhhhhh yes
  20. hello,ive been away for a while ,got into a bit of a scrape with some local young scroats,the outcome was that i had to teach them a bit of a lesson in respect ,anyways i got dunnnnnnn for it,i can't say too much but i did my time,and now on and upwards i guess,My son has been following a few threads for me and there has been some interesting and unusual goings on. i am now on the lookout for something to restore(back to basics s1,s2,or s3 nigel
  21. we have always used HSBC , ive run a contruction buisness for years now,and you will need double what you think you need,cash flow is a huge problem,if you dont pay your sub contractors on time your in deeep s###
  22. the only gadget i want is a V8 ESPRIT
  23. dare i ask how much and what colour it is Bibs
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