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  1. Pretty much exactly what I ended up doing...drill jig is the way to go. Have seen it done freehand, but would rather use engineering than hope the skillset stretches to that! I have a number of special tools I have made up over the for pressing back the rear caliper pistons painlessly...some for greasing bearings...cylinder liner extractors, etc.etc.
  2. It can be done in to be very careful about swarf and keeping the drilling at 90 deg. to the face. All down to the skill level of the operator...
  3. Try phoning the RSPCA.... worked for me, with a fox....
  4. The otter switch doesn't "trip". When the coolant temperature exceeds it's calibrated value, it simply turns's a bi metallic strip..and when the temperature goes back below, it switches OFF. Nothing to be externally reset... They do go wrong and can fail in the OFF position. Testing it is easy...remove it from the pipe, put a test meter across it and check it is OFF...then put it in a saucepan of water and heat that to boiling point and check it switches ON just before it boils. If that works, the switch is OK...otherwise it needs replacing. Make sure the connections a clean and secure
  5. Talk to Steve at S&J. He has some really great zero thickness a treat.
  6. Logically, of course, you are quite correct. The whole thing has to be coincidental. I still remember my mother saying "But it's GREEN..." and explaining to her that the colour couldn't possibly have any effect, adverse or otherwise. I had bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate the new arrival..."demi sec" as Dad wasn't into really dry wine, and we were sipping this when he remarked that this car would see him out. This was on his birthday, 27th July...and exactly a month later, 27th August, on the evening of the wedding, he collapsed and died. I wasn't there but only found out on my return
  7. My Dad bought a green Renault 16 TX as a 57th birthday present to himself. It was his ideal car...he drove it home and said to me: "This one will see me out".... Mum said..."But it's GREEN..." His heart gave out a month later. On the evening of my brother's wedding. I wouldn't touch a green car with an 11 foot bargepole.
  8. Lots of fuss going on about the floral tributes to the poor dead burglar. His cronies seem to be putting them up, and others tearing them down. The Police have said they should be allowed to remain???!!!!
  9. molemot


    Although the incident DID happen, both of the Hunter photos are faked,'s how...
  10. These gearboxes have some selectors that are not indexed to the selector shafts, iirc. If they aren't in the right places, things could grind together...I have a feeling that reverse gear may be the culprit and the teeth are grinding together. Taking the top off the box is quick and easy and you could then inspect what is going on....good luck.... I've had another listen to the video; don't think it's gears grinding together. I would suggest you try to isolate where the noise is coming from...a mechanic's stethoscope is useful, but you can also use a large screwdriver...put you thumb over
  11. When I had my head sorted back in 1988, we decided core plugs were only there to get the casting core I had then welded over, along with the damage to the mating face where the head had rotted around the manifold studs.... then remachined the stud holes. No problems since!!
  12. Someone forgot todays date....
  13. Start with the rear LH...then rear RH...then front LH and finally front RH. The underneath bloke is in control...take length of rubber hose and fit to nipple. Put end of hose in jamjar with fluid in, make sure it's submerged. Open "Brakes ON!". Inside bod pushes pedal slowly to the floor, and holds it there, calls out "Brakes ON!" Underneath bloke closes nipple and calls "Brakes OFF!" and inside man releases the pedal. Bubbles will have appeared in the fluid in the jar as the pedal is depressed. Repeat process until no further bubbles. Check as you go to ensure that the fluid res
  14. It's enough to make you gibber.....
  15. molemot


    Now due to launch at 2045 UTC, supercooled fuelling under way.....
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