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  1. Pretty much exactly what I ended up doing...drill jig is the way to go. Have seen it done freehand, but would rather use engineering than hope the skillset stretches to that! I have a number of special tools I have made up over the for pressing back the rear caliper pistons painlessly...some for greasing bearings...cylinder liner extractors, etc.etc.
  2. It can be done in to be very careful about swarf and keeping the drilling at 90 deg. to the face. All down to the skill level of the operator...
  3. Try phoning the RSPCA.... worked for me, with a fox....
  4. The otter switch doesn't "trip". When the coolant temperature exceeds it's calibrated value, it simply turns's a bi metallic strip..and when the temperature goes back below, it switches OFF. Nothing to be externally reset... They do go wrong and can fail in the OFF position. Testing it is easy...remove it from the pipe, put a test meter across it and check it is OFF...then put it in a saucepan of water and heat that to boiling point and check it switches ON just before it boils. If that works, the switch is OK...otherwise it needs replacing. Make sure the connections a clean and secure... The otter switch operates the fan relay, which in turn makes the fans work. Again, clean and secure connectionsare essential... Easy way to check the relay and fans is to remove the connections from the otter switch and connect them together. Relay should operate and the fans come on. Work your way through the system bit by bit with a's about as basic as electrics get!!
  5. Talk to Steve at S&J. He has some really great zero thickness a treat.
  6. Logically, of course, you are quite correct. The whole thing has to be coincidental. I still remember my mother saying "But it's GREEN..." and explaining to her that the colour couldn't possibly have any effect, adverse or otherwise. I had bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate the new arrival..."demi sec" as Dad wasn't into really dry wine, and we were sipping this when he remarked that this car would see him out. This was on his birthday, 27th July...and exactly a month later, 27th August, on the evening of the wedding, he collapsed and died. I wasn't there but only found out on my return, hours later...and all our lives had changed totally. Completely impossible that the pigment of the paint on the car could have had any influence, of course, utterly illogical and superstitious poppycock. As I had explained to my mum. However, green cars are for other people; not for me.
  7. My Dad bought a green Renault 16 TX as a 57th birthday present to himself. It was his ideal car...he drove it home and said to me: "This one will see me out".... Mum said..."But it's GREEN..." His heart gave out a month later. On the evening of my brother's wedding. I wouldn't touch a green car with an 11 foot bargepole.
  8. Lots of fuss going on about the floral tributes to the poor dead burglar. His cronies seem to be putting them up, and others tearing them down. The Police have said they should be allowed to remain???!!!!
  9. molemot


    Although the incident DID happen, both of the Hunter photos are faked,'s how...
  10. These gearboxes have some selectors that are not indexed to the selector shafts, iirc. If they aren't in the right places, things could grind together...I have a feeling that reverse gear may be the culprit and the teeth are grinding together. Taking the top off the box is quick and easy and you could then inspect what is going on....good luck.... I've had another listen to the video; don't think it's gears grinding together. I would suggest you try to isolate where the noise is coming from...a mechanic's stethoscope is useful, but you can also use a large screwdriver...put you thumb over the end of the handle and then into your ear!! Push the blade against the gearbox and you will hear the innards...move about until the noise is loudest...can give a useful clue.
  11. When I had my head sorted back in 1988, we decided core plugs were only there to get the casting core I had then welded over, along with the damage to the mating face where the head had rotted around the manifold studs.... then remachined the stud holes. No problems since!!
  12. Start with the rear LH...then rear RH...then front LH and finally front RH. The underneath bloke is in control...take length of rubber hose and fit to nipple. Put end of hose in jamjar with fluid in, make sure it's submerged. Open "Brakes ON!". Inside bod pushes pedal slowly to the floor, and holds it there, calls out "Brakes ON!" Underneath bloke closes nipple and calls "Brakes OFF!" and inside man releases the pedal. Bubbles will have appeared in the fluid in the jar as the pedal is depressed. Repeat process until no further bubbles. Check as you go to ensure that the fluid reservoir doesn't run dry...refill as necessary...if it does run dry, start over...and DON'T DO IT AGAIN(!) Then proceed in sequence for the remaining calipers... As has been said, only use the top bleed nipples as air rises. On my Airtourer aeroplane, the nipples were only at the bottom, and the only way to bleed it was to pump the fluid in from the bottom nipples and fill the system that way...sometimes it even worked(!) Have fun......
