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  1. Dave, I know this should be in the spotted section but......................Did I see you on the M6 on Monday around lunchtime headed south? If so then you were about 5 miles behind a red 458 Italia. The reason I know this was as the 458 went passed I thought 'holy mother of god that looks good and sounds awesome'. Then I saw the esprit and thought 'holy mother of god that looks good and sounds awesome!' which was nice!!!
  2. No change here!! Although with the way things are going I am considering investigating becoming an advanced glazing to tarmac impact interface tester!!!!
  3. Brilliant Dave, Car was mega impressive on Sunday, paintworks and shut lines were awesome! One question though 'Have you done the Headlights yet?'
  4. martyn, if you could have just sprayed us all down with sun block then it would have been perfect!!!
  5. damn, that was hot, I now look like I'm wearing a red divers helmet!!! Thanks very much to those who organised. Bibs, great to finally meet you and catch up!! Good to meet the rest of you guys and put some more names to the faces!!
  6. If you all arrive at the pub before me, check out the name of the cottage opposite............................its scary, he's stalking us I tell you!!!! Bibs, wil be good to meet you too dude!!
  7. hmmm legend, shame!!!
  8. Oh and while we're on the subject could someone run a diagnostic on my car while we're there!! I have the cable, the disk, the computer and a serious lack of talent!!
  9. offer on at south west Lotus at the mo' £475!! Just bought one myself. Was going to go with a stainless tubular but couldn't live with the price!!
  10. Damn wrong assumption on my part.....................Legs 11 is one of the oldests lap dancing clubs in Birmingham so I presumed that..............erm.............right................
  11. I'll prob catch y'all somewhere enroute!!
  12. To be fair if you call them they are always interested especially if your car is something different like a high speed milkfloat.........sory tesla LOL!!!!!
  13. mangel

    Black S3 Turbo

    Outside Sisk!! Looked good!! Anyones?
  14. New Camaro!! Don't like america cars but if I had too it would be one of those!!
  15. 2 bacon sarnies here please!!!
  16. Getting very close there!! Now I'm a saddo for this sort of thing so I think the said spoilers story reads like this. 5th gear buy a silver V8 Esprit to attempt the 200mph thing 5th gear use the same workshops to store items at as 'their great rival' top gear Top gear Magazine is partially written by staffer called..........Tom Ford. The 5th gear esprit can be seen in the background of one scene on top gear. The spoiler is removed by top gear and stuck on hammonds mgf The esprit is left in the top gear yard until a certain gentleman off here purchases it. Ergo the spoiler on the MGF is the one that was on the back of Mike Sekingers car. What a small incestuous world we live in........................I'll get mi coat!!
  17. So, where does this belong and what was its route to its current position? Come on all you detectives, give us the full story?
  18. I've painted my cheese grater satin black and my exhaust tips, I like it!!! rear lights I'm not sure on. I liked daves clear update on the originals the best!!
  19. Seen quite a few of these around brum especially on launch day. they look quite like the new insignia in the metal to be honest. Pretty bland and unnoticeable!!
  20. Respray wasn't an option, Medina green is too rare but fancied a change!! Wrap is okay, would agree with the comments on here about needs some texture, I have the roof, sill vents and rear deck done in 3M carbon look. You can polish it and generally the finish is good, you will know its not paint but I think thats part of the point!! You do get what you pay for, mine was cheap and done by a mate so not perfect but still pretty good. The best thing is when people who saw the car before ask if you've had it painted and you say no its a sticker!! I did deliberately have some of the shuts left green so if the police start to give me grief I can show its a wrap. You DO NOT have to inform the DVLA so no show of colour change when you come to sell the car!! Easy to wash and will keep the paint alright underneath (mine was shot already though) If you went for the all over 3M carbon look their would be no polishing to be done. if I was suggest a colour I reckon satin/matt white might look good!!
  21. Karl's car is not a wrap, he's had it painted that colour. Mine is Wrapped from Medina green to Black and can be seen in the photo's section.
  22. mangel

    Red Evora

    1.45 yesterday Bristol Road Birmingham next to the cricket ground headed into the city. Looked nice considering the weather!! First I've seen on the road in Brum.
  23. There is normally one loitering around the centre of Birmingham so it could be that one.
  24. Those look good. Just a suggestion but I would probably use some frosting film on the back so the light will pass through but it will appear white opaque form the outside.
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