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  1. Doing another property in the same area and structural issues is possibly code for (we not had our license to alter signed off yet). Not saying it is but that does happen a lot in this particular area!! Will have to drop in there and have a look though next time I'm in that area!!
  2. I have 3!!!!!!! all TD4 all have done a trip to southern Italy and back!! mine are all 2000-2001!!! Reliability wise, have had a clutch on each and gearboxes are a bit noisy but they've all done 90-100K so to be expected really. I'm looking to shift them all on now though as I no longer have the need for them unfortunately!!
  3. Considered and accepted to be honest Bibs. Ethics policies and papaerwork are being used more and more in the corporate world to remove people without severance. If you dig deep enough everyone has done something wrong at some stage whether it be getting to drunk at the christmas party to forgetting to knock a mars bar off the petrol expenses. Its the new cowardly way!!
  4. Hmmm, I'd suggest mi mom but she has just sacked her lodger off!!
  5. My sisters been out in one (works for aston also) and say they are absolutely rampant!! The carbon fobre work on the one at supercar sunday was stunning and that was just a test mule!! Million quid though..............Meh!! Would rather have a Veyron at that money!!
  6. Yup, not the best!! Thought they might have to drive the road they've been using on the Channel 4 trucking programme as the hill climb with a difference but nope!! Demolition of the mini was almost a case of 'well nothings really happened to us so we better make something!!'
  7. Good for you bibs, well done!!
  8. just to be the rebel!! The New Esprit!!!
  9. Looks nice!! As above Incitement cannot be used as justification!!
  10. Nah, don't think it was a limo. That was the guy with the MR2 faker who decided to move to southern italy!! Car seized under copyright laws!!!
  11. seen this in Birmingham!! presumed it was a fake untill he revved it up!!!
  12. I was stopped the other day walking to my office on the day of the English defence leagues demo in birmingham for, and I quote, 'having a short haircut'. The followed me on two motorbikes to my office afterwards and when I asked if they were satisfied now the turned around and rode off!! I have to say, having been banned from driving for points accumulation the 'it looks suspicious so it is' phrase should be 'it looks suspicious therfore we will stop and FIND something wrong'!! Personally i love the camera cars as you can actually prove that they were wrong!!!
  13. Only just seen this as was lifestyling in Italy in August and only have one comment Product placement sells product, if you can get your product out in the public eye then people will buy it. If teamingup with rapper who can provide video opportunities for the cars then thats good publicity. Think Bond!! Colin chapman actually had some of the maddest marketing ideas out there!!!
  14. All vehicles have been 'requested' to be returned for the exhaust upgrade and a couple of bit!! This is not a recall people, just a request, nothing to see here!!!!
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