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  1. WELL DONE THAT MAN Any trips through the gravel and back on the track like in Dijon?
  2. I am going to get one...(one of the new ones where you can still turn your head ) why: 1) track days, althought "safer" than outright racing is still done at speeds you dont (or should not...) achieve on road 2) a long discussion on subject with my brother in law who is a surgeon, and has done quite a bit of work on motorsport trauma.. 3) the swiss authorities require one if wearing a helmet in car, further to tests on helmet weight and possible neck extension 4) I cant buy a new neck if I break the one I have. 5) they are now much cheaper and lighter
  3. thank you both, much appreciated Well i am down for a cheap (er) sequential box, so 19 to go Nick I am coming early may as per other thread, any chance of tonneau cover / fia seats (have already asked office on seats, but no answer yet)
  4. Welcome to a world of light Corvettes are fun but the consumables are too high where are you tracking ?
  5. When can we have: 1) cheap (er) sequential box (10'000 euro's on a beemer with a sadev) 2) factory fitted larger fuel tank (50l) 3) center bolt for wheels 4) non-moving driver seat mounts... 5) 100 kgs less weight . . 6) 435 hp (just to annoy porsche and ktm)
  6. I have used both, albeit on my old vx220, and on wet clear advantage to 888, on dry am not good enough to say, for me they were the same will be good to get your opinion
  7. Well thanks to the nice people at Lotus my trip is all organised car in Lotus on the thursday 7th of may, then bronze and silver day on the week-end, rounded of by a Walshy on Tuesday, then ferry back Tuesday night ... Nice Thanks again Nike
  8. Well apart from the usual notchy passage from 2nd to 3rd, have noticed something else when on track (and only on track) when charging along in fourth and passing 5th at shift light, the gear does not go in smoothly, which is strange since on the road it has never done this, even after aformentionned trackday, also noticed when going done from 5th to 4th when car is in a long bend (Lurcy for those who know) it is easy to get 6th instead of fourth. Do not have the new engine mounts yet, so maybe this will cure this ? Anyway anybody else experienced this and had it cured by new engine mounts ?
  9. Until you cant close your doors anymore Oh I forgot we dont have any
  10. And Me Get well soon ! back pain is a bugger.
  11. It can and does... I can hardly hear the whine now, where as before you did not hear the motor at all at speed, only the sc whine.
  12. When I drove my car back from the dealer, temps varied between +4 and -5, and included rain and fog... As per swiss regs, I was wearing aviation leather helmet (surprisingly warm) goggles, a thingy like the wind-stopper (similar to Scotty C) a down anorak, jeans and normal shoes. I was also using the visor/windscreen thing used by Scotty C. Conclusion, feet did start to get cold (need warmer socks) legs basically ok, top part no problem at all, snug and warm, oh and when it got really cold I put some gloves on, but most of the time not needed. Rain was not a problem as long as you keep speed over 80km/h... but the must have is the small visor/windscreen thingy which really cuts down turbulence. Go for it
  13. Thanks a lot Nick ! Thats exactly the info i needed, will be calling Lisa next week ! YES
  14. Thank you both for your responses, Yes the idea was also to spend some time with Walshy , And thanks for the calendar dates, but it was more to speak to someone in Lotus who could also coordinate with Lotus Sport so that the whole program melds together (in other words car can be worked upon in same timeframe as visit for e.g.)
  15. Well I know that I could probably contact Lotus direct on this, but maybe some other members would be interested in what I would like to do, in which case they will have some info here So my present to my goodself this year would be to take a trip to Hethel and: 1) Visit the factory 2) Have lotus sport install the 260 ecu and mebbe a few other (simple) things done to the car. 3) Take some Lotus tuition on track. Now who would be the best person (apart from Nick of course ) in Lotus to coordinate such a program to make sure that all can be done in a week ? the ideal being to do both the bronze and the silver course the same week .... (yes I know greedy, but while Im sure I will profit from the Bronze course, the topics covered in the silver/gold correspond better to where I believe Im at today). Also would it be possible to take the courses in my own car ? or does Lotus have spare LHD.... Well I think thats all for the moment
  16. Welcome ! And thanks for the video, how is that track under the rain ?
  17. were are all the cars between 60 and 90 ???
  18. Well it does sound a little weird, but got to say that whan you have to drive over 500 miles of motorway to get to a track (spa or fay de bretagne in my case) I could see an interest
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