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  1. Just make sure you cater for international shipping (at reasonable price...) and allow for no-VAT sales to place like.....for e.g......................Switzerland
  2. They will probably have been heat cycled too many times by the time they become "slicky" having said that I have seen drivers go to the cords and still post good times....
  3. That is most kind ! thank you, transfer is better (we dont have checks here anymore ...) If you could send me a pm or email with name/IBAN/BIC bankname address, I can organise nigeria asap
  4. Know its a difficult one...........but can you ship to Switzerland And if you could/can how would I pay ?
  5. I cant watch it (dont get bbc2 here...) can someone give the stig's time when available ?
  6. Not on my browser no link with camino or firefox on my mac, oh well will do it manually (as the bishop said to the acteress)
  7. Am I going blind or have the lnks to Evora /Esprit dissapeared ? as well as the "unique" logon feature ?


    But thank you anyway
  9. You need to put some kind of hard foam between top of seat and roll bar, the seat is not solid enough at this point, and in case of big shunt, could bend, crack, and send a long splinter of carbon fiber into your neck....this info was given to me, demonstrated somewhat by bending my seat, by somebody who knows...ignore at your peril.
  10. This is Ariel eating category up to 100 mph (and above ofcoz) not to mention gt3's (at least on tracks were top speed does not exceed 150 mph), now can you fit the sequential box to the honda in for a penny, in for a whole lot of pounds
  11. For what its worth I have heard the driveshaft angle problem, but have also heard that it was the seals that where not good and that the grease was coming out, thus causing problems with said shafts. Anyway never an easy one...and not something you can do in switzerland anyway.
  12. What about some tasteful stickers for our cars (sun screen obviously out... but mebbe something for visor ? This could also generate some (small) revenue for the site ?
  13. Thanks for that I would have (probably) taken it better if it had happened on track or something, but a bloody stone...anyway fingers crossed for next week.
  14. I could not quite believe it today when I went to my dealer to replace front splitter and aluminium plate under said splitter... That bloody stone is causing a chassis replacement (or write off depending on insurers ) one inch either side would have been "fine" but it just managed to slightly debond the lower wishbone fixing point (no play whatsoever, but chassis is damaged so....) So either way now without a car for a while and losing yet another track day with LOTI on Monday in Dijon. I am not happy. Conclusion, a large stone can ruin your chassis...on the road, before anyone asks cant put up any photo's until insurers have come back to me..
  15. Photos of the hidden sytem PS: congratulations on your racing results, keep up the reports !
  16. Well had great end of week and week-end, drove from Geneva on Wednesday last week (960 km) to hook of Holland, took the overnight ferry to Harwich which arrived at 6:30 on Thursday then 120 km to Hethel, had an appointment to drop the car at Lotus Sport at 8:00, so plenty of time...well after getting lost (no GPS you see) stopped at a Lotus in Long Stratton who very kindly give me simple directions in writing to get to the factory, which was nice. Arrived around up with Rowland and team and get car into workshop (geo, track check, rear tow thingy, corner weighing) get a lift back to Hotel (nice, saved me taxi ride) then rest for the day, next morning take a cab to Lotus, to collect car, ready just after twelve (longer than expected cos they changed suspension fittings to uprated ones, needed to get proper setup done) have a natter with Rowland and mechanic who worked on car who explain what they did and stuff, very pro, mechanic takes car for testing (lucky it had just stopped raining...) then Nick passes by and gives me some very sound advise about my seats (mog racing carbon that I had transfered from previous car) will not go into detail on public forum, but strongly suggest that anybody who was considering same should contact Nick (or pm me), personally I had already decided to get the new FIA seats....oh and the fabric tonneau cover is coming..honest very soon. Thats covers it for the workshop, cant recommend it enough, these people really care about your Lotus, probably even more for the 2-11 that was their baby. Saturday I did the bronze day which was a lot of fun, and although "basic" does provide a good basis for the silver, personally would combine it like I did, since its not tiring that you will be tired the next day and is a good ease in to the way the knowledge is passed, and when possible you will do the next day with the same instructor, which saves times since he has already a good idea of your weaknesses. You also do a factory visit, which if you have never done is well worth it, as is the visit to classic lotus at the end of the day (must say I could not help laughing when in the factory the organiser of the day, a great guy with a lot knowledge, says "and this is way the geo on all new lotuses is send precisely and identically" when my car had been quite out on toe and camber...mind you had the decency to smile after having given me a very pointed look) Sunday, up early for the silver day, now when you read the program it does not sound that intensive...but you get adequate time out for each activity, and contrary to a lot of days organised by others, the instructor is always in the car with you, which means that you are getting real time feedback 100% of the time. Plus, and I dont know of another manufacturer who does this, all the instructors have an in-depth knowledge of the car (in some cases having participated or still participating in its actual developement) so when they are explaining handling issues they really know what they are talking about, and can answer any query you may have. I have done several manufacturer driving courses (including BMW, which are good, but more biased at showing off the tech features of their car eps,abs etc...) and some track tuition and the type of exercises are very similar (which is logical since their are only so many way you can demonstrate handling features) , and the real difference with Lotus is that you really get a in-depth understanding of what and why things are happening. To illustrate, I do quite a few track days, and had noticed that once I have "learnt" the track, I would progressively build up speed and start getting round to within 4 or 5 seconds (on a 1.33/1.34 track) of a "good" driver with my car, but could never really narrow that gap significantly, because if i pushed more then my comfort level would diminish and starting to brake later, get on the gas sooner, while more dramatic, was not improving lap times... and on hindsight I already know some turns when I can get round faster, simply because after going round the Lotus track with the instructor I realise what is happening to the car, and importantly what I am doing wrong with the car in the aforementioned turns. So worth it ? definitively. Anyway after finishing the course on Sunday, I head out for the ferry which lands me Holland at 7:30, and then make my way back to Geneva..and I get rained upon for 300 km...and I mean rained was like being under the shower...not much fun...but you really appreciate it when you are back in the sun.. The only bad news is that my lotus eat "something" on the belgium motorway, no idea what..did not see any blood !!?? but not pretty
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