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  1. Just resurrecting this thread to say its hanging in the lounge and the wife loves it. Thanks Tony for sorting it and more importantly Wendy for painting it. Thanks Toby
  2. Correct Dave. This is the reason the new Nuke generating facilities are being pushed forward. The green solutions have all been weighed, measured and found lacking. We have fallen behind the rest of the developed world really with most of our national infrastructure. Our Gas system is is poor, our Water system has had its pressures all reduced to achieve leak targets. Electricity is only one of the challenges we face!!
  3. I've driven a few of those, they're alright but agreed the image is a bit girly. The one thing thats not girly is the suspension...................if you don't have a loose teeth now you will after a while!!!! Go for an S4, M3 performance but doesn't look anything at all and they come in estate or saloon.
  4. My issue with prius and electric cars in general is that I'm not sure about its sustainable crdentials and longevity. The batteries contain numerous precious and rare metals and will need to be replaced at a high cost. This will surely affect the residuals heavily. These metals are not mined (and please excuse me if i speak out of turn) in the best and most environmentally friendly way. They arte then shipped elsewhere in the globe (another continent I believe) to be refined. they are then shipped to another location to turned into batteries and finally on to the car manufacturing plant for inclusion in the final vehicle build. This seems like a large preproduction carbon footprint for one component. I would suggest that a better solution is to look at alternatives like the 'Clarity' or similar. Yes they do have similar issues with fuel production using similar materials but these materials are used again and again!! Finally, Electric cars will only come into their own once the supply of electricity ion this contry is improved and the ability to charge them up becomes more readily available. Slightly madder thought s I have had are an electric only lane on the motorways which would have a track which the cars plug into and recieve charge as they drive meaning that they can be kept at a constant distance and be self drive and be fully charged when they exit the motorway (how many people travel more than 40-50 miles off a motorway who would buy an electric car anyway!!
  5. I'd send them a picture of a blank cheque and bill them for the stamp!!
  6. mangel

    Esprit HID kit

    Kit consists of the ballasts bulb units and wiring kit. A projector will not fit due to depth unless your brave with the dremmel and are willing to change the rake of the lights. I think if you want an easy way (and comparatively cheap) of getting considerably more light output from the existing set up then this is one way or alternatively run with higher wattage bulbs (these may need upgraded wiring). Higher wattage bulbs are also illegal though!!
  7. mangel

    Esprit Cat

    Mine's still in place although it has had a screwdriver/large drill related incident I'm afraid!!
  8. Pete, Thoughts with you. I don't do praying but I'll say a little one for you. Toby
  9. Ex scoob owner here too, now have an S4 Esprit!! Elise Mk 1 or 2 are good fun espcially if you also have a daily!!
  10. mangel


    Personally I just get in the range rover and ignore it!! Did get told off for over taking a police car which had all its blue lights on and siren going on Sat. Well, he was stuck and I could be bothered to wait for him to get moving again!! All good though!!
  11. Yep I'll be dragging myself along to this at some stage!!
  12. mangel

    Esprit HID kit

    oops, got my highs and lows mixed. Its been a long Xmas period so far and I've just been told I'm now out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday night next week with a boozy night in on the 23rd with the reli's!! Ta for the correction Ben!!
  13. She's honey!!! don't bother wrapping all of it, make a big bow out of wall paper and slap that on top of it!!
  14. Seriously there is no need for that!!
  15. How's your stainless one doing Pete, any noticeable power gains, shift in boost up and down the rev range etc?
  16. mangel

    Esprit HID kit

    HID is high intensity discharge. Basically the light is generated by a reaction within the lamp. They are more efficient and brighter than standard Incandescent bulbs. Normally they are are only useable (legally) with projector type lens as due to the nature of the light it requires tighter control. The light itself is a whiter light toward the blue end of the spectrum meaning it is more remeniscent of daylight and less fatiguing. As I said above legality is a grey area but I had them in my disco with no issues with the boys in blue. You want to ensure the colour temperature is around 3200K as much less and they appear fully blue. Bi Xenon have one fillament which moves up and down with the aid of a motor to give you your high and low beam settings. They are excellent but you would need to ensure you had the four beam conversion done for safety as they do not emit light instantaneously and need to warm up for best effect. Hope that helps.
  17. Cool enough, will read with interest!!
  18. Can't see the picture dude!!
  19. Depends on your budget, new mini can be had for not a lot these days 3K plus!!! the Datsun would be my choice, pretty bullet proof and a bit funkier than the Yaris. Had a Yaris as a loaner when my Impreza was in for some work and I actually thought the lack of acceleration bordered on dangerous!!
  20. mangel

    London Riots

    hmmmm I think I'll just keep building riot supression training facilities then!!!!!
  21. Christopher, That sounds like an absolutely awesome, and unreal experience with highs..............almost everything, lows erm...............kimbers!!!! (jokin of course) BIBS Seriously dude you are just unreal We are, as Lotus fans, not worthy!!!! You are the man!!! toby
  22. I use Meriden Garage at the top of the hill in the old Velocette factory. Its now run by one of the old Porsche master techs. I'm over in Brum but get over that way quite a bit, mine's no show room honey but its okay!! The WC injectors really do work on the smoothness front, I have all six done and the spray pattern is much better!! Other thing I swapped which made a difference was the coil packs. Fraid to say the best deals are across the pond for this kinda parts!!
  23. mangel


    Nice one roger!! Please its gone well for you!! Didn't realise a wing inserted sideways could do so much damage!!!
  24. Jay I have a pair wheels in okay nick tyre's are shot though, drop me a line if your interested.
  25. Darren, I have WC injectors in mine and it runs a lot smoother. I have my work doen by a garage in Coventry over in Meriden so may see you around!! Toby
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