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  1. email sent. email sent.
  2. Mantis is driving your car!!!! Slowly out with the clutch and woah that ain't no Vtec kicking in!!! Sorry mate couldn't resist!! Car looks wicked, driver looks like camel lipped hunch backed rooprecked monkey boy!!!! LOL
  3. dude, knowing what you do for a living, a dimensioned picture says a thousand words if you get my meaning.
  4. Nice one bibs, will do tomoz
  5. Right then guys, If we can get hold of a Sport 350 wing in its entirety then I have a man who may be to copy it provided there were enough orders. For definate, if we can get hold of a set of the ally uprights or someone can make a template up for them then he can make these easily and the feet at the base. Quality of his work is awesome, it is he who makes all the original ally products for elise, VX 220 and until recently TVR. Hope this helps.
  6. Dude, if I happened to come across a set in a factory that may have made them would you be interested!!?????
  7. The part I'm after is Electric vacuum pump, part number A082M6518F, Supplies Heater flaps and engine management.
  8. Checked on there and they're not what I'm after. I'm sure some does an exchange recon!!!
  9. AAAAAAHHHHHHH Pulling my hair out, know I've seen somewhere that someone refurbs these as they are no longer available, can anyone help!!!!!
  10. Vinyls will be the most practical, just make sure that they car recieves several layer of polish before applying them to ease removal!!
  11. Exhaust heat and expansion vessel if your not going to wrap the exhaust would be a prob there I would have thought. You could make up a heat shield to go between the expansion vessel and the exhaust and cover it with something like Mylar if you don't want to go down the full wrap route. Awesome project by the way, Would love to do something similar to my S4 when the 4 pot gives up the ghost but don't think I'd have the time patience and ability to carry it through !!
  12. Lookin good there!! Hope to have mine out in the next couple of weeks for the first time in erm 5 years!!!!
  13. I have a UK WRX wagon with full Decat and a load of other mods (running 329bhp standard 220). Decat does work well but you have to get a remap to really gain the power and retain the reliability. I had mine done by Powerstation. If your suggesting removing the exhaust all together I think at full throttle you will find that all your teeth rattle out if your head plus it may not run properly as most cars require some back pressure from the exhaust system.
  14. Nice one dude, I was there in the morning for a couple of hours, left just a russ Swift finished his first show. Couldn't keep me daughter out in the sun too long!! There were a lot of cool cars there and it has rekindled my love for Murcielargo's.
  15. I will be there piloting my latest Jap crap!! hope the weathers as good as they say it will be!!! by the way whats wrong with Gaydon!! I lived there mos of my life and never affaected me!! Anyone fancy comming out for a few woo woo's tonight!!!
  16. Nice one geezer!! much betta than the bloody hoardes of emails!!!
  17. Nice one dude althought the top 100 cars thing has always struck me as a pain, car stuck there the whole time of the show etc etc. Make sure they barrier yours off separately, try the old my paint is still going off gaff!!!!!
  18. I love my Brick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Must be sensible must be sens must be................................. Boycey voice Marlene I am here!! I see my fellow modding midland renta has already joined!!!!
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