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  1. I must be the exception. I can not drive mine for 3 weeks and it will start right up. Nothing special, just a group 24 battery. It's got an alarm and sony stereo. Although it is currently hooked on to a trickle charger because I won't be driving it until March or April.
  2. Very simple. Just remove the screws on the center console storage tray and the center console cover should slip off. There's some velcro holding the front section of it. Slip the cover and leather boot over the shifter knob. To remove the shifter knob, remove the bolts holding the rubber boot and there should be a single pinch bolt holding the shift lever. Loosen the pinch bolt and the shifter should slip right up and out. Good luck.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, it looks like a probe/wire is going into the rad top hose. If it is, then it's a temp restat to control a cooling fan. It looks like maybe there was a problem with the fan control and perhaps someone jury rigged it with an aftermarket controller rather than trying to figure it out. If you need a good paint shop, I just had mine done by a shop that did it right (took everytihing off) at a killer price. Also, he shot it two stage rather than the original single stage paint.
  4. Hey Sounds like your in Sacramento. I'm really close, email me if you have any questions. Maybe we can meet up??
  5. While a lotus follows lots of conventional wisdom there are areas that Lotus beats to it's own drum which is why you REALLY need a manual BEFORE you start playing around with anthing on the engine. Mistakes i.e. wrong line connnected to the wrong thing can cost you dearly $$$$. Get a picture of the vacuum diagram from a manual and save yourself lots of frustration, headaches and $$, and do it right the first time. By the way, the hook up for the boost guage should be the port located in the rear portion of the intake plenum box. NOT the vacuum line going to the turbo waste gate acutat
  6. I would use it. I've never heard of an oil labeled not legal for street use before. Oil does not impact or change emissions standards or safety regulations, which is why many products are labeled not for street use. But if you look at the petigree of the Lotus engines it's blood line is from racing. As far as a wet clutch, there are some clutches that are immersed in oil. A normal clutch (which is what is in the lotus) is a dry clutch. Typical wet clutch applications is a motorcycle, where the clutch plates are in an oil bath. Because the synthetic oils are so slippery, it could pre
  7. The O2 sensor is before the cat so it doesn't matter. But your bypass pipe should have a O2 sensor bong (yes that's what they call it) welded to it otherwise you'll throw off the reading to the computer.
  8. My 90 SE had a problem idling and would die at a traffic light. After fixing serveral problems i.e. plugs, wires, vacuum leaks, IAC, I decided to replace the Memcal. PO had put in a Welch Engineering Chip. I put the stock Memcal in and problem fixed, idles fine but doesn't run as strong with the Welch Chip. Contacted John, Great guy, told him problem he said ship chip back to him. Remember PO purchased Memcal, though maybe John might sell me a replacement memcal at a discount. But NO, He gave me a replacement Memcal, NO CHARGE!! What a great guy!!! But with the new Memcal, it d
  9. Heck if your going to order one from Dave Bean, they're right up the road from me. You might want to check with JAE. I found their prices a little better than Bean on most things. The offer is still open, I can pick one up at Kragen and have it shipped to you with a day. Let me know.
  10. I suspect you got it out. Try a crossreference with a 1990 Chevrolet Berretta with the V6 engine. It's the same pump. You can order the Bosch online from kragen, I'm sure they'll ship to you in Canada. Heck, if you need one, I can go to the local Kragen here in town and ship one to you for the parts plus shipping. Let me know if you need help. Tim
  11. Easy job, but also frustrating. The part number is E3265 from Kragen Auto Parts, or Bosch 69223. The Bosch is supposily a high performance pump. Both are direct plug in. The pump is in the RH fuel tank. Plan on spending some time slumped over the engine. The steps are: Remove the plate covering the computer on the RH side. Unbolt the computer and swing it into the engine compartment. You don't have to disconnect. Disconnect the fuel lines. Take a small punch and hammer and punch the tab on the retaing ring counter clockwise I believe. When the ring is loose, remove the pump. Dis
  12. Dr. Hess has an excellent write up on rebuilding the motors.
  13. before you start into the engine, first start with are you sure the pressure is correct. Hook up a manual guage and check it out. It could be something as simple as a sending unit going bad.
  14. I think JAE sells the pump remanufactured for 275 US. The parts are about 140 US and you need access to a press. Nick the seal or have a worn shaft where the seal won't seal properly, then you'll be doing the job again. Not the most fun job job. So why rebuild it yourself? Also, a tip is to replace the bolt behind the timing belt with an allen head so you don't have to remove the timing belt next time.
  15. Simply put, the tappets are the connection between the camshaft and the valve stem designed to ride along with the camshaft. Without the tappets, the small diameter of the valve stem would wear out the camshaft very quickly. Tappets come in varioius designs from an american v-8 with lifters (also considered tappets) with pushrods and rockers to overhead camshafts with rockers or tappets or in the LOtus engine also called buckets. The lotus engines use a tappets that fit into a sleeve that sits in a housing on top of the valve stem. The camshaft lobes ride on the tappets and as the lob
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