  13. It's enough to make you gibber.....
  14. molemot


    Now due to launch at 2045 UTC, supercooled fuelling under way.....
  15. Back in 1988 I bought the Esprit Turbo...drove it home down the M1. Had to stop for petrol. Pulled up by the pumps....Key wouldn't come out of the ignition. Tried everything I could think of....apart from the silver button underneath which I didn't even notice. Ended up removing the keys from the ignition key by taking it off the key ring!! Then I was able to undo the fuel fillers and add more pushwater. The next day I found out how the keys came out of the ignition and drove it to my brother's place to let him see it....on the way back home, the fans failed and it blew the otter switch out aong with the coolant. Two weeks later it broke the cambelt...then I found the "full service history" was a forgery..... and I've never looked back....(!)
  16. I've been bleating away about this for years...a voice crying in the wilderness. Change the fuel hoses every two years, when you change the cambelt. That way, you won't have any problem. Yes, you will probably be throwing away good hoses...but the alternative is so dire that the peace of mind you get trumps everything else. I had a hose leak once and start a small fire; fortunately there was hardly any fuel in the car, all the engine covers were off, and I rapidly turned off the ignition and put out the fire with the bucket of water I was using for the wetordri I was flatting the new primer/surfacer paintwork with, so all was well. After that, I decided that new Goodridge braided hoses every two years was the way to go.
  17. A famous art collector is walking through the city when he notices a mangy cat lapping milk from a saucer in the doorway of a store and he does a double take. He recognizes that the saucer is extremely old and very valuable, so he walks casually into the store and offers to buy the cat for two dollars. The storeowner replies "I'm sorry, but the cat isn't for sale." The collector says, "Please, I need a hungry cat around the house to catch mice. I'll pay you twenty dollars for that cat." And the owner says "Sold," and hands over the cat. The collector continues, "Hey, for the twenty bucks I wonder if you could throw in that old saucer. The cat's used to it and it'll save me from having to get a dish." And the owner says, "Sorry buddy, but that's my lucky saucer. So far this week I've sold sixty-eight cats." Brian, the world's leading expert on European wasps and the sounds that they make, is taking a stroll down his local high street. As he passes by the record shop, a sign catches his eye. "Just Released - New LP - Wasps of the World & the sounds that they make - available now" Unable to resist the temptation, Brian goes into the shop. "I am the world's leading expert on European wasps and the sounds that they make. I'd very much like to listen to the new LP you have advertised in the window." "Certainly, Sir," says the young man behind the counter. "If you'd like to step into the booth and put on the headphones, I'll put the LP on for you." Brian, the world's leading expert on European wasps, goes into the booth and puts on the earphones. Ten minutes later, he comes out of the booth and announces, "I am the world's leading expert on European wasps and the sounds that they make and yet I recognized none of those." "I'm sorry Sir," says the young assistant. "If you'd care to step into the booth, I can let you have another 10 minutes." Brian, the world's leading expert on European wasps and the sounds they make, steps back into the booth and replaces the headphones. Ten minutes later, he comes out of the booth shaking his head. "I don't understand it," he says, "I am the worlds leading expert on European wasps and the sounds that they make, and yet I still can't recognise any of those!" "I really am terribly sorry," says the young assistant, "I've just realised I was playing you the bee side!" Bloke walks up to the counter in the pet shop and quietly asks for a wasp. “Sorry sir, but we don’t sell wasps here,” says the assistant. “But you’ve got three in the window!”
  18. Has decided to withdraw from public life, and has closed down his website...there is a message there from his son... " A message from Stirling's son: To all of his many friends and fans around the world, who use this website for regular updates, my father would like to announce that he will be closing it down. Following his severe infections at the end of 2016 and his subsequent slow and arduous recovery, the decision has been made that, at the age of 88, the indefatigable man will finally retire, so that he and my mother can have some much deserved rest and spend more time with each other and the rest of the family. The entire and extended Moss clan thank everyone for all their love and support over the years and we wish you all a happy and prosperous 2018. " Truly a great man; this is the end of a magnificent era and he will continue to be our hearts and minds, especially those of us who lived through his golden years. I wish him well.
