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  1. Banned??? Who care, not me. I tell the facts & try to give others information along with a little humor. I was the one who was attacked. Mr. "Tony R." has used far more foul language than did I (did he get a scolding too?) I will stand my ground with ANYONE, ANYWHARE & THAT INCLUDES ONLINE. Don't like it, ban me. I will just start my own forum, Like "monkey tuner" did when he became too fast for all the LOOSERS. (Tony. sounds italian, everyone KNOWS they're the best
  2. Dave and Mike, you guys are the best!! Exactly. Both of you got it right as has been my experiance also. Hold it at idle and it is possible to slip plate 1 (without "shudder") or increase revs then immediately at the same time release both the clutch and throttle (should be no shudder) You can also give full throttle & "slip" the clutch's 2nd plate (maintaining approximately 6000 revs.) This also gives no shudder in my experiance - it might reduce clutch life however & make pulling into the garage. . . well, difficult.
  3. And you Tony, are stupid. Are you illeterate? Graduate kindergarten? Or just another jelous LOOSER? 2+3 = WHAT??? Don't strain yourself to awncer, just stay slow as your driving ability surely could not deal with the power I make.
  4. One small correction there Paul, Saleen S7 twin turbo - 0-60 3.3 seconds. quartermile - 10.6 @ 139.8mph. (what would that trap speed be in another .2 sec.?) I will guess for you - 142mph. The cars ESTIMATED weight was 2900lbs. and has 750bhp. (thats 3.87lbs. per 1bhp. @ the crank) Porsche Carrera GT - 0-60 3.6 seconds quartermile - 11.3 @ 131.6mph. Its ESTIMATED weight was 3530lbs. and had 605bhp. (thats 5.84lbs. per 1 bhp. @ the crank) I never gave a HP. number. I ESTIMATED 550 at the wheels - thats about 645 at the crank. The Esprit weighs 2870lbs. without the front spare and associated parts/tools & without the rear engine cover (I know, I weighed the car) These numbers would give the Esprit - 4.45lbs. per 1bhp. @ the crank. (by the way - "final edition" Esprits routinely dynoed 350bhp. @ the WHEELS. - That is a gain of 57% over stock, not more than double Paul.) Lets recep trap speeds as corrected for 10.8 seconds: Saleen S7 = approx. 142mph. with 3.87lb.per bhp. Carrera GT = approx. 126mph. with 5.84lb. per bhp. Esprit V8 = 148mph. with 4.45lb. per bhp. NOW FOR THE CLINCHER - aerodynamic down force!!!!! Which car do you think had the most & which one had the least? Saleen S7 = most, by far. Carrera GT = 2nd. most Esprit V8 = the least I have just prooven the facts. I will also demonstrate them to many more people in the near future. As for Paul being this "PROFESSIONAL DRIVER/ENGINEER" - Not on my team, I prefer to win. One last thing about me being insane - At LEAST I can do math!! My numbers are spot on. Lets go drive Seca in May (its not that far) Lets just add the Ferrari Enzo into this: Quarter mile - 11.1 @ 133mph. Power to weight of that car. . . 4.97lb per 1bhp. Mr Gunter, my next posting will be "Rum-induced" late night therefore - comical
  5. I am sure they did. any good company/manufacturer would. But they called me nuts? Aww. . . what the heck, I am sure a few reps. did.
  6. Mr Bibs, What did they do. . . 100's of launches, 10 sec. quarters OR - . . . did the call me nuts
  7. I appreciate the kindness there David. And the undrestanding of you also Paul . Dave, that's a great shot of your car! Cannot wait to go for some drives with you, Gonzo, Alan & all. (I want to get back in my Esprit!!) Paul - I must admit that I did that ONE time (launch the car from a stop.) If I tried 100 times, I don't know if I could duplicate that launch. I probably will not try . I am NOT a drag racer, Roadracing is my thing (even on a real racetrack sometimes - I will have my M5 on Laguna Seca May 24th & 25th. I would love to run it against an esprit. anyone - anyone - slots still open. contact Green flag drivers association) I did race sportbikes a lot 6-8 years ago (Willow Springs mainly.) I mention this only because I am willing to repeat this action - from 70mph. the Esprit will walk away from a 1 liter sportbike (with a cometent rider) very close to about 100 - 110 then the Esprit slowly & steadily pulls. G.S.X.R, R1, CBR, whatever. (at least as for the bikes produced 3 to 4 years ago & they have trap speeds over 150mph. and are in the low tens. (I know I know. . . 60 ft. times) I am insane, but you would need to be NUTS to repeatidly try to launch an Esprit in today's economy and the gearbox availability issues. Insane - yes. Crazy - yes. Nuts - nope. (but there are those that will argue that issue)
  8. I did say: "This is VERY frowned upon" And I told him - keep it at 18psi, below 60 degrees outside, rpm above 4500 for full throttle & race gas ONLY! So we agree he deserved the As far as I go . . . I'm insane, there's no hope.
