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  1. I have 3!!!!!!! all TD4 all have done a trip to southern Italy and back!! mine are all 2000-2001!!!

    Reliability wise, have had a clutch on each and gearboxes are a bit noisy but they've all done 90-100K so to be expected really. I'm looking to shift them all on now though as I no longer have the need for them unfortunately!!

  2. Considered and accepted to be honest Bibs.

    Ethics policies and papaerwork are being used more and more in the corporate world to remove people without severance.

    If you dig deep enough everyone has done something wrong at some stage whether it be getting to drunk at the christmas party to forgetting to knock a mars bar off the petrol expenses. Its the new cowardly way!!

  3. I was stopped the other day walking to my office on the day of the English defence leagues demo in birmingham for, and I quote, 'having a short haircut'. The followed me on two motorbikes to my office afterwards and when I asked if they were satisfied now the turned around and rode off!!

    I have to say, having been banned from driving for points accumulation the 'it looks suspicious so it is' phrase should be 'it looks suspicious therfore we will stop and FIND something wrong'!!

    Personally i love the camera cars as you can actually prove that they were wrong!!!

  4. Only just seen this as was lifestyling in Italy in August and only have one comment

    Product placement sells product, if you can get your product out in the public eye then people will buy it. If teamingup with rapper who can provide video opportunities for the cars then thats good publicity. Think Bond!! Colin chapman actually had some of the maddest marketing ideas out there!!!

  5. My Boss passed through there on the other carriageway as the first emergency vehicle was arriving. He said traffic was travelling very slowly and he thought it was a van fire at first. He got his camera phone out to take a couple of shots but ended up only taking one when he realised what was going on, he said it was absolutely horrific!!

    Looks like smoke on the carriageway is going to be the blame but the 'lets lower the speed limit' posse will be fully on the case again!!

  6. There is extensive discussion on Piston heads on this plus a friend of mine works at the ring for a large motor manufacturer.

    1 person was injured in the crash and detained in hospital, they were in a ring Taxi which collided with other vehicles which were stationary at the scene of a previous accident.

    In addition there were barrier reconstruction works being undertaken in the are of the accident. These works were indicated on the notification board at the entry to the Toll road and there were notification notices placed approaching the works.

    The current debates are whether the signage was sufficient and whether it was placed early enough down the road.

    Unfortunately by publicising this it is drawing precisely the kind of attention which the owners of the 'ring' do not want or need as it give the H & S mob more ammo. At the end of the day, either here or any Track event you pays your insurance and you takes your chance. Any form of Motorsport is dangerous and to be honest most of us would not be interetsed if there wasn't some element of risk!!

    There are a million arm chair pilots out there who will pass opinion on a topic like this which are generally more damaging than informative.

    i would finish by saying that the incident is underinvestogation by the police as it is not designated as a race track and having had some experience they will be spreading the fines liberally amongst those involved.

  7. I think the point Ronin is making is valid and very similar to a comment Jenson Button made recently and was pooh pooh'd by Clarkson for it.

    Basically Jenson's point was that the fastest way round a racetrack or road is not sliding wildly beyond the limit of adhesion but actually being on that limit.

    Whilst I agree that wild drifts and sliding look great and provide a spectacle they are by no means the fastest way around.

    This is also being proved throughout motorsport. Loeb is not a wild tail out merchant like McRae was and he is all the faster and more consistent for it!!

    It makes me laugh that Clarson was the criticiser on this point as the faster 'Star in a reasonalbly fast car' laps around the TG track are actually the least dramatic ones. There is the odd quick wild one but then you have to wonder how quick that person would be if they weren't as wild!!

    Also I have to say that I would have thought Lotus would stay away from the lairy slidey stuff, Admittedly it proves there cars are easy to control on the limit and balanced nicely but they are renouned for compliant chasis that allow you to go very quickly without crossing that boundary!!

  8. Think the programme was good.

    was only saying the other day that I was surprised that RA had not been on before!!

    It must be a bit daunting to go on there as a petrol head and a good amatuer race driver to think that one minor error and your tumbling down the board to people who don't even like cars and are there to promote there film/book/show!!!

    Top Gear does seem to have run low on ideas but still makes good Sunday night entertainment.

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