  19. See if you measure up...
  20. "It's only called a crosswind landing, Bloggs....."
  21. A little paper bag was feeling unwell, so he took himself off to the doctor. “Doctor, I don’t feel too good,” said the little paper bag. “Hmm, you look OK to me,” said the Doctor, “But I‘ll do a blood test and see what that shows. Come back and see me in a couple of days.” The little paper bag felt no better when he got back for the results. “What’s wrong with me ?” asked the little paper bag. “I‘m afraid you are HIV positive!” said the doctor. “No, I can’t be – I’m just a little paper bag !” Said the little paper bag. “Have you been having unprotected sex ?”asked the doctor. “NO - I can’t do things like that – I’m just a little paper bag !” “Well have you been sharing needles with other intravenous drug users ?” asked the doctor. “NO - I can’t do things like that – I’m just a little paper bag !” “Perhaps you’ve been abroad recently and required a jab or a blood transfusion ?” queried the doctor. “NO, I don’t have a passport – I’m just a little paper bag !” “Well”, said the doctor, “Are you in a Sexual Relationship ?” “NO ! - I can’t do things like that – I’m just a little paper bag!” “Then there can be only one explanation.” said the doctor... . . . . . . . . . . . “Your mother must have been a carrier!”
  22. molemot


    John Young has just died. An amazing set of accomplishments...including smuggling a corned beef sandwich on to Geminii 3. During the liftoff of Apollo 16, the medical telemetry showed that the heart rate of Charles Duke...who was with Young on the lunar surface during the mission ... went up to 144. Young's heart rate never went above 70!! He said later that "It was too old to go any faster...." Jan. 6, 2018 RELEASE 18-001 NASA Remembers Agency’s Most Experienced Astronaut The following is a statement from acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot on the passing of John Young, who died Friday night following complications from pneumonia at the age of 87. Young is the only agency astronaut to go into space as part of the Gemini, Apollo and space shuttle programs, and the first to fly into space six times: “Today, NASA and the world have lost a pioneer. Astronaut John Young's storied career spanned three generations of spaceflight; we will stand on his shoulders as we look toward the next human frontier. “John was one of that group of early space pioneers whose bravery and commitment sparked our nation's first great achievements in space. But, not content with that, his hands-on contributions continued long after the last of his six spaceflights -- a world record at the time of his retirement from the cockpit. “Between his service in the U.S. Navy, where he retired at the rank of captain, and his later work as a civilian at NASA, John spent his entire life in service to our country. His career included the test pilot’s dream of two ‘first flights’ in a new spacecraft -- with Gus Grissom on Gemini 3, and as Commander of STS-1, the first space shuttle mission, which some have called ‘the boldest test flight in history.’ He flew as Commander on Gemini 10, the first mission to rendezvous with two separate spacecraft the course of a single flight. He orbited the Moon in Apollo 10, and landed there as Commander of the Apollo 16 mission. On STS-9, his final spaceflight, and in an iconic display of test pilot ‘cool,’ he landed the space shuttle with a fire in the back end. “I participated in many Space Shuttle Flight Readiness Reviews with John, and will always remember him as the classic ‘hell of an engineer’ from Georgia Tech, who had an uncanny ability to cut to the heart of a technical issue by posing the perfect question -- followed by his iconic phrase, ‘Just asking...’ “John Young was at the forefront of human space exploration with his poise, talent, and tenacity. He was in every way the 'astronaut’s astronaut.' We will miss him.”
  23. Indeed I tube reposes in the relevant drawer in my workshop!! As has been said, two different beasts...graphite and graphogen. Graphogen will dissolve into the oil. I agree that it's just good honest long as the crank is within spec., just change the bearings. As long as you change the bearings before the crank goes oval, it won't.
  24. A woman gets on to a bus and sits behind two Indian men having a heated argument. One is saying "It is spelled: w h o o m, whoom." The other replies "No, no, no, it is spelled: w o o m, woom." This goes on for a while until the woman leans forward and taps both of them on their shoulders and says, "Excuse me for interrupting gentlemen; but I think the word you are looking for is: w o m b, womb?" Whereupon one of the Indians draws himself up, looks down at her and says... "Madam, I doubt you have SEEN many wild elephants; let alone heard one break wind...." And a Happy New Year to all....remember not to stand downwind of elephants!!!!
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