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  1. Allow me to recommend these guys.... Automotive plumbing specialists, I used to live close by. They will make up stuff whilst you wait.....ace.
  2. Diagnosis is always the first thing. Don't go tearing into the gearbox without being confident that you need to!! I had a "failure to start" a couple of days ago; turned the key to the start position and nothing at all happened. No click, no whirr, no nuffing. Tried the same thing with the headlamps on...if it was a bad battery or battery connection, then they would have dimmed due to the increased current and consequent lack of fault there. Took the connectors off the solenoid and put them back on again, wobbled them about to clean the contact between connector and solenoid. had a friend hold the keyswitch in the "start" position and flashed the lead onto the there was volts on the lead. Made no difference, still wouldn't start.... It had become a bit of a hassle, as I was off to France the next I finally let her roll down the hill I was parked on and allowed gravity to do the job, clutch out, select reverse gear (as she was pointing uphill!), clutch in and off she went. Then I drove away.....en route to the boat moorings on the Thames I tried several times, turned the ignition off (careful with the steering lock!), declutched and allowed the rpm to go to zero. Then started her up on the starter, and it worked perfectly 10 times or so. When I got to the moorings, I switched off and she started up again no problem. The following morning it was off to France...she started perfectly and did so all day long. So...."fault not found" safely in my French workshop, and I think I shall treat her to a new starter motor...but not before having a good look at the original(!) My fallback position would have been to connect the main battery feed directly to the solenoid coil and hope that this would provide a bit more oomph to get the solenoid moving.
  3. I don't want to criticise your welding.....but mine is of similar standard, and I'd never try to repair a fuel tank leak. Pressure test and be very critical...make sure it's not leaking, if it ever does, you will wish you had bitten the bullet and fitted new alloy or stainless tanks.
  4. Bought mine in 1988; so thirty years comes up next year.....
  5. Modern petrols leave varnish residue which blocks jets. The jet sizes on an Esprit are marginal, at the low end of possible sizes for the size of engine, so having the varnish reduce the jet diameter even a small amount can cause trouble. I had dreadful misfiring at one point and it was only when I physically cleared the jets with a carefully measured and selected piece of guitar string that I got all the varnish out, I coudldn't find any sort of solvent that would touch it. Once I had them clear, it has been fine ever since.
  6. One theory is the refurbishment fitted plastic cladding to the exterior and that ignited and spread the fire rapidly....whatever it was, fire should never be able to spread at the rate it did in a building of that sort. Also seems that the fire doors to the staircase were open and the stairs filled with smoke. The "advice to residents" signs in the block were to stay in your flat in case of fire....(!) Witnesses describing horrendous scenes... Just awful.
  7. Everyone, everywhere, is biased about this!!
  8. Even when we were under attack by the PIRA and their bombs, there was no immigration control between Eire and Northern Ireland and England,Scotland and Wales. Special Branch were tasked with doing what they could...but there was no effective control. There are already immigration controls on ports and airports in NI, but none on the land border with the south. This situation is one of the things the DUP seek to preserve, they don't want to establish border controls on the land border with Eire...and there are no controls on EU citizens arriving in Eire, so they could just take a bus and go north...and the DUP aren't going to approve of border controls between NI and the rest of the UK. None of this is anything other than horribly complicated and a virtual minefield...and we won't get away with a real minefield these days!!
  9. Actually, it appears that you have the right of residence if you are an EU or EEA citizen and " are a ‘qualified person’ (you’re working, studying, self-employed, self-sufficient or looking for work)" That definition is wide enough to include those not working but looking for work.
  10. Maintaining an open border between Eire and Northern Ireland will instantly provide a back door into the UK for anyone in the EU; not just EU citizens but anyone admitted to the EU from anywhere else. Something for you Brexit types to consider. Also an interesting article from the New York Review of it all appears to others....
  11. Can you get more boost, or is it limited to 5 psi? The engine shaking thing doesn't sound like a turbo problem at matter what the boost, it isn't going to make the engine shake imho. Sounds like you have a problem with the ignition or the fuel system. Try some more it to do with the boost, or the engine rpm? Does it do it with large throttle openings or smaller ones? Do you get it around 3000 rpm, when you try to accelerate gently? Ignition problems can easily cause misfiring, and the old adage "the more you think it's fuel, the more it turns out to be ignition" is often true. Check the plug leads, the plugs, the connectors in the electronic ignition system. It they are all known to be, for instance....then it could be carburetter jets. Modern petrol leaves varnish deposits which cause all sorts of mixture problems. Changing the jets could be an instant cure. The wastegate diaphragm can split...this will result in uncontrolled boost, the boost gauge will go much higher than it should and this is likely to damage the engine. The wastegate can also stick...the valve become immoveable, but the result is the same. Simply blowing down the steel pipe from the turbo to the wastegate will tell you if the diaphragm has split...if it is good, then you won't be able to blow much...if you can keep on blowing then your breath is going somewhere which, in a sealed system,it shouldn't!! As i say, I doubt that the wastegate is causing your problem.
