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  1. What wheels did you have ? mine are off at the moment so could weight (bathroom scales...)
  2. Thats bullshit mine is not built by motorsport, nor launch edition and it has (like most I believe) a build number plate inside.
  3. Yes I guess it was, but I do feel strongly about same. However to a large percentage of people reading this forum, cost should simply not enter the equation, because as already mentioned by several people, over two/three years its a zero sum, so just a short term cash flow issue. And snow/ice is not the only issue, under 7° braking distance on a winter (should quit calling them snow tyres, just add's to the confusion) tyre vss a summer tyre can mean upto 30% braking distance...that's huge. By the by 4WD does not give better traction per se, just makes better use of the available traction
  4. Depends what price you put on your/others lives
  5. cup wheels are nicer And as mentioned are quite easy to clean
  6. I though that 2-11's came with lightened flywheel as stock ?
  7. Yes that's my worry, the first day is on the gp, how will the 039's do on dry, but not too hot ?
  8. Just my 2p, 5 = silicon, as the man said 5.1= aka castrol SRF silicon ester (not at all the same as silicon) and compatible with dot 3/4 which glycol-ester based (similar to antifreeze)
  9. Interesting, I was thinking of putting kumho 39 for ring trip in sep (2 days and could be wet) wonder if I would be better off with 048 or 888, any opinions anyone ?
  10. leather skull cap, ear plugs, motorbike rain suit, stone chip resistant gogles, scarf jobs a carrot............however in case of rain helmet is better
  11. Well basically good news then what did you do to the brakes ?
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