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  1. buccal

    Newbie GT3

    Thanks once again for all the replies, Yup i'm not too keen on the green gt3 colour wise, which i guess is why its been for sale for a while. Re The Chrome Orange one, yes david same car was at a dealer called ALBICO in the preston area. We were all set for driving up and i got a call to say it had gone the night before. The Mrs was gutted as for once i had her on board so it would have been a done deal if it looked reasonable. Shame! Alex
  2. buccal

    Newbie GT3

    Hi, Have any members been to see this car? It seems to have been for sale for ages, well priced, serviced etc etc Any opinions? Alex
  3. buccal

    Black V8 SE1

    Black German registered LHD V8 in London Bridge today. Sounded good through the tunnel!
  4. buccal

    Azzure Blue SE16

    Thats a couple of times i've spotted an Azure blue S4 (i think) on Jamaica road/ rotherhithe tunnel SE16. Brightened up my day no end!
  5. buccal

    Newbie GT3

    I'm struggling to get a grasp on GT3 prices in general. They seem to be anywhere from 13-19k, also a few for sale for over 12months, is that just a credit crunch/recession thing? Finally very few with the carbon seats, they're about a grand to source? Thanks Alex
  6. buccal

    Newbie GT3

    Quick update, sadly the orange GT3 sold to the first viewer, the day before i had arranged to travel up to see it. Thanks again for all the advice, wonder how long it will take for another orange one to come along..........
  7. buccal

    Newbie GT3

    Thanks again, rightly or wrongly i'm a bit scared of the V8 in terms of running costs, reliability etc. Gasman, thanks for the offer will give you a shout if i'm ever in the area. Will probably try and look at the red one at the weekend.
  8. buccal

    Newbie GT3

    Quick update, the GT3 was taken as p/ex at christopher neil (surprised they didn't retail it). I'm awaiting details of the service history though it is def due a cambelt. Anyone near preston?
  9. buccal

    Newbie GT3

    Thanks for the warm welcome and all the replies! I've always fancied a GT3 and can still remember the original autocar review so its hopefully the right time for me to take the plunge. One question is how easy is it to source the "sports" rather than confort seats? i would imagine they don't come along that often on ebay etc. As for maintenance i'm still struggling with lightbulbs so will need to find a local specialist. I'm based in London but am hoping to escape soon (Barry Ely is just down the road from me). Conventionally i would have always gone for the red lower mileage car but as you say its probably different this time and the orange looks sensational Will keep you updated Thanks again Alex
  10. buccal

    Newbie GT3

    Hi everyone, newbie post so don't flame please! I have been on the hunt for an elise but have just fallen in love with this: What do you think in terms of price, running costs and things to look for? Car would be for weekend use only and less than 4000 miles per year. is also very close to me Any thoughts gratefully recieved.
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