  12. Spacecraft navigation..... this is an interesting read.
  13. After the shooting of the Brazilian illegal John Charles de Menenzes I had been worried that armed Police might be reluctant to take the shot. Fortunately, they did and the attack came to an end speedily. The dummy suicide vests must have wearing a flag saying "SHOOT MEEEEE!" As for deporting suspects...since the recent bunch of terrorists are British citizens...where are you going to deport them to?? Bradford?? You can only send people back if they came from somewhere in the first place, and that place has to agree to take them. The Immigration Service certainly used to be able to detain people indefinitely, and detention would be an option....if they have been brainwashed into terrorism, it's probably possible to brainwash them out of it.
  14. Swap the connectors on the lamps....
  15. "Sniff Petrol" on the Indy 500 result....
  16. Channel 4, yesterday afternoon during their Monaco coverage, showed the Polanski film "Weekend of a Champion", Sir Jackie Stewart at Monaco. There was a discussion on safety afterwards, and Stewart said that in his day, over 5 years, a driver had one chance in three of surviving alive!! 66% chance of ending up dead. Now they shake off the shards of carbon fibre and walk off to the bar......that's a real engineering triumph.
  17. The original mirror support fixes to the car with self tapping screws. These will probably be rusted solid and the head will lose their cross-shaped slot before you get them undone. My mirror has survived, but I do get the vbration hassle. This can be cured by bracing the support arm against the windscreen...the original has a projecting piece ending in a rubber cone, which is designed to go againt the windscreen and damp out the vibrations. My support arm had moved too far away from the screen and (see my first comment!) I couldn't move it. I've found that the black centre part of a Rememberance Day Poppy is ideal; the rubber cone fits perfectly into the hole where it fits onto the poppy stalk, and the flat side fits to the windscreen and stops the vibration. Mine neededmore than one, and I held the stack together with double sided rubber tape.
  18. Our Bibsy was a gallant chap…and really not a bum But when it came to birthdays, ‘twas time to hit the rum. His preference was known worldwide, so – as the day approached The El Dorado was locked up tight…so it could not be broached He sought it high, he sought it low…(lower than one should tell!) But not a bottle could he find…he let forth a mighty yell! “I’m going OUT…fire up the Elise…the road must take the strain If I can’t find some decent rum – me birthday’s down the drain!!” The starter turned – the engine roared – Bibs shot off in first gear The straights flew past, the corners too…. his Elise it knew no fear. The miles they went flashing past, the road was but a blur His well tuned steed, of Lotus breed, gave out contented purr. And Bibs relaxed. For what was rum, in the mighty scheme of things This sort of drive made you feel alive, as if you’d sprouted wings…. And after all, there’s the siren call of the pub at journey’s end And they’ll have rum, and food and fun, and it’s waiting round the bend So let’s enjoy the brave Elise, and the wind around the ears For there’s many a chum to share the rum, as one trundles down the years!!
  19. "It came away in me 'and, Guv...." Nice bit of fault fix, too.
  20. Inertia switch only cuts supply to fuel pump...ignition works normally.
  21. Turn the headlights on. and then operate the starter. If they go all dim and 'orrid, then you have a high resistance in the supply from the battery to the solenoid...which is also where the main 12v supply is taken from. Give the wiring a good wiggle....that can reveal bad joints.
  22. Where the filter fits to the oil cooler takeoff, there is a rubber O ring either side of the between the filter and the takeoff and one between the takeoff and the auxiliary housing. This last one can escape notice and go flat, allowing oil to escape. To get at it, you need to undo the threaded adaptor that the filter screws on to and then the takeoff can be slid off the engine. You can run without the oil cooler setup, by removing the adaptor and takeoff and screwing the filter straight on to the auxiliary housing, that eliminates everything to do with the cooler...might be useful for diagnosis. Is your pressure gauge electrical? They can become temperature sensitive and read low when the engine is hot. Easy way to until pressure goes low, then put ice on the transducer and se if the pressure goes back up! I run on 10-60 oil and get loads of pressure. My 82 Turbo has done over 120,000 miles and it still has the original oil pump.... There is a screen on the oil pick up...and gobbets of silicone sealant have been known to block it.
  23. Coming back from lunch with a chum, I drove past my boat; safely moored in the harbour at Briare. Some unmentionable cretin has nicked the wheels off my bike!! Frame is still padlocked to my specially designed stainless steel transom bracket, and thinking back on the swift glance I got of the boat, it may well be that the saddle, handlebars and so forth have also been appropriated. First bike was stolen even though it was chained and padlocked to a tree; this one was bought for €20, as a replacement, in a "vide grenier" sale the weekend after the theft, so no real financial loss. Bloody annoying, though....
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