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  1. What wheels did you have ? mine are off at the moment so could weight (bathroom scales...)
  2. Thats bullshit mine is not built by motorsport, nor launch edition and it has (like most I believe) a build number plate inside.
  3. Yes I guess it was, but I do feel strongly about same. However to a large percentage of people reading this forum, cost should simply not enter the equation, because as already mentioned by several people, over two/three years its a zero sum, so just a short term cash flow issue. And snow/ice is not the only issue, under 7° braking distance on a winter (should quit calling them snow tyres, just add's to the confusion) tyre vss a summer tyre can mean upto 30% braking distance...that's huge. By the by 4WD does not give better traction per se, just makes better use of the available traction, I have fond memories of my E36 with a limited diff and (very) good winter tyres going up the alps and having to overtake 4WD on m+s or summer tyres sliding all over the place. Its also good to have DSC (or equivalent) off in snowy conditions, and if possible ABS (but that is nite impossible on modern cars) Driver training on snow is also a good investment...fresh snow has a surprising amount of grip (with winter tyres)
  4. Depends what price you put on your/others lives
  5. cup wheels are nicer And as mentioned are quite easy to clean
  6. I though that 2-11's came with lightened flywheel as stock ?
  7. Yes that's my worry, the first day is on the gp, how will the 039's do on dry, but not too hot ?
  8. Just my 2p, 5 = silicon, as the man said 5.1= aka castrol SRF silicon ester (not at all the same as silicon) and compatible with dot 3/4 which glycol-ester based (similar to antifreeze)
  9. Interesting, I was thinking of putting kumho 39 for ring trip in sep (2 days and could be wet) wonder if I would be better off with 048 or 888, any opinions anyone ?
  10. leather skull cap, ear plugs, motorbike rain suit, stone chip resistant gogles, scarf jobs a carrot............however in case of rain helmet is better
  11. Well basically good news then what did you do to the brakes ?
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