  9. YES, I AM INSANE. What else could I be? I appreciate the compliment. You understand! One of my pistons finally discentigrated at V.I.R. raceway @ 130MPH and 7000RPM. Broke a liner, and put a small hole in the block (not threw it.) It is being evaluated for welding now. The head has already been repaired (just a banged up, no big deal) My friends car got a small hole in one piston but drove home fine (he was racing some guy WITHOUT the VP.109 race gas - big mistake) His car was repaired at a dealer with a simple piston swap to J.E. forged ones. The car was perfect and then sold to a dealer in Jacksonville, Florida who finally sold it about 6 months ago. We both tried Marcus's "red" map and lost power. I destroyed mine due to the fact that I was at a Lotus sponcered event whooping on Elises & Exiges and just go carried away with it. It is my 1997 that is getting all the mods. as it is in virgin condition (no block damage) The 04 will need a little more time. I also demand that my cars look nicer and cleaner than new. I work on posting some pictures of this stuff in the next week. Mine lasted over 19,000 miles and about 10-12 trackdays. My friends gave out with 7,000 on the clock.
  10. I hessitate to say this, YES. And then my friend in Pennsylvania went for a ride & immediately went and traded his Z06 Corvette in on a New 2004 Esprit. I went with him. His was actually the second last one made (it was hand written on the air intake cover in black marker "last of 3".) We then did the same exact thing to his as was done to mine. The exact same "insane fast" results. He then bought a Noble M400 with the later (better) ecu code. The Esprit was faster every time at any speed although, I never again tried a dead stop launch again.
  11. One thing you are correct on, is that at you get a very large power gain from 12 to 15psi. and you will get another large gain from 15 to 18psi. (18-20psi. is usually whare I ran my car.) Your gain from 18 to 26 was less than half that of 15 to 18psi. even on a cold night. Get your ticket. . . Early May. Your gonna need it. Well, Then he is aware of what the car is capable of and how it should be launched off the line. Here, I will describe it - I was racing a Subaru WRX Sti with skinny tires and nitrous. I was told by them that his car ran the quarter mile in 11 flat earlier that day at the track (I do NOT guarantee the accuracy of the G-Tech but, I have confidence in it.) It reads my lightly modded E60 M5 to 60 in a best so far of 4.2 and the quarter mile in 12.3 @ 119mph. My goal was to stay with him through 2nd. as I was confident that when I hit 3rd. I would walk away. I sat on the line revs. at about 6000 then slipped the cluch as much as was needed to keep the car next to me (my nose at his door.) The clutch worked flawlessly and about the time it was fully released (still around 6000rpm) I short shifted into or ground into 2nd. I then pulled even. Into 3rd. at about 7200 and as predicted, I started walking. Hit 4th at 7400 and stayed in 4th to an indicated 7600 then briefly hit 5th. (the end was not marked and I wanted to stay ahead to be sure of the win.) That is how it went down and that is the fact. This is also southern Calif. at sea level and the outside temp. was between 35 - 45 degrees I'd estimate. In May I will prove it and do many videos of it for those non-believers. No disrespect intended. I have been "internet challanged" too many times & it makes me upset.
  12. Oh Really??? How about I prove that to you then? I just love those people that have never met me, telling the world the things I have not done. Who are you? What do you do for a living? Just for you - I will put my car back together exactly the way I described in my post (I will only have the stronger Mahle forged pistons, same size & compression.) Then I will demonstrate it to anyone, even you. After that, I will start with my mods.- Intercoolers first, then the GT28/71RS turbo's, mapping, ect. as I have described earlier. When you get your foot out of your foolishly open mouth to order one of my upgrades, I will happily get it you at 150% of retail. Hows that for ya???????????????????
  13. What I did is VERY frowned upon & will require much typing to explain. I am dead tired so. . . tomarrow. I actually saw 26 psi. on the guage as it was just "T" 'd into the line. No idea the real hp. I guessed at 550 whp. how knows?? I did do one drag race with the car on a 30F night with a old style G-Tech in the car. It hit 60 in 3.3 sec. and ran the quarter mile in 10.8 @ 148mph!! It had Michelin PS2 tires (295 not 285), Cats were just hollowed out, K&N filters, no spare tire or engine cover and I always ran highly oxigenated VP. Motorsport 109 unleaded race gas. Thats it. Wastegate adjuster rod was simply taken off at the end and turned shorter, then pulled or stretched back on (really had to pull hard with a plyers). At that point, the wastegate was nearly locked shut. The car is a final edition car with all else stock. This will eventually lead to broken pistons but mine lasted for 19,000 miles! Never had any tranny, clutch or axle issues with any of my 3 Esprit V8s. How it does this, is what I am now going to figure out!!!!!!
  14. It is absolutely worth the download You would also think the timing would get waaaaay too advanced when I screw the wastegate shut and make approximately 20lb. of boost. . . yet it just gets faster and will not pre-detonate with good race fuel? I feel the ecu has a very capable "read & correct" factor built in. We will see . . .
  15. I wish I knew. I think W.O.T. boosting in 1st & 2nd are the same. It just feels more powerful and torquey everywhare. I believe it has more to do with timing and fueling than it does with boost. Feels more like it gains some displacement (engine size) than it does boost. Again, I will be doing a lot of testing in the comming months to find out (once and for all!) what is going on. Give me till about May - June. . .
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