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  1. dont know enough to comment on steering rack, but for throttle its fbw so position should not be a prob, for brake pedal longer lines should permit flexible repositioning, clutch ? but if that could sorted, then couldnt you have a pedal box on a rail that could be repositioned at will ?
  2. That is a cool thought, I wonder if its possible and if so, done in a way that would be (easily?) reversable ?
  3. Ding, turned veggie about 2 years ago, mainly after many thinks about what it was all about, dont preach about it, but will engage in dialog if asked, I am a commodity trader and a petrol head, and too me it does not make any sense to use 7 to 11 kilo's of grains/soy to produce 1 kg of meat, and upto 11'000 liters of water to one kilo of meat versus 2000/3000 liters for a 1kg of rice (by the way dont take these figures for granted, go check for yourselves, you will be suprised)and then make a media palaver about upcoming food crisis (just cut meat consumption by 30/40% worldwide, and hey presto problem gone) also the pollution caused by methane production (cow farts...) is a MUCH bigger pollution factor than all cars worldwide. Also please stop growing cows so we can plant more cane and thus produce more ethanol for my future 2-11 e265 As to the argument about "happy" cows living happily everafter, well no not really...cows would cease to exist, since if not slaughtered they have no other cause for existence ... in other words they exist only to be eaten...I feel it is odd that we should have a system based on keeping certain animals for food only, but each to is own and their are many graver anomalies about human behaviour that should be addressed first. And too who ever mentionned it, you are right no real veggie would drink milk because as rightly pointed out cow milk is for cow calves. So no preaching, just socio/economic/ecologic reasons. Cabbage flame suit now on
  4. Well in that context I must say that the idea of drinking a few pan-galactic gargle blasters before visiting the triple b.. oops I mean getting a bite a the restaurant at the end of universe does have an appeal. On the negative side I can see individual murders going up, I mean over 10'000 years you can really add-up the petty grievances...I think a somewhat trite illustration/moral of what immortality could do for you is that guy going through the galaxy insulting people in alphabetical order. Also think that birth rates would go down, you need less people if you are going to around 10'000 years, which would also means that innovation could be stifled due to lack of pressure coming from sense of mortality, new esprit, naw we had one of them 5000 years ago and they still run good (this IS the future we are writting about..) Coming back to morality, all tales (that I have seen) concerning immortality seems to end badly or at least with warnings of sadness and loss, mmhh are their already immortals among us giving us warnings ? ..........or is it they dont want us to arrive at their level, in either case they would have a head start Think of the conspiracy theories and paranoia you could build up over 10'000 year.... Nope I conclude that as far as I can imagine/think the sent of values/goals/aspirations would have to be so different than our actual ones that it does not seem reasonable to live for such a period. But who know I can still change my mind.
  5. We are not close to running out of food....but we may have to change our diets, without hijacking this tread (but quite happy to expand on another thread if anybody in interested) let me just mention that most of the corn, barley and soy grown, plus a large part of wheat goes to animal feed keeping in mind that you need about 11 kilos of cereals to produce one kilo of meet (depends on meat wanted and feed mix, but you get the idea..) then by halving meat consumption you would have a huge excess of grains and protein to feed humans... Anyway back to aging, me I would live until all the money in the state pension was used up, what do you mean I've been dead for many years But really quality is better than quantity in my book, and as someone mentionned, death will in fact be quite interesting (or not, depending on who was right) In the words of Lord Palmerston "Die, my dear doctor! That's the last thing I shall do!"
  6. You bought your wife from a factory ?? coooool
  7. make sense and gets owners of different models closer (in a polite an internet way ofcoz)
  8. Nice look, a little confusing first time, guess "view new content" is the same as the previous "view new posts" ? hey if the iphone compatible doesnt impact what computer users see, I wouldnt mind.. at least I could follow when travelling. Thanks for all your efforts !
  9. Well done !!! A year seems to be the basic unit for homologation (thats what it took in switzerland for my first one) did they make you change anything ? Also some 2-11 where on the road since about 8 months, how were they doing it ? exige/elise carte grise like the one "homologated" elise 190 ?
  10. Am sorely tempted but I have a mad next two weeks, dont know if I can take the time off.
  11. Dont have time this week, but will see where my dealer is on this, idea was pump controlled by temp, which when opened would cool gearbox oil with a laminova type cooler. Somebody else did make a rad facing down from gearbox, but dealer mechanic says this not ideal due to potential damage by stuff flying up from ground.
  12. Thats a nice thought, however I doubt whether either of us would appreciate a 500k detour (he would most probably pass by basel then head for the coast, where as I would go in direction of Paris before branching of. Having said that....when I came back last time I got lost...(yes on a motorway... ) and ended up coming back through for thought guess it depends if he takes the ferry to Harwich (from haag of holland), in which case could make sense to join up at Basel border. First question of course, is he coming this year ? and can I (will know next week)
  13. I am tempted, and would love to drive the 2-11 over, but assuming the weather is REALLY crap and keeping in mind its over 1000 miles one way for me, how would it look if at the last minute I came in another car (non-lotus) since ferry and stuff would already be booked ?
  14. Don't know about on the track stuff, but on the wet painted floor, doesn't TC only kick in when you are going at min. 6 km/h ? I'm sure somebody will be along shortly with better knowledge
  15. Congratulations ! My spanish is not too good, what was the opposition ? Hey Scotty, what about another race report from you
  16. Saw it on the news this morning, really bad luck and very sad
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