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  1. As per Mr Adams request....(just notices it makes my face look fat oh well) I now get up at dawn, make sure the sun is in my back and go and shoot other cars on the road
  2. KY jelly only sponsor the KTM cars 2-11 Ayatollah
  3. Lotus dont make that kind of mistake and if they did, it would only be a test to see if you were attentive
  4. As am sure lots of people do ! will do as soon as it stops snowing (another 7 inches today...)
  5. I dont know how relevant/workable it would be, but couldnt Lotus (for the 2-11/exige cup) propose certain things, and subject enough pre-orders (part payment) would go ahead on same, a little like the way group buys work on forums. Some upfront work to organise and follow up, in exchange for some certainty ?
  6. I like ! will look even better with CF seats and green steering wheel and green fire extinguisher...
  7. Hi Ronin, does the E153 have a cooler ? and if not wont it also from heat like the standard one, cos it also comes front a engine car no ?
  8. Difficult to help much, dealer did all (luckily for me I brought basis homologated...) but for the exhaust I remember that they made a hole in diffuser to let the central tip of exige exhaust out. on injectors/ecu, was for emissions.
  9. Thanks for that, would be good to do a survey to separate fact from fiction. Meantime what fluid/oil did you upgrade to and when you say upgraded mounts, are these just the 2 (3?) engine mounts, or are their extra ones for the tranny ?
  10. Thanks for that, will check what goggles I actually have. Exactly, but they could not find a way to direct significant airflow hence the oil/water rad idea. Also they where telling me that when they changed gearbox oil its appearance (and smell?) was terrible, consistent with overheating. Their comments on the syncro's however was that in many of cases it was down to driver abuse which surprised me a little in view of the large number of exige/elise/2-11 owners who seem to have a problem with 2nd/3rd syncro failure, surely all are not abusers ? might be intersting to have a poll including exige/elise who regurlarly track.
  11. Will let everybody know when details are available. Are you in cahoots with them black scarf for the moment, but white silk mmmhh
  12. Well at launch edition 2-11 is finally road legal in Switzerland and its the first one ! (fully homologated as of jan 09 after waiting since jan 08) and I collected it last thursday from dealer, then drove back about 300 miles at -5 centigrade , but thanks to the same screen as Scott it was not too bad even with some rain. A few odd facts about what the car had to have modded/changed for the gnomes in Bern... - shortened front splitter - rear wing lowered - exhaust/ecu/injectors of exige S for emission and noise control - huge protection on side bar vs the small foam lotus ones Of course putting it back to original would not follow the letter of the law, oh well But the funniest/weirdest thing is that I am prohibited from wearing a helmet BUT must wear a leather pilot helmet and matching gogles my only explanation is that since the authorities could not block the homologation they decided to make me look as weird as possible whilst driving Since the car was idle for so long I could not resist a few mods - mog racing carbon seats (left over from my speedster/vx) - removable steering wheel (needed for carbon seats...) - morosso oil pan with mods for better baffling - cigarette lighter socket for gps and stuff - lead for charging battery - oil temp gauge Still waiting for upgraded engine mounts (back order since dec from Lotus) And dealer will be bringing out oil cooler for gearbox in april/may which should solve issue of gearboxes going plonk (while tracking their own 2-11's they noticed that gearbox oil temp was going over 160 centigrade !! ) So all in all well chuffed, and just waiting for it to stop raining/sleeting (since friday...) to go for a spin. Look forward to meeting as many of you on track, whose going on LOT french frolics this year ? Drive safely. Conrad
  13. Hi Bert, yes it was Scott, he showed it too me in Dijon, and I have since purchased one, however since I am only collecting my car in the next 10 days (car passed all homologation in Switzerland But during the last process they noticed that car still had right hand side headlights so correct set expected from lotus anytime) will let you know how the windsreen works in cold weather then.
  14. +1 in the nicest possible way, these are not daily grinders, and if its not what you really want then dont buy it, and buy what you really want. all imho of course 2-11 taliban
  15. So what does it entail exactly ? sending the ecu in ? is it something a dealer can do (reflash). does warranty (when applicable) remain in place ? Thanks for making this possible for forum users
  16. Just back from biz trip, lucky their was a translation, cos meine deutsch is nicht so gut anyway seems the last paper with stamp arrived yesterday... will have more news monday, and hopefully a delivery date after waiting since jan 2008....At last precious arrives
  17. Hi Rubas, if your buying the road going version why do you need a trailer ? because if you buy the track only, the price diff will pay for the trailer (104'000 CHF vss 91'000 CHF) by the way do you have a delivery date for a road going version ?
  18. Then I know a Swiss dealer who is going to be mighty dissapointed , me Im still waiting for delivery of n
  19. Wellll, you take a ferry from dover to calais, drive down to spain, take a ferry to morocco, drive to Ivory coast, take a ferry from abidjan to Santos, drive to panama, cross the canal, go thru Mexico and voila ! shouldnt take more than 60 days all in.
  20. The 211 2-11, is green I believe (but would not swear on it) and should be arriving in Switzerland soon
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