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  1. Great description...."thrashing about"....(!)
  2. It's at the bottom and says..." skip these deals & continue to " And then I ended up on I happen to be there at the moment. WHY can't things just DO WHAT THEY'RE TOLD.....??!!
  3. The link takes you off to "Vigilink Shopping".... this ought to get you to the Amazon one.. But it doesn't!!!! You get to something called "Vigilink Shopping" as best do an Amazon search yourself, that's how I found it.
  4. I think the major clue is the term "FRY UP". Nothing can be "wrong", nothing should be long as it's FRIED. So chips or hash browns are OK; now go and fry your foul beans....spawn of the Devil, they are.
  5. Back at RAF Linton on Ouse in the early went in to breakfast and was met by a Flight Sergeant in a white "bumfreezer" jacket, with a pad and a pencil. He would take your order....anything you wanted. The usual stuff...or kedgeree, kippers, devilled kidneys, anything you happened to fancy. Ahhhh..... There is a website that deals with fryups, based in and around Norwich... I find the breakfast on P&O cross channel ferries to be very toothsome....
  6. Don't talk to me about "wet"....I was in the UK all winter getting chemo for the prostate cancer. When I got back to the French hovel I found that, although I had turned off the water, the stopcock had needed about 10 degrees more when the freeze came in January, the pipe to the water heater burst; come the thaw, and the trickle through the stopcock and burst pipe was enough to flood the place, over the 8 weeks or so before I got back. Kitchen floor, hall, toilet, bathroom....all very sloshy. Of course, it drained through the floor onto the workshop ceiling and descended in several slow motion Niagaras upon the workshop contents....viz. the Lotus...and the floor of the workshop was about 2/3 under water. I wasn't very happy...this was when I discovered that the stopcock needed a rather more Herculean effort than I had used before my departure. We got the place dryish with mop and bucket and squeegee. Then, after a few days, it was time to fire up the washing machine and get the first tranche of washing done. So I carried it all to the workshop in a Useful Bag...and opened the door to the washing machine.. It was like that bit in The Dambusters just after the Mohne Dam had given way. The machine had been full of full that there was no obvious level line across the glass door...and all this came spewing forth over Moley's finest carpet seemed to keep on coming...I almost expected some canoe types to be riding the wave, or surfers "in the tube".....and the workshop floor was once again awash. Happy days. Now the insurance assessor has been and I have €5000+ in my account and the estimates are coming in I do feel a bit better...just waiting for some decent weather to get the Lotus clean and shiny again. Pleased to report that, even after all this, she fired up first prod as usual.....
  7. If your wiring to the distributor involves a three pin connector in the lead to the distributor, it's well worth giving this a poke. The contacts get dirty and go open circuit... poking it can make it work and the ignition starts working again. Cleaning them, both male and female, works even better.... Oh yes, you're right too.. the wiring coming out of the distributor can wear and short to ground too.
  8. molemot

    Is it 2017?

    Once, on a mad drunken boy's Christmas in Teignmouth, I tried to pay for the Christmas dinner veggies with a £10 note. The young lady looked at me and said "Oim sorry, zur, us doan take cheques..." So I pointed out the bit where it says "I promise to pay the bearer on demand..." and the fact that it was. actually, a ten pound banknote. She called the manager. "Us doan take cheques.." he said. so we told him the wonders of the big city and how everyone in London used £10 notes. He was still skeptical. So I showed him a £20 note........ In the end, a passing policeman attested to the fact that the currency was truly genuine and we went off with our few pennies worth of vegetable matter; they had never seen a £10 note, let alone a £20 one...well, the £20 had only just been issued, it being 1970 at the time. Now to the fax machine....I still have one, collecting dust....they became popular during the post office strike back in the 1980s. I was back doing electronics then, and we managed to get a circuit diagram of a modification to a Sharps computer faxed to us, and had it working within an hour of it being first built on the bench in Japan. First time that sort of thing was possible.... Why won't the NHS use email??? Messing around with paper and stamps and snailmail....madness.
  9. Oh...I American humor, then? "Airplane" and so forth....
  10. Is your fuel pump running??? Check the inertia switch is ON...and the plug in the bottom of it. Grovelling around in the back of the beast it's easy to kick the thing and dislodge the still looks as if it's connected...result is no fuel being supplied. Took me a long time to find this...(!)
  11. Sorry, Kimbers....this is supposed to be a joke thread, and that's just not funny....(!) Comparing driving quickly to murder is bizarre...
  12. Very Concorde number plate....nice one!!
  13. My French wife fancied a meal to remind her of home, so she asked me to go and get a bag of snails. I went down to the pet shop and got a bag of snails. While I was there I saw one of my old friends and he fancied a pint. I thought... "One won't hurt!" So, 12 pints and 6 hours later I'm walking back to our house and I'm about 20 feet from our door when I trip and spill all the snails on the floor... At that very moment, the wife swings the door open and shouts "Where the hell have you been?!!" I thought quickly.... turned to the snails and shouted..... "Come on lads! We're nearly there!"
  14. Those load levellers are great, aren't they??
  15. A proper foregone conclusion...everyone else being unelectable. She will, of course, claim the result as demonstrating huge support for her policies...which are now for Brexit, although before the referendum she wanted to Remain. Shades of the Vicar of Bray....
  16. I recall a group of three enterprising chaps in Norfolk (iirc) who got an Arts Council Grant to pay them to walk around from country pub to country pub, wearing special hats attached to a plank, so it looked as though the plank was balanced on their heads. True artistic brilliance....
  17. If the crank is really moving from side to side, you should be able to hear the rattle from Lands End.....
  18. I got two weeks for 106....amateur dramatics helps; never was such a cringing whippet seen! The usher suggested I cheer up, as we walked out.....and then apply for my license back at the Post Office next door to the court. Chap up before me got a 6 month ban for 103...he had a brief, and I don't think the marble haired chairwoman of the bench liked that much....In those days, any ban left you with a clean license!
  19. I was referring to the Esprit, it seems to be more susceptible to fire from fuel hose failure. Everyone has to be their own judge, of course....keeping ahead of changing the cambelt every two years is a nuisance, but conflagration is more than that!! The lines in question, for me, are those from the fuel pump to the pressure governor, from there to the carburetters and the return to the tank. Everything that could squirt all over the place if allowed next go at this is going to be 2018.
  20. Under the uprights, the hub carrier casting, works for me. Or the chassis tube joints at the front of the engine bay....
  21. I keep on saying it...change the fuel lines when you change the cambelt. They can look perfect, but be on the verge of failure.....cambelt and fuel ines both.
  22. If it has dropped a valve, it would be making the mostgodawful rattling noise.....if it isn't, then it hasn't. If you are that far down on compression then either you have a burnt valve, shattered piston rings or a hole in the piston....whatever, if you can scrounge a borescope or similar CCTV system and have a squint into the cylinder that could tell you something. Fixing it is going to mean proper a leakdown check first as the Sparkster suggests. Good luck!!
  23. That's where the choke is on my 82 Turbo; maybe it's the same on the S2?
  24. At last...a decent use for "waterboarding".....
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