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  1. Great news! Makes me happy to hear your ride is doing so well Mikie. You must be one extremely happy Esprit Turbo owner. Two thumbs up for you and your car?? Good luck with the AC repair, but either way you don't need AC to have fun with you car 180s and burnt rubber is just what I want from my esprit James
  2. Hi Mikie. Anymore updates? How is she running so far this summer?
  3. You may want to considered an external WasteGate setup. A 44mm Tial will easily do the job. I went with a twin 38mm Tials. Maybe an over kill, but with the Alunox manifold it was the way to go. Is always better a little to much than a little to little lol...
  4. I have to say it. This thread excites me !!! All of those mods are really coming to life now that you have it all figured out. So congratulations Mikie! Not to mention how much work you've cut out for so many of us who want to do the very same to our cars. I personally have all of the very same mods as you, except I have a major (very major) ported head with bigger intake valves, ported intake, ported throttle bodies and I'm using the 1" spacer. My turbo is a GT3071r with a twin .78 scroll. But my car is not near done yet, like I said I've read this whole thread and is all making much more sense to me now. Your experience has also given me the hope to be able to enjoy most of the same mods as you. Wheel spin on 3rd?? On a partial throttle , huh??? Lol amazing ?? Question: you've always refer of your turbo as an "unknown-turbo". Why do you say that? Is there no markings on it? It probably a Chinesse turbo then. If it is thats not necessarily a bad thing Mikie. You can always rebuilt it with Garret BB (ball bearings) cartridge if does ever need it. It's all a myth about the Chinese turbos falling a part... lol I've seeing many making good hp numbers and lasting quite a while! If they ever go bad they just don't spin as good anymore. But that's for every turbo really. But either way, let me tell you, that thing is mighty to say the least lol... 19# at 2200rpms??? ?Wow it's got to be a GT2871. Prob using a .48 turbine housing and is definitely a ball bearing turbo. Do you know for sure what turbine housing you're using ? As I understand somebody installed the turbo before they sold you the car. Whoever was maybe lied to you about being a "name brand" turbo. But either way they did for sure know how to pick up a good turbo match for the lotus 2.2 910. JG
  5. Travis you have a New PM JG
  6. Good morning there... Vulcan I'm gonna need this tool... I can't get my new bushings in. send be me a PM. Thank Travis! JG
  7. I do have a Stock Turbo for sale. With less than 29K. Looks like new. I can send pics. PM me is you are interested? JG
  8. Wow... A mix of emotions and rightfully so... Congrats on the engine imporvemenfs and I'm also sorry to hear your eventful voyage with your "newly" worked beast... :/ At last she is home safe and sound and next you can do the final touches with the proper care that she deserves! I also had to replace my gas tanks. I used the guy who you're talking and yes he is here in Florida (where I live). If it makes you feel better "yes" they are exact replicas of the OEM ones, but lighter and prettier. Definitely an upgrade from the old ones. Good luck with your car and keep us posted! PS: You prob have a t3/t4 hybrid turbo in your car. JG
  9. Oh I forgot to mention that I'm using a 44mm Tial Wastegate with a 3" short (route) exit exhaust no CAT and short muffler.
  10. To Rydning, 1-What turbine (hot side housing) AR are you running with your GT3076r? 2-Is it divided or not? 3-Are you using the stock exhaust manifold? I was thinking to go with the divided .82 T3 housing. Alunox exhaust manifold... JG
  11. Great thread! Extremely well documented in every detail of HP attained and what it took to get there and the fix to stay within. I've read through 90% of it... So far I will be going in many ways with your mods. I also believe your car now has Alunox water cooler and exhaust manifold, because it really looks like the one in their YouTube video. After 2 weeks I'm just today finish with my Head Port and Polish job. Comes to show you that to get a car that moded it takes mucho dinero and lots of time! JG
  12. Very nice Dave. What are HP/Torque gains for the new Intake cam? Which cam did you chose? JG
  13. BY the way, I see you have fully adjustable cam gears. Where did you source them from? Thanks! JG
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