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  1. Hmmm I too would be suspicious of that!! Not wanting to cast aspertions or anything but did you explain to the mech (or his boss) that you had only purchased the tyres 3000miles ago!! I would not expect that level of wear with such low mileage. tread looks significantly warn and almost grained even on the outsides in the style of hard driving!! Is it just a porsche dealership you took it too!! Did they have any other cars in with the same style alloys!! Sorry but that does not seem right!!
  2. Bibs, You Look like your some sort of pervert stalker with the enigmatic smile, hand position and hat!!!
  3. Rolls will be a wrap almost guaranteed!!
  4. Hmmm missed that and I normally watch that like a hawk as its filmed in brum by my office!! Never seen an Evora in the centre of brum yet!!
  5. Seen a few of the write ups now and the only criticism seems to be the looks not having enough POW and the performance being extremely efficient and undramatic. Lookswise I think its good and I'd rather not feel like I was driving an impending Carbon coffin of death, so all good then!!
  6. mangel

    Free Esprit!

    I got my hands on one of the ones from the launch day!! Its only in a plastic box though!!
  7. I thought droppin da bomb, was slang for spinnin an awesome toon on da wheels of steel!! Anyway enough of this, as I quite like Graffitti art to be honest.
  8. Pretty sure Lotus will not have gone to Mansory. More likely Mansory have bought an Evora and are just testing the water to see if there is a market. Compared to their normal piles of tosh this is verging on the acceptable to quite nice!!
  9. mangel

    How come...

    CB...............................Breaker breaker rubber ducky I'm comin up on your six for a fly by ten-four!! It is cos dey is goin so fast that they needs to get the radio waves up and away from the car innit!! Must admit i would find those directly in your line of sight annoying!!
  10. Impreza with the original housing adapted. They seem to just cut away the rear and bond or bolt in the unit!! sure its not as simple as that though!!
  11. depends, closed environment like inside, no ta to many place to hide or for some one to jump out. Outside yeah have before and would again!!
  12. If I were not lucky enough to be able to afford more than one car I'm afraid the Lotus would have to go and something like this may replace it!! Fairplay to Rob, really chuffed for him, its a really nice car!!
  13. Picked it up from my mates dealership who I do a bot of driving for occassionally!!
  14. I'm ex scoob owner too!! Mine was an impreza wrx estate blob eye with dyno'd 350 BHP and 380Ib Ft torque!! only did a few bits to it and even got rid of the annoying bub bub bub exhaust note!! Really quick car and nice to drive!! If I were buying one now though I'd get they even come in blue
  15. PV crap in the uk due to solar levels. Currently involved with a number of councils doing this!! Beware Feed in tarriffs as due to change. Also beware leased units as they require wayleaves to access your roof and loft which need to be declared when selling property!! Can't type two much as dislocated shoulder will expand when able to move better.
  16. Kimmi wants to much money Jukka hence he's previous departure form F1!!
  17. My understanding from an unofficial report was that he was not on stage when it happened but was travelling between stages!! All the best to him though, hope he pulls through quickly!!
  18. No, I deliberately left around the doors etc green so if pulled I'll just show them that and plead ignorant!! Only keeping it like this for a few months till I'm bored of cleaning it anyway!!
  19. dunno how to link to the gallery but they are in there!! ta
  20. Pictures of the full black wrap now added in the gallery section!! fank you!!
  21. mangel

    Mangels Motors

    Couple of the current fleet!!
  22. mangel


    From the album: Mangels Motors

    Range Rover on 22's!!
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